Chapter 1- The March Warden's Homecoming

In a land long since forgotten, there lived many a beautiful people among the great mellyrn trees of the forest east of the Misty Mountains. The leaves of these trees were like no other in the entire world. Nay, they stayed green for the spring and summer, but as soon at autumn came and laid it's cooling finger upon the air, the leaves turned a wonderful gold and did not fall. Only by the will of the great Lady of the Wood did the leaves float to the hard ground at the beginning of the next spring with new leaves quickly replacing the old. These very same trees exhibited other unusual characteristics- their bark almost that of soft silver, not that of the rough beeches, and were even so large that houses could be built within the branches, as the people of the land principally lived within them.

Of all the elvenhomes in Middle Earth, Lórien was the most beautiful and magical as thought by those who lived within the protection of the great kingdom and by those else that had the privilege of seeing the glittering walkways and soft, serene light floating down from the branches of Caras Galadhon's huge canopy of trees. Aye, there was Imladris with it's huge cascading water falls and house built within the Valley, Mithlond with their cities by the sea and also Amon Thranduil with his cave full of beauty and gold. Not many had seen this great land of Lórien, though, to know of it's perpetual state of bliss, but it was called by men to be the Dream Flower, as it was translated from Sindarin. And it was this to it's inhabitants, especially with their fair and grave leaders Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.

The Lady was respected by all for her wonderful love and her great power, as she was the eldest and most wise, carrying the elven ring of power, Nenya- the Ring of Water and the chief of the three. She could slow time and heal all, even though there was no stain or evil in the land, unless it was brought in by an outsider. She and Celeborn ruled their land like this- with a strong hand, but enough kindness- and that was why their people held such a devotion to them.

But it was lucky for the Galadhrim of the Golden Wood that they had able protectors guarding their borders, doing what the Lord and Lady could not, to keep these evils a distant memory for those within the heart of Elvendom.

Haldir sat back in the high flet overlooking the vast plains outside of the wooded realm and let a long breath escape his lips. He could see a thing compromising on the land ahead for at least ten leagues, as it had been for the past few months since he had come back to the borders, save for the token time when a rather small and pitiful band of orcs had traveled from the mountains and dared face him and his warriors.

He was proud to be commander of these warriors, the great wardens that had proven themselves many times over in the field of battle, just as proud that the Lord and Lady trusted him as a respected advisor, of which they held in the highest esteem and allegiance. They had always been like parents to him when young, as his own parents died shortly after Rúmil's birth. Without them, he could not have made it through the grief and despair of losing his family, and be given the responsibilities of friend, brother, mother, father, disciplinarian and all else of the like to Orophin and Rúmil. With this trying experience, he had succeeded and had come out with a great patience and sense of achievement. His wardens, however, were to him somewhat like his children, and in many ways, he felt that his role was fitting as the leader and manager of the skilled group of fighters- as did Galadriel and Celeborn- after his earlier years taking care of two very energetic he-elves.

The sounds of light foot falls and soft singing came to his ears and he turned to look into the forest, finding that the replacement wardens had come to relieve him and a few others of their posts. Haldir jumped to the ground, landing upon his feet with superior balance and repositioned the bow on his back and sword at his hip before walking to meet the new group.

"Adrolas," Haldir said, placing his hand to his heart and bowing his head slightly, in return for the lower ranking warden's own show of reverence to his commander. "Mae govannen."

Adrolas sighed, "I do envy you, Haldir. You will be going back to Caras Galadhon and I will not."

Haldir remained unemotional, his face neither conveying a feeling of humor or disapproval. "Tis true that I am so fortunate."

"Aye." Adrolas said.

"The Northern border has been unusually quiet these past months." Haldir said and looked about, "But I feel as if there is something waiting and building in the distance. If you should need more-."

"Haldir," Adrolas chuckled, "I know the ropes."

Haldir smiled, "Aye, you do."

With that he whistled to the three other guards still in the trees, and they dropped down one at a time, walking over to Haldir. Adrolas' men took over these posts and left the others to head back to the city. They started out in silence, enjoying the serene of the quiet air brushing past their faces through the green leaves that were now preparing for the seasonal change.

"I am so happy to be going home." Colindo said to no one specifically, looking up at the tall trees as they walked.

"I must agree with you, Colindo." Haldir replied, "To gaze upon the great gates of the city once again..."

That elicited a hearty laugh from Orophin who was walking beside Haldir. Orophin slapped his older brother on the back, "Your attentions may lie elsewhere within the city, Haldir, but I believe Colindo was making reference to a certain elleth."

Haldir shot his brother a glare, "So he may, and I too will be glad for female company when I return."

Colindo laughed, "It is so easy for you though, Haldir. With your homecoming committee always waiting for you."

"They welcome every single warden equally," Haldir said, trying to make it seem as if he really did not care about the number of elleths that did show up at the gate of the city to welcome him home. Truthfully, he enjoyed this very much as a bonus to his high and revered position, but after two millennia of this constant adoration and dallying about, he felt like he was ready to move on. Possibly have some more serious of a pairing with an elf, but which lucky maiden would that be?

