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Chris took off the black gloves as he got back into his car. He had just delivered Shane's letter from Stephanie into his mailbox. He had worn the gloves so that there would be no traceable fingerprints on the envelope itself. If they found his fingerprints, it would be extremely suspicious.

He had the distinct privilege of already delivering Hunter's letter. He almost laughed as he thought about Hunter reading that letter. He knew that when he read it he would be shocked. Maybe even angered, maybe angry enough to want to hurt Chris. But then Chris thought about what poor little Hunter had gone through for the past year and it made it a little bit...funnier.

Chris picked up his cell phone and dialed his home, and smiled when he heard her voice, "Hello? This better be good because I was in the fucking shower."

"It's me."

"Oh, then it is good, what're you up to?" Stephanie asked as she wrapped the towel tighter around herself. It was rare for Chris to travel to Connecticut for work, but this hadn't been for work, more for...pleasure.

"Just dropped them both off."

"Brilliant! I wish that I could see their faces when they read their letters. I think Hunter's will be especially poignant. You know, I think it was almost...noble of him to move into my old house. You know so he could be reminded of me at all times. You know, I'd love to see what he's done with the place."

"I'm sure it's dust-ridden, with your clothes still hanging exactly as you left them."

"Or as you left them right? I mean, you are the one who took my clothes for me."

"True, I thought I picked out the best items."

"You did, none of the frumpy shit that Hunter made me wear. What a fucking hypocrite, he tries to change me and then mourns me so hard when I die. Part of me thinks this is an act to get sympathy. And if it is...well I have to give the man credit, it's a brilliant plan."

"Even if you outsmarted him."

"As I tend to do all the time...so where are you going now?"

"I'm going to the office, unlike you my love, I have to do work."

"No, no Chrissy, you don't HAVE to do work, not with my money, you don't have to do anything ever again except fuck me until I'm satisfied, but I have a feeling that's one job you don't mind doing."

"It's what I wish I was doing right now," he said seductively, "Unfortunately, I do HAVE to have this job. Lest we forget Steph that you are the one who wanted me to have this job so I could mess with everyone and you could still wreak havoc even though you're technically dead."

"Yes, technicality and all that. I mean, Stephanie is dead yes, but Mary is not dead, and technically I am Mary so I'm not dead."

"I'm going to the office, I will inform you of any storylines that might need your immediate attention."

"I don't like the googly eyes I've seen Edge and Dawn making again. I want those two to stay broken up."

"Oh they will Steph, they will...you just worry about how Hunter and Shane are receiving your letters."

Shane got his mail and leafed through it. He was only expecting bills so seeing a simple, white envelope with his name written in simple handwriting on the front was a pleasant, albeit mysterious surprise. He flipped it over a few times, trying to figure out where it had come from. It was too small to be a bomb, but there was only one way to find out what it was.

He opened the envelop and pulled out the delicate piece of paper. He could smell the sweet scent of perfume waft up from the letter, and it seemed vaguely familiar, though he couldn't place it exactly. He pulled the paper open and read the writing scrawled on the inside. His eyes widened as he got deeper and deeper into the letter. He was still outside and looked around quickly, scanning the surrounding area for anything out of the ordinary. There didn't seem to be, but how could he be sure? Who the hell had written this? Stephanie had been dead for a year, and he had been pretty happy about that. He hadn't been said in the least, the past year had been his best in a long time. Then this had come.

He wasn't too worried though. What was Stephanie going to do, she WAS dead after all. He had seen her slut body buried anyways. He had wanted to just smile through the entire thing, but his parents would have cut him off if he had done that. He walked back inside, forgetting about the letter as soon as he walked in the door, letting it fall by the wayside.

That was only his first mistake.

While Shane was discarding his letter, Hunter was reading his over and over again. There were tears in his eyes as he read it for the fifth time. He missed his Stephanie terribly and the hurt over her death still hadn't healed. He had moved into her house just to feel her presence around. Her scent still lingered around and it was almost like she was watching over him, making sure that he woke up every morning and continued to live.

"What kind of sick joke is this?" Hunter muttered to himself.

"The thought of Stephanie sleeping with Chris was not one he ever wanted to think about. It just couldn't be true. Stephanie had said time and time again that she and Jericho were just friends. She had loved him, Hunter; she wouldn't have cheated on him. He refused to believe that they had slept together. He knew that they had ended on bad terms and Stephanie had died without talking to Chris. So this letter had to be fake.

If he only knew.

Chris settled into his leather desk chair in his office at Titan. He smiled as he thought of both Shane and Hunter opening Stephanie's letters They didn't know what was coming and that was the beauty of this entire thing, the element of surprise was the key. His phone rang and he picked it up, wondering who knew he was here.

"Chris Jericho's office."

"Chris, it's Vince. I heard you were in the building and I wanted to find out for myself."

"Yeah, I was in the state an thought I'd drop by the office, see what's up. Maybe get some work done here for once."

"I'm actually glad that you're here. We were going to have a dinner in Stephanie's honor this weekend and we'd like you to come."

"In Stephanie's honor?"

"We thought it might be nice if we had a little dinner since it's the anniversary of her death," Vince answered, getting a little choked up at the end of that sentence.

"Wow, a whole year," Chris mused.

"Yeah, I feel like it was just yesterday that she was so excited about her wedding," Vince said, "I can't believe its been so long since my baby girl got taken away from me."

