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Chapter 14: Alls well and ends well…

Everyone in the Daidouji mansion are all busy preparing for the wedding of Sonomi and Fujitaka. They really didn't invite lots of people, only those who are already part of their lives and know their secrets. Syaoran's mom and sisters are coming today and they will all meet at the church. Juliet and their other friends just call them to congratulate the bride and the groom.

"Sakura you really look cute with my designs?" Tomoyo squeal in happiness while videotaping her best friend. Sakura is wearing a pink off shoulder gown with lots of laces and ribbons at the bottom making her looks like a princess

"Arigatou, you look beautiful yourself, Tomoyo chan" Sakura states while sweat dropping again. Tomoyo wore a fade color of purple and white gown. It was a Venus neckline matching a long scarf that covers her backless gown. It was very simple but very elegant that she looks like a goddess. "I wonder how our mom is doing. You design her gown too right?" Tomoyo nods and smile to her very sweetly.

Suddenly knocks and noises began outside their room, the two girls look at each other

And open the door to see what the commotion is about.

"Nana, what is happening?" Tomoyo politely ask her maid

"Miss Tomoyo it's about your mom, she won't come out of her room all of a sudden" her Nana explained. Tomoyo look at Sakura who just nods and made their way to their mom's front door

"Mom, it's me Tomoyo. Please open the door" Tomoyo said while knocking on the door; but nobody answered her nor open the door "Nana, can you get the key from my mom's office please"

"Okay" and her Nana went down immediately to get the keys.

After a few seconds she came back carrying the keys and hand it to Tomoyo. But when Tomoyo open the door, there was no one there, except for the open window and a letter place on her bed.

"Where could she be?" Tomoyo ask a little bit confuse on the situation; Sakura took the letter and gave it to Tomoyo. Kero also enetered the room when he saw nana with her worried expression

"Do you think this will answer your question?" Sakura ask while Tomoyo look at her then took it. They open the letter and read its contents

'To my love ones,

Gommen ne, I am having a little problem with myself lately. I know this is already my second time to be wed but I still can't help myself to feel afraid because history might just happen again. Please don't look for me after you read this letter. I'm sorry Fujitaka, I love you so don't think any negative on me…

Sonomi Daidouji'

"Does this mean that our mom is running away?" Sakura says to her sister who still can't believe this is happening,

"When you say run away, did you mean she jump off from the window?" both of them sweat drop picturing Sonomi jumping out of the window

"Well my mom use to be a former athlete so I guess so but with her wedding gown, I'm not sure" Tomoyo said still videotaping what's happening

"But what will we do now, in just an hour the wedding will start?" Sakura ask in panic

"We have to finds our mom Sakura but before that we should call somebody for help" And Tomoyo dialed Eriol's number

In the church where everybody is waiting

Eriol answer his silent phone when he felt it vibrate

"Hello Tomoyo?" he greeted her "Can't wait to see me in the church so you call me yourself" Eriol chuckle but her reply wasn't what he has expected

"Eriol, we have a big problem, mother is missing" Tomoyo said

"What do you mean missing? Maybe she just went to bathroom you know" Eriol said chuckling

"Eriol Hiiragizawa, this is not funny" Tomoyo retorted

"Alright, alright. So what do you want me to do?" he ask still trying his best not to laugh

"Can you and Syaoran help us find her? We just have to find her before the wedding starts" Sakura took the phone from Tomoyo and explained the details

"Eriol, Kero is here with us so maybe we will go on ahead. You and Syaoran take Spinnel; do a search on your own, okay. And please don't fight" Sakura said demandingly

"Well I'll try not to tease him and avoid his wrath. Okay let's meet at the penguin park in half an hour okay" and they both hung up the phone. Eriol walk towards Syaoran and explained just what happened but Meiling having the sharpest ears around heard him and offer to help them

"No Meiling, I want you to do something else" Eriol said smirking

"Inside the church where the rest of the visitors are waiting…

"I bet you're really excited" Yukito greeted Mr. Fujitaka

"Of course he is, look at his face. His smile almost reach behind his ears" Touya tease his farther who just laugh with them

"I bet your expression would be the same when we too get marry" Kaho said as she walk towards them; she then look at her fiancé, Touya whose face turn bright red

"Well who wouldn't if that day comes, I'll be marrying my long lost love here in Tomoeda" and everyone laugh.

Meiling walk to them and explained that there might be a delay in the wedding

"Why is that Meiling? Did something happen?" Nakuru ask looking at her.