"Aye, keep thinking that," Orophin laughed again, and they kept quiet for the rest of the long journey back to Caras Galadhon. The sentinels at the gate did not move as they passed and the gatekeeper pulled the giant doors back to reveal the glowing city. Just as his brother and Colindo had suspected, there was a group of fair elleths waiting for their return, but Haldir made a quick exit to give his report to Celeborn.

"Ah, Haldir, very good to see you make a safe return." Celeborn spoke from his seat looking over a parchment upon Haldir's approach. Galadriel was sitting by a window in the library's far corner, a fair gleam of afternoon sunlight streaming in and illuminating her peaceful face and making her golden hair light on fire. She was fairest of the fair.

"My Lord and Lady." Haldir said, bowing his head and placed his hand to his heart, waiting to be spoken to so he could look up at them.

Galadriel gave a warm chuckle, "He is Haldir, Celeborn. You forget who you speak with."

Celeborn glanced at his wife in surprise, and Haldir almost thought as if she had not even spoken yet this day and Celeborn had not expected her to. The lord turned his eyes back to Haldir, "What of the reports from the border?"

"All is well, my lord." Haldir said, "I have never seen it so inactive."

The silvery-haired lord nodded, his eyes distant as he thought of a few things and nodded his head. Galadriel, in the meantime, had unfolded herself from the seat by the window and was standing up, making her way over to Celeborn's side.

"It is the calm before the storm, I fear." Galadriel spoke, "But when that time comes, we will be prepared and have better defenses than most."

Haldir nodded his head, trying not to let Galadriel's kind words go to his head, but that was always so hard to accomplish, because she was the wisest of all elves. "Aye, my lady, we will."

Celeborn nodded his head again, "Thank you Haldir, your service is always appreciated... is there anything that you would request of us before you take your leave?"

"No, my lord." Haldir said, "I believe I have everything I need in my talan."

"Very well." Celeborn said and dismissed Haldir.

The march warden bowed his head again, once to Celeborn and another to Galadriel, and turned on his heels in a sharp pivot to leave the room. He could not help but have a feeling of unmistakable melancholy wash over him as he left, and had noticed it especially between his lord and lady. He wondered what could have happened to make them so glum. Haldir chewed on his lip thoughtfully, continuing to his talan, trying to push the feeling from his mind.

Only partly successful was he when he stripped his clothes and lay slowly down in the warm bath that had already been drawn for him on his arrival. Trying to figure out which elleth he should thank for doing this finally took his mind off of his meeting, and moved to the lovely thoughts of a soft and feminine embrace that would be undoubtedly better than the hard flet floors he had slept on for the past three months.

After awhile of dreaming, he pulled himself from the cooling water and wrapped the drying cloth around his waist. Moving about his large talan, he sorted his dirty tunics and leggings into a pile, hoping that he could quell his urges with other activities before the twitching in his groin became too painful to live with. This, though, only made his need for satiation even more of a pertinent quest. He needed company badly, no matter who it was; he really did not care. As if sweet Elbereth had preordained it, there came a soft knock at the door of his talan. An elleth. Haldir smiled slowly, knowing that it was not one of his brothers, because they would but barge in unexpected, and if it were one of his few other friends, they would knock loudly and then barge in.

Haldir moved to the door, deciding that he would leave naught the towel concealing him from whoever it was. He pulled the wooden door back and saw the young elleth, her silvery hair pulled back into an intricate braid, flowing down to meet the soft shoulders of her flimsy cloth gown made of a pale blue, setting off her sky colored eyes. "Nindë, what a pleasure it is."

Nindë smiled coyly and giggled, "How was your bath, March Warden?"

"Quite wonderful." He replied, "I wondered who had come and drawn the water for me."

"It was my turn." She said while twirling a piece of loose hair in her fingers. "Well, we did draw sticks, but it was still my turn."

Haldir chuckled at the sound of her juvenile speaking. He did not care about depth of the elleth. The only thing he wanted... the only thing needed... was to somehow get the elleth out of that dress. He stepped back, "Would you care to join me, fair Nindë?"

Nindë smiled wider and entered the talan without saying anything. She looked around and Haldir slowly closed the door, watching the lines of her silhouette move beneath the thin dress. He smiled to himself, knowing she had come for but one thing, and he decided he should oblige himself this one treat. It had been so long. With a lick of his lips, he closed in behind her, placing his hands on her arms and his lips to her neck hungrily. Nindë inhaled deeply and felt back into his arms, moving her head to one side, allowing him better access to her neck.

His lips found the sensitive spot where her jaw line ended at the base of her ear and suckled slightly, making a shiver come up from the base of her spine. She pushed back into him even more as he traced a tongue up the contour of her ear, landing on the tip and sucked on it, pressing against his raging excitement. Slowly, she reached behind her and entwined her fingers within his hair, grasping also for his ears. With an adept movement, one that he had honed after many years, he placed his large hands on her hips and turned her to face him. Nindë ventured a glance up at him, her eyes full of passion, and he responded with bringing his lips to hers, their tongues joining in a rabid dance, questing and reaching for more.

