Chapter 12

Never kick a boy at dinner

It was Saturday, Angel's favorite day of the week. Monday-Friday he spent most of the day at Wolfram and Hart and Sunday was the day he used to go grocery shopping, wash clothes and anything else Sarai needed done. But Saturday was his day, he rolled out of bed around one in the afternoon. He knew Sarai hadn't gone anywhere because he could here her music playing in the living room. He figured she was probably laying around doing nothing because she didn't exactly have a reputation for using her spare time for something productive. Unless you count being able to throw an M&M up in the air and catch it in your mouth productive, but Angel didn't. Not that Angel minded, after all it was better then her wanting to kill demons with him. So he went in the living room and he was absolutely shocked by what he saw, there Sarai was cleaning...with out Angel having to spend hours on end telling her too, and even then she didn't. He was starting think she was incapable of comprehending the concept. "Who are you and what have you done with my little girl?" Angel asked playfully.

"Very funny daddy. Stop making jokes and start getting to work, I can't clean this whole place myself!"

"Are you feeling sick? Or possessed?"

"No, its just you like to sleep late on Saturday and someone has to got this place ready before Ryan comes over for dinner."

Angel sighed. 'Oh, that's right tonight's the dinner, figures that'd he why she'd discovered the use of a vacuum' he thought to himself. "Princess, he's not coming for a few hours relax and come sit with me." Angel said as he sat on his favorite chair, followed by Sarai making herself comfortable on his lap and resting her head on his chest.

"So what are you making?" she asked.

"Nothing...I figured what I ever I cooked, you'd probably complain so I hired some chef that Lorne suggested to cook tonight."

"What chef?"

"That guy on TV that yells BAM!" Angel answered.

"You hired Emeral! Cool! Good daddy. We should have a personal chef all the time, and a maid." Sarai said patting him on the head.

"No we shouldn't" Angel protested. It wasn't the first time she suggested it. He pretended the reason he says no was because now that he had the CEO job he didn't want Sarai to become a spoiled little rich girl because she has people at her beckon call waiting on her hand and foot. But it was really because if Sarai was going to become a spoiled little rich girl it was going to be because he was waiting on her hand and foot, giving her everything she wanted, not some hired help.

"So how'd you get him to cook tonight?" Sarai asked excited.

"Turns out he has a contract with Wolfram and Hart. Glad to make you happy, even if the boy doesn't deserve it."

"Now daddy you promised to try and give him and a chance and his name is Ryan, not 'the boy'"

Angel sighed "Fine I'll behave tonight."

"You're lying aren't you?"

"Most likely."

'It's going to a long dinner' Sarai thought as she on the TV.

Six thirty that night, dinner time:

Angel had Emeral cook all the food and then leave, right after he left Angel and Sarai heard a knock at the door.

"He's here" Sarai announced.

"Joy" Angel said dryly.

"Answer the door daddy."


"Duh! You're the host, you have to answer the door and welcome him in, let him know you're glad he came"

"But he isn't welcome here and I am not glad he came"


Angel sighed and shook his head "The things I do to please you" he said to Sarai as he walked to the door. "Hello Ryan" Angel greeted with no emotion of any kind in his voice.

"H-hello." Ryan stuttered walking in the penthouse. "Thank you for inviting me over tonight, sir"

"Actually it was Sarai who-" Angel started to say turning around and realizing Sarai had disappeared "suggested it. You can have a seat at the table."

Ryan did just that. Suddenly Sarai re-emerged from her room and in the course of about 90 seconds had changed into a nicer outfit and curled sections of her hair. Angel was amazed at her speed. "Oh I Ryan I didn't know you had arrived yet" Sarai said casually, Angel rolled his eyes.

"Let's eat shall we?" Angel asked. 'Cause I want this over with fast' he added in his head.

They all started eating.

"So Ryan, tell me more about yourself" Angel said.

"What do you want to know?"

"Ever been arrested?"


"Do you smoke?"


"Have you ever tried to smoke?"


'Damn this kid is too good for me to make him look bad' Angel thought. "How are you're grades?"

"Ok...I guess"

Angel smiled to himself, he thought he'd finally got something. "Just Ok?"

"Well yeah. I mean I guess I get good grades, not compared to Sarai though, but then again I know anyone smarter then her."

Sarai blushed. 'Nice answer. He's, sly too sly' Angel told himself. It's like Angel really believed it, he just wanted to really badly. "So what do want to do with your life after school?" Angel restarted the questioning.

"I am not sure, either a pediatric surgeon or child psychologist. Something involving helping children"

'Give me a break here'. Most parents would be happy if their daughter brought home a boy like Ryan, but the more perfect he seemed, the more Angel got pissed off. "So, you like kids huh. Do you have any?"

"DADDY!" Sarai exclaimed.

"W-w-what? No I don't have any." Ryan answered.

"Just making sure" Angel said.

"So why do you have all the weapons?" Ryan asked.

"Just in case" Angel said in a threatening tone. Sarai kicked Angel hard under the table, unfortunately the leg she thought was Angels' was actually Ryan's.

"AOOOW!" Ryan yelled as her foot made contact with his ankle.

"Oh god...Ryan I am SO unbelievably sorry. I was aiming for my dad'

"HEY" Angel interrupted, both teens ignored him.

"Or you Ok?"

"Its hurts...a lot. You're really, really strong" Ryan comment.

'And I wasn't using all my strength' she told herself. "I'll get you some ice."

There was a little swelling and black and blue on the ankle but it wasn't broken. Angel knew he shouldn't be enjoying it at all, but he couldn't help by find it a tad funny.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" Sarai whispered into Angel's ear.

"Who, me? No of course not. What do you take me for? A vampire or something?" he joked.

After some of swelling went down Angel and Sarai drove him home. Sarai walked him to his door and then got back into the car. "That went well" Angel commented.

"What dinner were you at? That went horrible. I might've sprained his ankle. Don't you dare laugh!" Sarai demanded after notice the corners of Angel's mouth were started to curl upward.

"Fine. But you're the one always saying I should lighten up."

"Since when do you take advice from me? Anyway I am just lucky Ryan still likes me. in fact he said its pretty cool that I am strong. Or course he doesn't how why and to what extent but still. I just can't believe I hurt him though."

"Princess, I did warn you about pain and complications of a relationship." Angel said, still with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Yeah, yeah you know everything, right" Sarai responded with heavy sarcasm in her voice.

"I do. Now about you really trying to kick me..."

"You deserved it and you know it."

"I guess."

"So what did you think of Ryan?"

"Well, I guess I don't despise as much as I did."

"Well, that's progress."

"No matter what may happen with you and Ryan or any other boyfriend you have, just remember..." Angel started to say.

"...that they won't even come close to loving me as much as you do. I know, you tell me all time." Sarai finished.

"Just speaking the truth princess."

The End.....for now.

A/N: So how was this chapter? Sorry if it seemed a bit rushed, cause it was little. I think this'll be the end of this fic(unless someone has a chapter/story request.) Anyway, now that this fic is over, Sarai and Angel's adventures aren't. I've started working a new fic(which was why this chapter was rushed) probably called "It's a Slayer" (unless I can come up w/ a better title) in which Buffy and the Scoobies are involved, along with prophecy's(you always gotta have one of them)re-appearance of the 'darker Sarai' and other new twists(again if you have suggestion/ requests for something in that fic..put it in the REVIEWS for this one.)