"No not really" Meiling reply trying to avoid eye contact with anyone as she plays her role nervously

"Meiling, you're not telling us the truth, come on say it. I won't get mad" Fujitaka said smiling

"You won't but they will" Meiling said whispering to herself

"Pardon?" he ask

"I'm sorry guys" Meiling took a deep breath before she confesses on what happened

"What Mrs. Sonomi is missing?" Kaho ask in disbelief, Meiling nods her head

"We have to find her, father stay here. We will find mom I promise" Touya was about to leave when Meiling grab her hand

"No, I won't let you. I promise Syaoram and Eriol that I'll keep you guys here no matter what happened. They say that two parties have already began searching" Meiling explained

"Two parties? You mean my two sisters and those brats?" Touya said angrily "That's the reason why I should come too. It'll be dangerous"

Meiling was startled and look down. Kaho went and embraces her former student and look at her boy friend

"Touya, we must believe in them after all they're already eighteen years old. They can take care of themselves" Kahao said giving Touya a reassuring smile.

"She's right Touya, and I know Sakura and Tomoyo will be fine because they have Kero on them" Yukito ask but Touya just shot him a glare "oops I think I said the wrong words"

"Master and Spinnel will bring back Mrs. Sonomi no matter what, and all will need to do is wait and believe them" Nakuru said then look up to the altar "Oh God, let them be safe and protect them"

Meanwhile Tomoyo, Sakura and Kero flew everywhere in Tomoeda searching for their mom

"She's not here" Tomoyo said when they reach the Tomoeda university

"Not here either" Sakura said when they reach the train station

"I don't see her here" Kero said when they reach the top office of Daidouji Toy Company

"Let's just go back and meet Eriol and Syaoran" Tomoyo said almost giving up

"Tomoyo chan, don't give up. Everything will be alright" Sakura cheer her up and Tomoyo just smile at her

"Thanks" and the three of them fly back to Penguin Park.

Sakura's group arrived first. Sakura and Kero decided to wait for them in the swing while Tomoyo decided to walk around some more.

"We have already checked all the places where mother could be, but she's no where in there." Tomoyo said to herself "Unless she is inside…" Tomoyo saw the dark park of the park "…the forest"

Tomoyo walk back to Sakura

"Hoe…you inside the forest alone…No way" Sakura protested

"But if you too will go with me who will tell Syaoran and Eriol that we went inside the forest" Tomoyo explained

"But it's too dangerous, anything can happen to you inside that big, dark and scary forest" Sakura hold Tomoyo's arms tightly

"Like what Sakura, see a ghost?" Tomoyo said teasingly and her brown hair best friend blush "Look I'll be okay. Why don't I just take Kero with me so if ever we can find mother here then it's no problem carrying her back"

Sakura sigh in defeat

"Very well, you two come back here if anything happen" Sakura hugs Tomoyo and bid her good luck

"Don't worry Sakura, I'll take care of Tomoyo chan like what I always do to you" and the two creature went inside the forest.

After fifteen minutes Syaoran, Eriol and Spinnel arrive and saw Sakura waving at them

"Where's Tomoyo?" Eriol immediately ask

"She went inside the forest to look for Mrs. Sonomi" Sakura said sadly

"What? She went inside the forest" Eriol said a bit angry "and alone too?"

Sakura shook her head

"Ie, Kero chan is with her. She insists that I stay here to tell you guys." Sakura explained "gommen ne"

"I'll follow her too, Spinnl" Eriol said and call his guardian

"Okay, we'll wait for you guys here. Good luck on finding Mrs. Daidouji" Syouran said Eriol nods and he let Spinnel transform to his true form again and ride at his back and entered the forest

Meanwhile, Tomoyo who is still searching with Kero finally saw a glimpse of her mother's gown

"Okaa san!" She calls; Sonomi saw her and stood up from her sitting position

"Tomoyo chan!" she said while walking towards her daughter "I told you not to follow me"

"And what mom? let you ditch Fujitaka sensei. My goodness mother, for the first time I'll be having a father and now you're backing off?" Tomoyo said reasoning out.

Sonomi didn't say a word and just look a way

"Why are you running away mother?" Tomoyo sincerely ask her hopping to answer her honestly

"Tomoyo chan…" Sonomi was about to answer when someone from darkness speak

"It was because of me" he said

"Dare? Show yourself" Tomoyo provoke, Kero growl and spread her wings to protect Tomoyo and Sonomi from any danger that might happened.

"Careful Tomoyo chan, I can sense that he is not a human" Kero warn her

The creature from the darkness went out to let the glimpse of the sun shine reflect on her face

"Do you still remember me, Tomo chan" The middle age man said wearing a fade smile on her lips.

