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Tam Lin Chapter One:

His form lay limp upon the soft silk bed sheets. His beautiful eyes lay hidden beneath the heavy shelter of his eye-lids. The darkness of the room, blanketing him and his dreams from the chaotic world in which he lived, deceived the hour in which he slept. He had not awoken when the door opened. Nor had he awoken when the door shut. The footsteps were too soft to startle the human from his slumber. The light flooding his room as the curtains were unceremoniously thrown open, however, woke him so suddenly that he fell from his comfortable bed and onto the hard wooden floor.

"GET UP!!" a loud, yet silky voice called out to him as he opened his blurred eyes to focus on who had caused him such an annoyance. He growled furiously and pushed himself up.

"Damn it Sesshomaru, who said you could come in here? Get the hell out!!!" yelled a furious young lord as he stomped toward his bed and curled back up into his covers, placing them over his head.

"I will NOT!! You, you pathetic little retch, were supposed to be up and ready to leave for our sister city Carterhaugh to meet their king's daughter, Kikyo hours ago" he walked steadily toward his half brother and tore the sheets from him, pulling him up by his hair "and if you ruin this treaty dear brother, I will personally execute you." The words slipped off his tongue fluidly, practically spitting out the word Brother. His stoic expression never leaving him, he dropped the boy onto the floor and turned, walking out of his worthless brother's quarters.

Inuyasha lay on the floor, his blood boiling. He lifted himself up and breathed deeply trying to contain his anger. Looking out of his window he sighed, and began getting dressed.

It had taken two days on horse-back to even get to the borders of Carterhaugh. Inuyasha, being the stubborn git he was, insisted on venturing alone to Carterhaugh and his horse had already needed two rest stops. "Damn it, you're tired again??" he cursed, giving his horse another small kick, only getting a huff from the stallion in response. "Fine, but if we are late, your head is the one that will be rolling, not MINE!!" he smirked and dismounted, resting himself beside a rather large tree. "Not that I need it, but ill rest since you are.." he trailed off as his eyes closed and he fell into a deep slumber. Little did he know that two beautiful sapphire eyes were peering curiously at the intriguing boy before her. She smiled mischievously, and within moments, Inuyasha found himself floating in the air. His startled golden eyes peered at the incredibly beautiful creature in front of him. His surprise turned into anger and he began to thrash around violently. "What the hell is this? Let me go you bitch" he seethed. She merely smiled and cooed over him, placing a hand to his face gently.

"You should watch your tongue in the presence of Titania, queen of fairies"[an~using Shakespeare's name for her] She smiled when she noticed his face drain of color. He had heard of her. Legends of course. No one thought any of it to be true. Of course, no one seemed to LIVE to tell the truth. He swallowed hard and looked at her. She simply smiled sweetly. "I see you have heard of me. How pleasant" she traced her fingers over his lips "I shall offer you a compromise." He only narrowed his eyes at her and began growling. She gave him a stern look. "I shall spare your human life and give you eternal life" He glared at her with untrusting eyes.

"What's the catch wench?" he seethed, truly hating this bitch. How dare she do this to him.

"The catch, my little play toy, is that you must stay with me and be mine for all eternity" she cooed, placing her lips only centimeters from his. He would not have it. He began growling and struggling against her once more "Now now, don't be like that. I'm not so bad" She trailed a finger from his lips to his chest in a seductive manner. "Besides, what choice do you have" Her smile became an evil one and suddenly a bright light surrounded them. His eyes grew wide as his body began to change.

"What the fuck...you little bitc..." he never got to finish. Bolts of pain shot up his back and through his head, paralyzing him. She watched with a smug smile planted on her lips as his hair turned bright silver and his nails extended into sharp claws. His ears changed into two furry white peaks on top of his head. She smiled with pleasure at the beautiful creature she had created and called for her servants to bring his now limp form to her palace chambers deep within the earth. Inuyasha, a once human lord, now belonged eternally to the queen of the fairies.


