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OVERALL SUMMARY: Three short vignettes involving Legolas, and the song, "You Are My Sunshine"

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Eldarion caught a cold, and is very cranky and fussy. Aragorn decides to give Arwen a break and takes care of Eldrarion himself. But, he has no idea how to calm Eldarion down until Legolas makes a suggestion. The last part of the "Golden Light" series.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Lord of the Rings, nor do I pretend to. That singular honor goes to J.R.R. Tolkein. I don't know who wrote "You Are My Sunshine", but I don't own that either.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This story is set a few years after the War of the Ring. Eldarion is a few months old at this point.

Golden Light Chapter 3:
Soothing Voices
By Tiger

He was dreaming of a time past, of a time when he was a child and carefree, without any of the worries he had now. How he missed that time of his life! He missed being a child, when everything was new and fresh to him. He missed his elven father and family, the ones who loved him and raised him as their own. He missed their guidance. Imaldris was too far away for him to do anything but send messengers. He was woken from his dream by a soft wailing in the next room. He opened his eyes to find himself staring into pitch black. His mind whirled, trying to reorient himself from the sunny, open grounds of Imaldris to the hard stone palace of Minas Tirith. Aragorn, King Elessar to men, and Estel to the elves, heard his wife, Arwen, stir beside him.

"Eldarion is awake again. The poor baby, it is not fun being ill," Arwen said sighing. "Perhaps this time though, he will fall asleep quickly." She pulled back the covers and started to rise, when a strong hand pushed her down.

"You have woken up enough times already, meleth nin." Aragorn softly said, looking up into her tired blue eyes. "Go back to sleep, I will take care of him this time." He tucked Arwen back into the bed and tucked her in. He kissed her brow, and she smiled, content that her husband would take care of things. Aragorn put on a robe over his sleeping clothes and padded over to his child's nursery. He quietly opened the door, and Eldarion stopped crying in his crib, as if he was trying to determine whether it was his mother or his nursemaid going through the door. But then the crying came again. For Aragorn, this was worse than any harsh orc cry. He didn't care about orcs, but he did care deeply about his son, and each cry that Eldarion wailed broke his heart. He reached into the crib and pulled out his son, putting the babe close to his heart and began to rock him. It didn't work, Eldarion continued crying, high pitched wails that wouldn't stop. He changed the way he held Eldarion. Didn't work. He tried to give Eldarion a bottle of milk in case he was hungry. Didn't work. Aragorn even checked the diapers in case it was those pieces of cloth that was causing Eldarion some comfort. It wasn't the diapers either. Aragorn was about to wake Arwen in his frustration when he heard someone step into the nursery from the hallway.

"Who walks here?" he demanded, wincing as Eldarion cried out again. How was he going to make his son stop? He couldn't very well deal with his babe crying and the person in the room at the same time.

"It is I, Estel," came a familiar voice next to him. Aragorn whirled around with a smile on his face.

"Ah, Legolas. It is only you," Aragorn said with relief. He cradled Eldarion. "What brings you here? I thought that you would be asleep."

"I heard him cry, mellon nin, and not stop. I thought that you might want some help in calming him down," Legolas answered with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Try being a father before you start laughing at me," Aragorn said light heartedly. Legolas laughed softly.

"What is it that you want to do with Eldarion then?" Legolas asked.

"To calm him down and make him sleep," Aragorn tiredly replied. "Arwen needs her sleep and I need mine, at least tonight. Eldarion is ill, and he needs to sleep or he won't recover as fast as he could. I do not want to give him a sleeping potion, his stomach cannot digest it at this stage." Legolas thought for a moment before answering.

"Why don't you sing to him?" he said. "The Lord Elrond, your brothers, and I would sing to you when you were sick to soothe your mind, and let you sleep, do you not remember?" Aragorn smiled.

"Aye, I do. Perhaps you should sing that Silvan lullaby to Eldarion then? You are the one with the soothing voice, more soothing than mine anyways." Aragorn said. Legolas chuckled.

"While that may be true," Legolas ducked a mock glare that Aragorn threw at him. "I think that Eldarion would rather hear his father's voice rather than mine, wouldn't you agree?"

"I suppose so," Aragorn agreed. "He knows my voice well enough to not be afraid of it."

"Good. You remember the Silvan lullaby I hope? I do not think that this is the opportune moment to teach it to you again."

"Let me think for a moment...yes, I remember it." In his arms, Aragorn heard Eldarion give another wail. Aragorn didn't like the sound of the tired cry and hurried his mind to remember the words to the song that was playing in his mind. Slowly, and softly, he started to sing.

"You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy,
When skies are grey.
You'll never know dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take,
My sunshine away."

Eldarion's cries soften as he listened to his father's voice, deep and soothing. Soon, he began to let his heavy eyes rest, and let the music of his father's voice take away the pain he was feeling.

In the middle of the lullaby, Legolas decided to leave the nursery. It was not his place to be at the moment. That moment belonged to father and son. He turned around and smiled at the tenderness between them. Who knew that the hardened ranger could hold a baby?

Aragorn was relieved when he felt Eldarion relax into him. He would keep the lullaby in mind for whenever Eldarion could not fall asleep. Legolas was right. Eldarion only wanted reassurance that everything was all right, and his singing did that for him. Slowly, gently, he placed Eldarion back into his crib. He stroked the soft cheeks that was alabaster in the full moonlight. "Sleep well, ion nin. No more waking up your naneth and me now." He smiled as Eldarion turned to his side and let out a tired yawn. No, his son wouldn't be waking up anytime soon.

Aragorn padded back into his room and crawled back into his warm bed. Just as he was drifting off into sleep, he felt something poke him into his side. He groaned and turned to Arwen. "Yes? Would you like me to sing you to sleep as well?" She giggled.

"No, that is quite alright. As much as I like listening to your voice in the middle of the night, I would fall asleep far too quickly to enjoy it," she said with a smile. She pulled closer to him, allowing him to hold her. "Thank you for making him sleep."

"It was nothing," he mumbled.

"Yes it was. You won't have to deal with a cranky wife in the morning."

"That is also true," he said. Then he felt something soft and feathery hit his head. "Hey!" he exclaimed.

"You know better than to say something like that." Arwen said sharply. In the dark, Aragorn couldn't tell whether she was joking or not, so he let it be, hoping that after his little comment, Arwen wouldn't be too ill- tempered in the morning.