Reached for my heart


The Daidouji Company has reached its limit and has gone down out of business. Tomoyo has no choice but to go to England and find a job. Eriol is one of the riches people living in England and grew stubborn after his girl friend leave him alone. Can Tomoyo bring back Eriol to its sweet and gentle person? Read for excitement


The raven hair girl walk around her room for the last time knowing that she might not be able to come back here again or at least not for a while. There were lots of memories that she and her mom alone made in this place, memories that can never be replaced.

After a few minutes of recollecting, she decided to go down stairs to see if everyone has already left.

'I still can't believe that our house is sold now. I am going to miss this place so much' she thought.

She was interrupted when she heard their house made call her name

"Mistress Tomoyo, I am so sorry but if you wish I will stay by your side and take care of you" The old lady said to her. She is still wearing her uniform. Tomoyo smile sweetly at her

"Kamiya San, you don't have to call me mistress anymore. I really appreciate your concern for me but it would be unfair for you working for us without getting paid." Tomoyo replied to her faithful servant.

Mrs. Kamiya burst in tears and hugs Tomoyo for the last time.

"Please, let me continue calling you mistress Tomoyo, I'm going to miss you my child." She hugs Tomoyo and started to cry

"So am I, Kamiya san, but I think it's time for me to get going now. Mother has managed to buy me a ticket to England. I'll try to pursue my singing there, but for the mean time I will work there" Tomoyo pull back and walk away to the front door.

"Mistress Tomoyo, You got the voice of a goddess, I am sure whoever hears your voice singing will never doubt to hire you" Those were the last words she heard from Mrs. Kamiya

Tomoyo went straight to the airport with no one to bid farewells. Her mom, Sonomi Daidouji is currently living at her grand father's house for a while. She is still in shock at what happen to their business, and her friends are already gone with their lives. Sakura and her family has moved Hong Kong with the Li. Sakura and Syaoran are now officially engage and to be wed at the age of 20's. Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukishiro are now working in one of England's finest hotel. Meiling Li has also found her soul mate and they are happily going strong. Their other friends such as Naoko are now a famous journalist in Japan. Chiharu and Yamasaki are living in Tokyo now, continuing their studies. Rika has become a fashion model and Tarada sensei's girlfriend.

The plane will be leaving now, Tomoyo look outside her window to see for the last time her beloved country. It was in season of spring so the flower petals of Cherry Blossoms can be seen everywhere in Japan.

'Sayonara' she said as the plane took off.

Meanwhile in England

"Master, dinner is ready" the girl in brown hair enters the music room

"Ruby moon tell me, when will our new servant will arrive?" the voice said out of the shadow.

"Tomorrow master, our servant will arrive tomorrow from Japan" she replied

"Japan, I see." He said shortly.

To be continue

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