The sound of horse hooves against the soft dirt ground echoed through the forest as a lone carriage made its way up the hillside to the grand city of Carterhaugh. As the carriage left the shadows of the forest and ascended into a large clearing at the foot of the mountain, the city came into sight.

The ch√Ęteau itself seemed to be resting on the side of the mountain itself, dug out of the very rock that protected the city from the chilling northern winds. Around the chateau, spread out through the enormous clearing, sat house upon house, shop upon shop, and inn upon inn, contained within the massive walls of Carterhaugh.

As the horses met the open gates a small head popped itself out of the veil of black velvet on the side of the coach. Radiant grey eyes fixed themselves on the city with curiosity and excitement. Many of the people passing by look in awe at the beauty of the girl within the carriage. She smiled to them warmly and waited patiently until she reached her uncles chateau at the base of the mountain. As she approached her destination, many servants awaited to escort her to the waiting Lord Myoga.

"Lady Kagome" A young boy greeted her as he offered his hand to help her from the carriage, his head bowed slightly. "It is a pleasure to have you with us. I am Hojo, and I am here to escort you to your uncle, Lord Myoga, who has been eagerly expecting your arrival." He smiled as she took his hand gently and stepped out of the carriage.

"It is nice to meet you Hojo." She smiled brightly and allowed him to escort her into the chateau "I have to admit that I was very excited when I received his letter asking me to visit. He is, after all, my favorite uncle." She said happily. He was taken back by how friendly and genuine she was. It was rare for Ladies to converse with peasants such as himself. He smiled brightly back to her and continued on up the stairs to the main entrance.

She seemed to radiate happiness and kindness. Her cheeks were slightly rosy and her eyes glittering with laughter. Her dark hair seemed to shine un- naturally and her skin was a milky white. Hojo could barely contain himself standing so close to a goddess like Lady Kagome. 'Her hands are so soft, and her lips, so full.' He thought. Trying to banish these thoughts from his mind, he continued on through the corridors to the library where Lord Myoga waited patiently for his beloved Neice. When he heard the doors open, he turned toward them and smiled brightly, moving toward her with open arms.

"Kagome, Im so glad you made it safely. You look as beautiful as ever." He greeted gently.

"Uncle!!" She lit up, Disconnecting from Hojo and running toward him, leaping into his arms as a child would. Lord Myoga let out a "Hmph" as she had caught him off guard, but lovingly returned her affection. He had no children of his own and when his sister had become pregnant with Kagome, he vowed that he would treat the child as his own. Though because of war, they had not seen each-other in over two years.

He brought her at arms length and analyzed her. "Look at you, you have grown so much. I could hardly recognize you." He laughed, teasing her. She only pouted and then smiled, deciding to poke fun at him.

"And look at you , Uncle, you are practically ancient" she giggled at the raised eyebrow she managed to rise out of the man. He smiled lightly and looked at her. His eyes showed her a darker nature than usual. She frowned and looked at him with worried eyes "what is it uncle? Are you allright?" she asked. His reaction only made her worry further. He let her go and downcast his eyes from her, turning and walking to the nearest chair.

"Come sit, Kagome" he gestured to the closest chair. She obeyed and sat, looking at him intently. "I.. I am not getting any younger, Kagome." Uh oh!! She didn't like were this was going, but she didn't interrupt him "and as you know, I have no children of my own to inherit Carterhaugh.." Her eyes became panicky. 'No!! NO!! please don't be saying what I think you're saying' He sighed deeply as he looked at her sad eyes "My time is growing short. This is why I have called you out here. Your mother and I have spoken about your future, and we have decided that when I pass, you shall inherit Carterhaugh." Her jaw dropped. She was stunned and upset. There was no way she would accept her beloved uncle leaving her. She couldn't accept that.

"No! please don't say that uncle. You cant just LEAVE!.. You cant DIE!! ::she shouted at him without really thinking about it. Her eyes began to water and she flung herself at him.. hugging him "Please, I don't want you to die." He sighed deeply and placed a hand to her head, stroking her hair back gently.