Tomoyo gasp not believing what she is seeing then look back to her mother who just look away and sob

"Only my father calls me Tomo chan and he is already dead, so who are you?" Tomoyo said demandingly

"Oh yes he does, and so I am" he said as he walks towards her.

"Liar!" she said as she takes steps backward in every step the middle age man took

"TOMOYO CHAN!" Kero yell and was about to charge when suddenly from his mtrue form he change into his false form "What happened?"

"Kero?" Tomoyo look back to her friend

"You cannot use your magic for now, I am sorry" Sonomi spoke for the first time as she tried to wipe away her tears

"Sonomi sama" Kero look at the woman she always admire because of bravery but now so fragile with all this happening

"I am no liar Tomo chan, even your mother knows that. It is you who deceive yourself on what is reality to everyone" he said.

Tomoyo was about to step backward again when she realize that it was already a dead end and the older man is still approaching her with the same expression she imagine what his father looks like when he left them.

"Go away! My father is already dead and my mom will be wed again to somebody else" She said as she burst into tears 'Eriol kun… help me…'

"I know" the young man whisper. Tomoyo look at him searching what he really is thinking, but being the observing type, she is having trouble identifying his agenda

"Yes, you grew up exactly as what I expected you to become" the man said stopping on his track

"What do you mean?" she said

Meanwhile, Eriol felt Tomoyo's aura as his heart began to beat faster

'Tomoyo chan, I'll be there soon'

After the long dark passage way in the forrest, Spinnel and Eriol finally saw a dim light summing from the other side

"Master" Spinnel call

"Speed up Spinnel Sun." Eriol said with his steady voice which his guardian happily granted

And when they finally arrived, Eriol and Spinnel were surprise when Spinnel change to it's false form

"Demo Doshte?" Spinnel ask

"Daijobu Spinnel Sun?" Eriol ask and as he scan the area he felt something that is not natural in the area 'The place, there is something wrong here but I don't know what it is' Eriol was interrupted in his thoughts when he heard Kero call his guardian

"SUPPI!" Kero yell

"Kero what are you doing there…with you false form?" Spinnel as a black wing cat flew towards him

'Matte, Keroberos is also in his true form? What is happening?' Eriol began to scan the area and saw Tomoyo talking to the middle age man, but even though he is far from her, he can tell that she is not enjoying their little chitchat'


"Don't!" A female voice said behind him

"Sonomi sama? Demo Tomoyo is in danger with that man" Eriol said asking her why did she do that

"No she's not" she said firmly. Eriol look at her with disbelief "Because that man is her father"

Kero, Spinnel and Eriol's eyes widened with shock

"What do you mean? Who is he anyway? Isn't your husband die years ago?" Eriol ask as if he was interrogating someone

"And this is the first and last chance she will meet him"

Eriol didn't say a word anymore, he wanted to but he can't

"I will be thankful if you will not disturbed them" and Sonomi srand beside him as they all watched Tomoyo have a conversation with his father

"We have the same eyes and the color of our hair is the same." The young man's hand reach her hair as he brush them off from her face

'This touch, this feeling, they are all so familiar but it can't be' Tomoyo's tears fell from her angelic face 'I can't take this anymore, this is all so confusing'

"Please tell me who you are…" she pleads 'He's not my father, He's not my father, He's not…'

The older man looks at Tomoyo with gentle smile but hurt expression then the old man began to hymn a song… when the music card pop out all of a sudden

"Someone holds me safe and warm
Horses prance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory"

Tomoyo look up to him, surprise. What else can stop him from believing that it is him…

"Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember"

Tomoyo's mind flashes her old memories she didn't know that still exists

"Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember

And a song someone sings…"The old man pause for a minute

"Once upon a December" Tomoyo's voice echoed in the dark forrest as the tune from the music card continues to play

Tomoyo's eyes were now puffy and red as she embraces her father

"Otoosan!" she cried, embracing her long lost father. The old man happily took her petite body in her arms

"Gommen ne Tomo chan, I always made you and your mom cry" the old man said

"Hai…" she said shortly trying to memorize how it feels to be hug by your own father

"What going on now?" Kero ask

"I think everything is alright now" Spinnel reply

"Arigatou" Sonomi said to the young man besides her

"Don't mention it; as long as Tomoyo will be okay, I'll be happy" Eriol said smiling

"Tomo chan…" the old man call her

"Hai otoosan?" she ask

"About your moms' wedding" Tomoyo's eyes snap to reality

"That's right I completely forgot about that, but what will we do, what will you and man do?" She panic at the thought of Fujitaka sensei and her father will have a dueling match to win her mom's heart

