Chapter 1

A new life.

A/N: This is a continuation of "It's a Girl". It takes place a few weeks after. For those of you who haven't read the other fic here's a quick recap: Angel had a daughter instead of a son, her name is Sarai, she was raised in Quartoth and came back and is 14. She's learned to love and trust Angel like a regular daughter would feel about her father. Angel is running Wolfram and Hart still and basically everything else is the same.

Sarai had just finished her first day of school, marking the start of her 'new normal life.' Or at least as normal as you can get with when your father is a vampire with a soul, and along with his friends (some of which are vamps and demons) run an evil law-firm trying to turn it around. Sarai was about to start walking home when she noticed a familiar red jaguar parked outside the school.

"I had a feeling one of you would manage to show up here" she told her best friend while getting in his car.

"Your dad was going to come also but then he decided not too, he thought you would be under the impression he was being overprotective." Gunn said.

"Why would I think that? Its not like he tried to walk me to my first class this morning, or called me in between classes to see if I was Ok or if I wanted to leave...oh, wait a minute...he did." Sarai answered, Gunn laughed.

"He told me they put you in junior classes, how'd that happen?"

"Well ya know that placement test I had to take? I guess I scored really high on it. By the way all those other school transfer records, and files and stuff about my 'past' you had forged, very nice work."

"Thanks. Well that's cool you're ahead."

"Yup I guess it pays off to grow up in a hell dimension, you learn a lot. Except it kinda sucks that everyone's two years older then me."

"Yeah but on the bright side you'll graduate when you're 16"


"So are you far behind? Ya know cause schools been in session for a few months now and your just showing up."

"No, actually I am ahead in Social Studies, they just started the 'Boxer Rebellion' which I might've heard Spike mention...once or twice."

"Gee ya think?" Gunn said sarcastically.

Sarai and Gunn showed up at Wolfram and Hart a few minutes later. Gunn went to his office and Sarai headed to Angels making one quick stop.

"How's it going?" She asked Harmony.

"Oh, you know another how was school? I loved highschool....except that people were always being eaten, possessed, there was an opening to hell in the library and I got killed at graduation."

"Thank I can't wait to go back tomorrow."

"You should go see your father he's been totally grumpy all day worrying about you."

"Ok...we'll talk later" Sarai said heading into Angel's office. Much to her surprise he wasn't in there, so she walked over to a chair when all of a sudden she was lifted off the ground. She let out a shriek, even though she knew who it was.

"How was it?" Angel asked her, sitting down and placing her on his lap.

"It was good" Sarai answered plainly.

The smile Angel had turned into a frown "Only good? Was something wrong?" he asked a bit nervously.

"Gee...could you be a little more paranoid? It was GOOD, nothing's wrong. I mean it was only the first day it wasn't spectacular but it didn't suck. Get a grip. You need to relax more." she advised resting her head against his chest.

"I am NOT paranoid. I just care about you is all. Is that so bad? Besides maybe I could relax if you'd stop giving me so many reasons to be tense." Angel said. A few months ago if Angel had said that to Sarai she'd either start screaming at him or stop talking to him for a week. But now they could go back and forth for hours and not once take any of it to heart. They'd become as close as two people could get, and were enjoying it.

"Ok first of all you ARE paranoid, second its not bad and third I haven't done anything in weeks that would cause you to be stressed." She defended.

"What about that second earing hole you got without my permission?" he questioned.

"What about it? That isn't stressful, its cool. Anyway its not like you said I couldn't do it."

"I didn't say you could either."

"But you didn't say I COULDN'T." she argued. Angel rolled his eyes.

"Lets go upstairs...I have something for you." he said.

"What is it? What is it?" she asked getting very excited.

"You'll have to come and see."

Angel and Sarai headed up to the penthouse, when they got there Angel led Sarai into her bedroom where her brand new laptop was setup on her bed. Sarai shrieked again.

"So I guess that means you like? Fred helped me pick it out, obviously." Angel said.

"Of course I like it! It sssssoooo cool! Thank you daddy." She said giving him a hug and a kiss.

" I know its early but is there any chance you're hungry.?" Angel asked.

"Actually I kinda am."

"Want me to make you something?" Angel offered.

"You're gonna cook?" Sarai questioned.

"Well I can do a sandwich...or soup....or soup and a sandwich."

"Do we have Tuna?" Sarai asked.

"Yeah...wait a minute you're not gonna mix it with hot dogs are you?"

"Hey do I comment on the jar of o-neg in the fridge? No. Besides we're out of hotdogs."

"One tuna sandwich coming up then." Angel said heading into the kitchen. Sarai decided to check out her new computer in the mean time.

~oooo a DSL hook-up. Fred you rock!~ She thought.

"Here you go" Angel said coming back in Sarai's room handing her a sandwich. "I gotta go back down and finish up some'll be ok here?"

"Yes. But don't worry if I manage to pull off a major disaster in what I imagine will be the 2 hours you're down there, there's a chance I can find my way down using the elevator that goes right into your office. I mean it's a long-shot but I am willing to try and handle that hard journey." she said very seriously, but joking. Angel just rolled his eyes and left...he did find the fact that she was always ready with a comeback and the fact she could keep a straight face through it funny...but he'd never let *her* know that.

Angel had to stay at work longer then he fact by the time he got home, Sarai was going to bed.

"Sorry I am late" he said.

"You're grounded for the next week." Sarai answered, getting into her bed.

"You're stricter then I am."

"You've gotta be cruel to be kind sometimes."

Angel smiled pulled the sheets over Sarai. Even though Sarai thought she was a bit old to be tucked in she let Angel do it anyway cause she knew he enjoyed it because he never got to when she was a child. Also she liked being treated like a child sometimes since she never really was.....but she'd deny it under oath.

"Night daddy"

"Night princess."

A/N: So what'd you think of the first chapter? Fluffy kinda I know. Next chapter an old face shows up well, old to us...knew to Sarai. Who could it be? Review and find out.