"We all die, Kagome. When it is my time to go you will have to accept it. Death is apart of life." He frowned. He knew she wouldn't take it well, 'but this must be done' he thought to himself. She wept on his shoulder until she fell asleep in his arms. He carried her to her chambers and put her to bed. Whispering to himself as he looked at her sleeping form from the door "I will always watch over you" and with that, he left, leaving the sleeping Kagome to her dreams.

When Kagome awoke, the sun was high in the sky and light flooded the beautiful room she lay in. She smiled brightly and sat up, stretching. But as she got up she remembered the conversation she had with her uncle the night before and dread cam rushing back to her. She swiftly got dressed and headed toward her uncles chambers to reconcile with him. But as she made her way to his chambers she couldn't help but notice the weeping maids that filled the halls. 'what's going on?' she thought. As she continued on her way toward her uncles rooms, the crying servants became more and more. A chill ran through her and she began to run toward his rooms 'NO!' she thought. When she got to his door, she was stopped by the young servant Hojo.

"Please, Lady Kagome, do not go in there" he looked at her with concerned and pleading eyes. She merely pushed past him and into the room. The scene she saw startled her. There, on the bed, lay her uncle. His eyes open as if staring eternally at death. His lips the most un-natural shade of blue she had ever seen. At that moment she found it hard to breath. Her knees felt very week and her body began to shake with sobs. However, no tears were ever shed, for she fainted before she had the chance to cry.

When she awoke, her head was throbbing. She sat up slowly as to ease the aching pain in her head. When her eyes had the chance to focus, she noticed that she was surrounded with servants staring at her with concern. She heard faint whispers but could not make out what they were saying. The only thing she heard was the sweet voice of the authoritative looking man in front of her "Lady Kagome? Lady Kagome are you allright?" she looked up at him with horror. Her uncle was dead and now she was their, their master? No! she wouldn't have it. When she finally found the strength, she shot up and began to run. She ran through the hall ways, out the main entrance, and to the nearest horse. And when she got to that horse, she mounted it and began to ride. She rode through the winding streets, out of the city walls and into the forest. She needed to think and she was not going to do it with fifty people surrounding her, asking her questions.

It was late evening. The sun was just leaving the sky and the constellations were beginning to form above her head. She had rode all the way to a stream and was now lying against a very large tree. Her eyes hadn't left the sky for hours as she thought about everything that had happened and everything that was happening. She sighed deeply. Her face was red and her eyes puffy from crying. Her clothes were dirty and her hair was cascading loosely down her back and shoulders. She sighed once more and rested her head against the tree when something caught her eye. She lifted her head from the tree and looked across from her toward the stream. Her brow knits in an interested manner. Across from her, planted right next to the stream, were the most beautiful flowered she had ever seen. Without commanding her body to do so, she found herself crawling closer to the flowers to get a better look. All thoughts of her previous problems forgotten.

"How beautiful" she said in a whisper. The flowers that had caught her attention were the most beautiful shade of Amber. But that wasn't what caught her attention. What caught the girls attention was the fact that the stems of these flowers were not green, but a glowing white, almost silver? She smiled gently as her finger grazed the stem of one of them. "I must have them" she thought. And with much care, she plucked two of them from their spot on the ground and stood, closing her eyes and placing the flowers to her nose to smell. She smiled and began to turn but as she began to walk toward her horse, she found herself crashing into what seemed to her to be a brick wall. Falling backwards she looked up. Towering over her was an ethereal looking being, his white hair cascading down his chest and back, his piercing amber eyes that seemed to bore through her. His cute puppy dog ears.. his...Wait a second. DOG EARS? A smile crossed her lips as she stared up at him. 'awww, they are SOOO cute!!' she thought. She stood up and looked at him quizzically. He only stood there with a raised eyebrow and his arms crossed over his chest. "hello?" she said gently. He, on the other hand, was amazed by her beauty. He couldn't stop staring at her. When he realized he was staring, he shook it off and "keh"ed.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you picking MY flowers?" he said, turning his head from her so he wouldn't stare. Her eyes got wide and she frowned.