She moved backwards, beckoning him to follow as she kept her lips to his, but he did not, and grabbed on her hips again, holding her firmly against him. Nindë said through a heated breath, "I must lie down, Haldir."

Haldir, who was focusing his ministrations now on the base of her neck, nipped slightly and sighed, "You know my rules, Nindë."

"They are bad rules." She replied, but all thought of arguing vanished when his teeth found a hardened nipple beneath the dress. Nindë let a gasp push from her mouth and arched back, feeling one large hand there to support her if she were to lean to far. No one had ever been able to coerce the self- restrained March Warden into his back bedroom. Elbereth knew that many an elleth had tried their hand at it, much like she had done by drawing a bath and returning later to check up on him. Usually he would only allow for these interludes to happen within the chosen elleth's own talan. He had never let on as to why he preferred this and would not bed an elleth in his bed, but many rumors had circulated among the people of Lórien. There was the thought that he kept no bed and that he slept but a few hours in his chair before returning to the fields. And also there was an idea that Haldir could be hiding a treasure that no one was able to look upon but himself. The one Nindë particularly thought was true was that he did not wish to be that private with his dalliances, even though they were sharing themselves in the most intimate ways imaginable.

Haldir pulled the shoulders of her dress down, and she helped by pulling her arms from the sleeves, the light fabric falling with a flutter to the ground around her feet. Nindë was a fair elleth, he had to admit that, even though every time he was with her she had always tried to get him into his bed room. He placed another hungry kiss upon her lips, his warm hands moving down her hips, one circling to her inner thigh, letting a finger slowly slip to her most private spot. She was the easiest elleth to bed, though, he had found because she enjoyed the feeling of doing this with someone so powerful, as she had often commented. Well, that was of course only if he was clean. All of the elleths did not like to entertain his needs unless he had bathed after being out working the borders, or even in the practice fields. They did not care for elven men whom smelled and would make them dirty as well, another sign of their vacuous minds.

He pushed the thought from his head, and turned his attention back to the soft skin of the elleth in front of him, feeling the heat and moisture on his fingers as he rubbed her slowly. Nindë moaned, grinding her hips in rhythm with his caresses. "Are my rules so horrible, Nindë?"

"No..." she said through ragged breaths, and her hands found the drying cloth about his waist. With ease and a flick of her wrist, the cloth was off and tossed to the side and her hands were now rubbing along his length painfully.

He could not stand waiting one moment longer, and urgently pushed her against a nearby wall. He placed his left hand beside her head and against the wall to support himself, and with the other, he lifted her bottom easily with his muscular arm. She wrapped her long legs around his waist as his tip rubbed against her spot, arching her enough in pleasure that her pelvis moved just slightly forward, allowing her to drop atop him. Letting out a low groan, he felt himself fill her, relishing in the feel of the warm comfort of her sheath wrapping around him. Her hands snaked around his neck and pulled him close, kissing him passionately. With a few slow pumps into her, giving her a few moments to accommodate his size and to let her juices to spill over him. He gripped his right hand on the underside of her thigh, thrusting harshly and greedily.

Nindë learned his rhythm quickly and soon was moving in succession with his thrusts, causing the ultimate pleasure both could feel. Slowly, her mind turned to complete and utter mush, only able to comprehend the sensations she was receiving from the movement of his hard elven body. And soon she felt herself coming to the edge of that cliff, and with a final long and hard drive into her, she let out a wail signaling her release.

The feeling of her muscles contracting around him was too much to stand, and in only a few seconds after she had gone, he too followed, and buried his face in her neck, saying her name over and over again. He lowered them slowly to the cool ground, his heart beating wildly and lungs gasping for air, still laying quiescent inside of her. Yes, he was glad he had finally gotten that over with, as he had been thinking of a rushed and satisfying interlude like this one when he was still out on the borders with no one to help him. Haldir leaned in and placed a hard kiss on her mouth, before pulling from her and slowly standing up on strong legs.

Nindë thought it utterly remarkable how fast he could recover. She watched him walk across the room to his towel and as he secured it back around his waist. With a frown, she slowly stood up, realizing that all he had wanted was this one favor, and nothing more. Somehow she had to trick him into allowing her to see his bed. And if the only way was to fool him into joining, then that would just have to be a downside she would have to live with. While Haldir was a prize to have won, and anyone would agree with his fine physique, she was not in the slightest interested in marrying the arrogant warden. Though, it would mean a higher social standing...

She paused as she reached for her dress. Yes, joining would be a lovely thing to do. Now just how was she going to accomplish it?

As Nindë pulled on her dress, Haldir said nothing and disappeared into the back chamber, closing off the door. She grumbled to herself and stomped her foot. First thing was first. She had to clear all female competition from his sight and only then could she work on getting him to finally give in to all of her cunning feminine wiles.