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Chapter 1- The surprise party

A tall brunette girl wearing a baby blue jacket and a knee length white skirt walked down the streets happily humming an unfamiliar tune to herself. Her large cerulean blue eyes danced with life and joy as the sun hit her face. Her shoulder length hair flowed wildly behind her as the wind hit her. It was her birthday today, she was finally turning eighteen. The sky was a clear blue and the whether was warm. Today was perfect for a birthday. She has just got back from the mall after buying a new pair of dancing shoes. Crossing the streets, she walked happily towards her house.

Her friends had gone over to her house right after she left to the mall to set up a surprise birthday party for her. All of them had been friends ever since they were little so she trusts them with the secret of where she puts her spare keys. They were always hidden in a black plastic bag within a berry bush. The house was well decorated; it consisted of many colorful balloons, streamers thrown everywhere, a large birthday sign, and also many presents on the table. Everything was set; all they had to do was wait until she returned. They kept the lights closed and hid behind anything possible.

As the brunette got to the front of her house, she reached inside her pockets to pull out a bunch of keys. Opening her door, she was met with darkness but she could have sworn that she heard giggling nearby. Pushing that ridiculous thought out of her mind, she turned on the lights and suddenly everyone jumped out from where they were hiding and shouted a big "SUPRISE!" The girl covered her mouth wide eyed and gasped. A white headed boy walked up to her and gave her a friendly hug, after that everyone came over to give her a hug, and some even gave her birthday beats.

"Happy birthday Anzu" they yelled together.

Anzu looked around her decorated house with a sense of joy and happiness. "You guys are the best, thank you so much. This is absolutely awesome!"

Anzu's parents died in a car accident a couple months back; she was devastated and petrified. After weeks of counseling and support from all her friends, she could finally get herself back together again and continue on with her life. She now lives alone in her house, once in a while she would remember her parents and cry, but she's getting better.

After much dancing and chatting, everyone became tired. Suddenly a boy with a mop of blond hair stood up and shouted "PRESENTS!" Anzu giggled at her blond headed friend and walked over to the table filled with presents. Joey was his name; he was the clown of her group of friends. He never once failed to make someone laugh.

The albino boy from earlier has gotten her a single red rose and a pretty gold locket shaped as a heart. Anzu blushed and smiled at him. "Thanks Ryou, I like it a lot." The teen blushed and scratched the back of his head. "Don't mention it" A spiky tri-colored hair fellow got her a few C.D's and a ticket to a dance show that's in town. "Thanks Yami, I'll be sure to go!" Joey gotten her a huge pillow that can perhaps fit at least 5 people and a blow up purple chair. The others got her many other things such as new wallets, purses, hats, jewelries etc.

After that was done, it was time to cut the cake. Her friends have made her a big rectangle shaped chocolate cake with blue icing and a picture of a pair of ballet slippers. They turned off the lights and began to sing happy birthday. Anzu was over joy; she had tears of happiness leaking out of her cerulean blue eyes. After the song was done, she took a deep breath and blew all eighteen candles out all at once. Shouts and claps erupted throughout the house and before they realized, it was getting late and everyone needed to go home.

"Thank you guys, this means a lot to me!" Anzu said thankfully. She gave each and everyone a final hug and went up to her bedroom and collapsed on her bed still smiling.

Suddenly she felt a weird aching pain in her head. She felt dizzy and everything was starting to get blurry. "Ugh...Joey must have spiked the punch..." she muttered as she fell into a dreamless sleep. Little did she know that what she thought was not true at all. What caused that headache was something she would have never ever begin to comprehend.