"Oh, these are yours? Well," she got an inspired look on her face and continued ".. they are on MY land" she said before she could choke on her words. He swung his head back to her and glared at her. 'this bitch thinks she can just take my flowers and get away with it? Well she has another thing coming'.

"Listen Bitch! You took MY flowers and I want then BACK. So unless you want trouble, I suggest you hand them over" he said with a smirk on his face. Yes, he was satisfied with himself. He didn't say anything about taking her on the ground and ravaging her, like he wanted to do.

Kagome, on the other hand, was furious "how DARE you!! My name is NOT bitch. My name is Kagome. KA-GO-ME." She fumed, her nails digging into the palm of her hands. He merely smirked. 'she has guts.. good!! bet she'll be furious when I do this' and before she could react, he had taken her into his arms and pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.

Kagome went frigid. She couldn't believe what was happening. Her mind was swimming and she couldn't process a single thought. All thoughts went to how soft his lips were, how his arms felt wrapped around her form, how warm he was, and how her body tingled at his touch. A tight, warm feeling flooded her stomach and abdomen and she found herself becoming aroused? 'what am I doing?' she thought and with all of her remaining energy, she feebly pushed herself arms length from him.

He was lost in her scent. He hadn't intended to get so entranced by this girl. He only intended to infuriate her further but instead he found himself completely wrapped up in her: Her feel, her smell, her soft, full lips. 'what is she doing to me?' he thought. But at the moment he really didn't care. All that mattered to him now was that he keep her in his arms. When she pulled herself from him, he felt as if he had lost his life line. His eye lids were heavy and the air was thick with the scent of their arousal. He stared at her longingly and smirked gently at the confusion apparent in her eyes.

When she finally got her voice back she began to fume again. In reaction, she suddenly raised her hand up to slap him, but he reacted before she could and caught her wrist tenderly in his hand. He smiled down at her. He could see she was upset about their little kiss. But he made mo move to release her. And, instead, he felt it was a good time to introduce himself. "My name is Inuyasha" he whispered tenderly into her ear. He could feel the chills he was causing her and wrapped his arms around her, lifting a hand and pushing a strand of hair out of her face. 'why am I being this way?' he thought 'ive never been so fucking tender in my life. What is it with this girl?' he looked down at her in wonder. 'I must have her' he thought.

She was entranced by him as well. At first it was all too much to take in. She had never kissed a boy before and suddenly she meets this beautiful creature in the forest and finds herself kissing him. 'I must be sick' she thought. But as she raised her face to look at his once more, she felt as if she was under a spell. For, the moment their eyes met, she felt the most powerful serge of heat run through her body. Her hands gripped his shirt firmly and she found herself wanting to feel his lips upon hers once more.

He must have seen the desire in her eyes, for the moment she thought that, his lips were upon her once more, only this time they were upon her neck and collar bone. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as she found herself submitting to him completely.

He had no idea what came over him when he looked into this strange girls eyes but the urges that flooded his mind made him feel like he was swimming in opium. His hands instantaneously found her waist and moved to the small of her back, pulling her flush against him. His neck was arched down as he claimed her neck with his lips. He could not get enough of her intoxicating scent. 'I must be dreaming. This must be a trick...oh shit' he pushes away from her suddenly and growls to the sky, his eyes flashing red "TITANIA!!" he screamed. His form shaking, he falls to his knees in a remorseful pose. When the queen failed to show her scheming ass he finally looked up to the frightened girl in front of him. His eyes immediately grew soft against his well and he slumped to the ground.

Kagome hadn't the slightest idea what was going on. One moment he is scolding her, the next he is groping her, and then he throws her away and screams like a maniac. Needless to say she was a bit antsy. When he finally looked at her she couldn't help but back up. "In..Inuyasha?" she asked timidly. She, after all, had met the man not ten minutes ago and was only just learning his name. at that moment, she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were shaky and startled, her clothes were filthy, and skin, crimson. The sight brought a smile to his lips and he gently lifted himself up. 'This is no trick. That bitch Titania would have come to taunt me if it was. She is the one' he thought blissfully a smile tugging at his lips. He slowly walked toward her. She, in turn, slowly backed away.