Even now, a year later, nobody had figured out that Stephanie did not want to be married to Hunter. Did anybody even see her? Did they even take the time to look at her every once and a while? Nobody knew Stephanie, even those that claimed to love her didn't know her. Great, now he was getting mushy and he hated that.

"So when and where is this dinner?" Chris asked, moving the conversation forward so he wouldn't have to think about loving Stephanie right now. Sure, he loved her, she knew that, he knew that, but they didn't want anyone else to know that. They had their reasons.

"Saturday at 6:30, my house, you do know where that is, am I correct?"

"Yup, I know where it is," Chris said, having been there before on many an escapade with Stephanie in the past.

"Great, I'm glad you can make it, I'm sure Stephanie would've loved to have seen you there."

"Oh, I think Stephanie would've liked that yes," he said, holding in his smile.

"Well, I'll let you get back to work, I don't pay you to sit around and do nothing."

"No, you don't, bye Vince."

"Bye Chris."

Chris hung up the phone and laughed as he tapped his fingers on the desk. The light glinted off his wedding ring and he thought of Stephanie. Wouldn't she appreciate that there was going to be a dinner in her honor. He was sure that it would tickle her pink to know that even a year later everyone was still exalting her memory and wishing she weren't dead. What the hell had she done to garner such praise? Personally bribe everyone to make her like them? He grabbed his cell phone to call her again.

"Mmm, is this my husband who's not here to help me get out of these tight clothes," she purred into the phone as she picked it up.

"Yes, it is, and stop putting images in my mind that make me want to fly home right now...because there have been some exciting goings-on around here."

"Hunter had a heart attack when he read the letter and they carted him off in a body bag?" Her voice excited and teasing.

"If that had happened, do you think I would be calling you and not taping it with some sort of camera so you could see the exact moment that his heart broke."

"Good point, serves the bastard right to die after what he did to me...so what's the exciting news then?"

"Well, I've been invited to a very special, very exclusive dinner."

"Oh, don't tell me, some ring rat is trying to get her claws into you. Tell whoever the little dear is that you have plenty of fucking at home and don't need some two-cent cheap floozy spreading her goddamn legs around you, skanking it up."

"Jealousy doesn't become you my love."

"Jealousy, please Chris, if I was jealous don't you think I would've hired a private investigator to tail you and make sure you're not tapping some bitch's ass behind my back?"

"Devious, unfortunately, I only tap yours."

"Good thing too, because I could just as easily stray from you."

"And then MY private investigator would tell me and darling, I'd cut you off so fast and expose your sordid, dirty little secret to the world."

"Oh, you do play hardball Chris," Stephanie said softly, "That's what I love about you. But sweetie, don't you think if you told my secret that you'd be in just as much hot water? In case you've forgotten, you were in on it all along. Daddy Dearest would fire you so fast, and then you'd be poor, and driven to the drink, poor dear Chrissy."

"What would become of you though? Would you just turn around and marry the man you were supposed to? I'm sure he'd be so thrilled to see you."

"Please, I'd rather really die than do that," she said with a scoff, "So tell me now baby, what's the exciting news?"

"Dinner with the family and Hunter I'm sure, to...get this...celebrate your memory. Since it was a year ago that the lovely Stephanie McMahon died in such a tragic car accident. We must remember our dear friend, who was taken too soon, cut down in her prime, right before her wedding in the largest twist of irony known to man."

Stephanie laughed, "A dinner in my honor? You've got to be kidding me? What are they going to do, reminisce about better times, will each table setting have a picture of me sitting on it, perhaps someone will have drawn halos to show that I was the perfect, little angel."

"I'm contemplating whether I should invite my wife to this little dinner," he said, "I mean, nobody's ever had the pleasure of meeting her and what better place than at this dinner for my former best friend."

"Yeah, that's just what I want, to go to dinner at my parent's house. Count me out Chris, but you can call poor, little me on the telephone during the dinner and maybe you can pass the phone off to talk to someone...say Hunter?"

"You're saying you want to talk to him over the phone during this dinner?"

"Well yes, I do want to hear my dear Hunter's voice. Just to make sure that he's really ok, and that he's continuing to survive without his beloved Stephanie."

"I'll see what I can do," he said.

He would probably give in to her. There weren't a lot of things in this world that he wouldn't do for Stephanie, and not because she was his wife, and not because he loved her, but because damn was she a persuasive person. She could probably persuade anyone to do anything for her. He smiled kind of proudly at that, she was HIS wife after all, he had the right to be proud that she could be the biggest bitch and manipulator on the planet. How many men could say that and mean it when they said that was the reason they loved their wives?

"Chris, come on, don't you want to make me happy," she said, her voice innocent and free of all the flirtiness it usually contained.

"Don't pull your innocent act on me, you know it doesn't work."

"It would work if I were there," she protested, "I'd sit in your lap and then slowly run my fingers through your hair, letting them travel down to your jaw and then I'd run my finger down your jaw as I kiss you softly and rub my--"

"That's enough," he said, "What are you trying to do to me? Show off your ability to kill me without even being in the state?"

"Aww, poor baby," she said, mock sympathetically, "So going to call during the dinner?"

"Was there ever any doubt that I would let you?"

"No, but its more fun when I get to tease you," she told him, "Now what kind of accent should I have? God forbid one of them recognize my voice and think that their precious Stephanie came back from the dead."

"Whatever you see fit. I can't wait to hear this for myself."

"Well, you just get your ass to that dinner and darling I'll do the rest."


"And this is only the beginning."

"Stupid fools, they thought it was over."

"It's far from over."