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Chapter 3 - Have you seen Alice?

Sora opened his eyes, only to find out that they were all in a very dark forest, with dead trees and the classic black clouded sky that comes along with every scary environment.

Meanwhile, Wakka was rolling on the ground screaming, probably still suffering from the after-effects of the black spinning teleporter of doom.

"Make it stop! Make it stop! Stop spinning! Head hurts! Waaaaa-"

Then again, maybe he was just stupid.

Riku just kicked him. "Get a grip, dude!"

Wakka blinked. And blinked again. Then again just to make it an odd number. Apparently it finally clicked that they weren't spinning anymore, so he got up, cleaned his clothes and put on a serious look as if nothing had happened.

Talk about freaky.

"Well, we better move along in case Alice decides to show up again." Sora said and started moving towards the forest. Nobody followed him, though.

"Hey" Sora turned around to see his friends watching him with different expressions of... well he actually couldn't tell. Tidus seemed on the verge of crying, Selphie clung to Riku's arm, Riku looked around startled with every little noise and Wakka... well Wakka was just his normal freaky self. "Guys, we have to go! Why are you so scared"

"I don't want to go to scary dark forest" Selphie pouted and sat down on the ground. "I'm staying here till we spin back home again" Wakka shuddered at the sound of the word spin.

"Riku, how 'bout some help here" Sora looked at his older friend for some sort of assistance, but Riku was on the verge of being seriously disturbed. Even so, he turned around to face Sora, and tried his best to sound calm and confident as he always was.

"W-well Selphie, if we d-don't go on then something might just..." he gulped"attack us here any minute, or worse..."

However that stating seemed to work best on Riku than on Selphie. The girl continued on the ground, pouting. "Yea but you promised me ice cream before and I don't see ice cream anywhere..."

"Selphie, how the heck do you plan to find ice cream on a place like this!"

"But Riku promised! He promised!That'snotfairI'magoodgirlwhydon'tIdeservesomeicecreamsweetchocolateicecreamwithvanillaontop"

And there you go, human voice recorder on max velocity. Don't even TRY to understand it.

"Hey, Selphie, calm dow-" Riku suddenly stopped when he felt something falling on him. "OH MY GOD! IT'S A SUPER DARK CREATURE! IT'S COME TO HUNT US, KILL US AND USE OUR BODIES AS PILLOWS! TAKE IT OFF! IT'S ON ME! IT'S GOING TO EAT MY BRAIN! OH MY GOD, PLEASE SAVE ME! I'M DYING! I'M-"

Selphie got up and took a leaf out of Riku's hair.


"I mean... Selphie, do you understand now the danger of us staying here?" Riku said, a faint pink on his cheeks. Selphie just giggled.

Sora sighed and looked at his other friend, Tidus.

"So... Tidus? Erm... what do you say we go in a walk through this charming dark forest? It's a really nice weather for a picnic don't you think?" Sora tried to sound casual and plastered a fake goofy smile on his face.

Unfortunetly, Tidus was just as useless, if not more, as the others.

"I want my mommy..." Tidus cried silently.

Sora was about to give up, thinking 'how could Riku come up with the stupid idea of bringing these of all people along?', but then they heard a noise right from above them, on the dark trees.

"Hello there! Having communication problems, are we?"

The gang looked up (well, Riku actually almost had a heart attack) and saw a strange purple cat with a HUGE smile sitting on one of the trees.

"Who are you?" Selphie asked.

"I? I am the Cheshire cat." The cat gave another one of those grins...

"Hey, maybe he'll help us!" Wakka said happily. "Have you seen a little girl named Alice around here?"

"Hm... Alice? A blond girl with a blue dress?"


"The stupid one with an innocent face?"


"The one who follows the rabbit?"


"The one who killed the Queen with her own cricket flamingos?"

"Yea...wait, what?"

"Oh nevermind." the cat chuckled.

"So, have you seen her"

"Nope, never seen her before!" the cat grinned again (apparently he lived to do that and annoy people).

"Oh okay then. Thanks for your help!" Wakka smiled.

"Anytime buddy." and the cat suddenly disappeared.

Everyone except for Wakka slapped their faces in desbelief of the amount of stupidness that their fellow friend had... which was a considerable amount may I add.

"What" Wakka asked stupidly. "Oh yea, that dude was a bit weird, but I think I handled him just fine, ya!" he then said proudly.

Apparently they weren't going to get out of there anytime soon...

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