"Who are you Kagome?" he asked smoothly. The tone he was using was bringing chills to her. 'he is so bold' she thought. She stopped and abruptly as she found her back against something hard and rough. 'oh no!' her mouth opened slightly to answer him but before she could speak a wave of nausea hit her and she fell into blackness.


She was walking through a labyrinth of rose bushes. All colored silver and gold. It felt as if she was tromping through these endless walkways for days and her legs were achy and swollen. Her vision blurred and the road seemed to narrow around her. She walked on until she felt the bushes prick at her flawless skin but she continued on, her pace quickening. 'I must get out of here'. The bushes were tearing at her skin now as she charged down the endless, narrowing, corridors. A trail of blood followed her as she tore through the bushes, searching for the end. "What makes you so sure you will get out, child?" a voice echoed through the sky and hit her ears with reverberating force.

Her eyes opened suddenly and she sat up, looking around frantically. Sweat beaded down her brow and she swore she could still feel the cuts where the thorns tore at her arms and face. She looked around but found that her vision was still slightly blurry with sleep. Raising her hand to rub her eyes she noticed a mere bead of red crawl slowly down her arm. Her head tilted slightly, examining it only to find no cut or injury. She looked up as her vision cleared only to find herself upon a large canopy bed. White vines wrapped around the pillars and spread across the ceiling in patterns. Her brow furrowed gently realizing she was in a strange place and began to get up.

"I see you have finally woken up" a deep voice made it to her ears and she looked around for its owner. When she thought that perhaps she was hearing things a red figure appeared before her. His long silver hair fell down his chest and back and his eyes pierced through her with their golden tone. It was then that she remembered how they met, how they fought, how they kissed. A deep blush crept up her chest. He only grinned at her reaction to seeing him. "I see you remember." He winked at her only making her blush more.

"Where am I?" she asked sweetly. She would not show him her angry side just yet. She wanted answers before she went off on him. She smiled brighter when she noticed him take small steps toward her. 'he bought it' she thought, hiding her malicious grin beneath layers of sugar.

"you, my dear, are in my favorite hiding place. Its location is none of your concern." He sat on the bed beside her and leaned toward her suggestively "Now, where were we?" he smiled his voice husky and raw. He let his lips touch hers gently. But he never made it to the full kiss.

He heard it before he even felt it the loud, painful sound of skin hitting skin. It echoed through the room. He only began feeling it moments after it had happened. He hadn't really seen it coming. She had been smiling at him with those beautiful sparkling eyes and those soft, full lips. There had been no hint of anger anywhere around her, only the soft features he would love to ravage. Before he knew it, his face was forced to the side and a prickling pain ran through his cheek and jaw. He sat there for a moment trying to understand what just happened. No one, NO ONE had EVER hit him. They knew better than to strike him. His anger boiled within him. When he turned his head to her, she had a smug, yet frazzled look on her face. Oh how he would wipe that arrogance from her. He would break her if it was the last thing he ever did.

She, after seeing his anger flare, only glared at him. 'How dare this guy just try and kiss me again. What a jerk!!' Suddenly she felt a very strong, much clawed hand upon her throat and began to gasp for air. But she never stopped glaring at him.

'This wench has guts. She isn't afraid in the least' he thought. He smiled held her there "You have some never wench! No one hits me and lives. You're lucky I don't tear you to shreds right now." He smiled triumphantly awaiting the fear to come. It never came. She only raised her head as much as she could and...spit on him? 'Oh HELL no!' before she could realize what was going on she found herself pinned to the bed. Her arms being held by a very VERY angry demon. "you listen here wench, you WILL obey me or there will be hell to pay." He glared down at her.

She couldn't help it. All of this was just too much for her and before he could react she began to laugh? Giggles vibrated through her chest and before she knew it she was over come with laughter.

"What the hell is so fucking funny bitch?" When she heard that she stopped and glared at him.

"My name is NOT 'bitch' you JERK! It is Kagome and you will address me as such."

He couldn't believe it. 'She was one feisty bitch'. He smiled to himself. 'I think ill keep this one' he thought.