Her father laugh, for the first time, Tomoyo saw and heard him laugh

"It's okay, I finally fulfill my last duty to you and to your mom" he said

"What do you mean father? I cannot understand" Tomoyo honestly said

"All was destined Tomoyo chan; your friendship with Sakura chan, your successful career, your hardships to make you strong, your mom's problems, your true love, it all fits doesn't it" her father explain

"You mean everything is a coincidence?" Tomoyo said more confuse now but her father didn't answer her but instead

"I have to go now, it's already time…"

Tomoyo was surprise when her father started to fade away

"No!" she cried until he is no longer there

Sonomi, Eriol and the two sun guardian walks towards her

"Tomoyo chan" Sonomi whisper

"Okaasan, doshte? Why does this have to happen to us, why?" Tomoyo cry in her mother arms

"Didn't you hear what your father said?" Sonomi comforted her daughter

"Then did he plan this in heaven? Or is it all a coincidence? He didn't answer my last question" her sobs now change to sobs

"Tomoyo chan" she look back to see who call her name, Eriol caryying spinnel on his arms smile at her

"Eriol kun, kero chan, Spinnel kun…"

"Nothing is coincidence…" Spinnel spoke first then… Kero

"…Only inevitable"

"Your dad only wants what is best for you, everything has a reason and we just have to know what it was to understand life, ne" Eriol said. Tomoyo smile and nods when they heard Sakura and Syouran's voice approaching

"Tomoyo chan, are you okay?" Sakura ask Tomoyo the moment they reach the ground. Sakura as the cards mistress was able to share the cards power with Syouran and used the fly card. "When the music card left me all of a sudden I knew something is wrong"

"And knowing Sakura, she immediately dash off to you guys" Syouran said whiloe trying to recover his posture

Tomoyo felt happiness in her heart, she has great friends on her side, a fantastic dad who wish all good things to her, a loving mom who will now be wed to a very kind person Fujitaka sensei, she will also be having Sakura chan and Touya kun as her brother and sister, that will make her life more fun and best of all she has Eriol on her side, he is her support in times of trouble and fear

Eriol felt a warm gaze from Tomoyo and smile back to her

"You okay?" Eriol ask

"Yeah" she nods

"Well then I think we should all go back to the church, everyone is waiting" Sakura reminded

"Do you think Fujitaka is upset?" Sonomi ask quite worry

"He will if you don't show up mom" Sakura said

Sonomi smile hearing Sakura chan call her mom, now she has two amazing daughter and a son to is very responsible

"Well shall we go then?" Syouran said and everybody nods

Tomoyo, and Somoni ride on kero's back, Eriol and Syouran ride on the Spinnel's back, and Sakura with the use of her fly card again, they all went out of the forest and to the church

Meanwhile, all the people inside the church are now getting worry

"They're late" Meiling thought as she pace around the altar

"Calm down Meiling chan, they'll be here soon" Yukitoo said

"Besides you're making me dizzy, can you just stay in one place?" Nakuru irritably said

"Yeah I know and I am sorry but they are really late" Meiling reason out

"We know, everybody is worry too especially Fujitaka sensi" Yukito said

The three of them look at where the groom is

"Otoosan you okay?" Touya ask

"I'm fine, don't worry" Fujitaka said

Then Kaho entered the church smiling at everybody

"They're here!" she said

"Finally, what took them so long?" Meiling said

"I'll make sure Master will be punished for consuming too much time" Nakuru joke

"I dunno if I can do that to my master but shall we greet them at the entrance?" Yukito said and the three of them run towards the entrance

"Feeling better?" Touya ask after hearing his father sigh

"Yeah" then Fujitaka stand up and fix his tuxedo "I think our visitors waited enough for this wedding"

"I agree, let's begin the wedding" then Kaho clap her hands to signal the beginning of the wedding.

Outside the church…

"I'm not sure if…" Sonomi was about to back out again when

"Okaasan, everything will be alright, ne sakura chan?" Tomoyo said while Sakura nods in agreement

"You own us lots of explanation" Meiling said

"Later, the ceremony is starting" Toukiya said taking Meiling's hand to her arms

The first one to go inside was Kero in her true form carrying the wedding rings, followed by Spinnel who is carrying the gold bells and coins. Everyone in the church think it's soo cute.

Then Nakuru with Yukito, Meiling with Toukiya, Kaho and Touya, Sakura and Syouran, and the bride, Sonomi and her bride's maid, Tomoyo. Everyone was really amaze on how beautiful they all are.

At the altar, Fujitaka and Eriol is waiting patiently. Fujitaka chose Eriol as his best man since he is the half of him

"She looks beautiful isn't?" Eriol ask

"Yeah they both are." Fujitaka chuckles "Eriol kun"

Eriol look at him, "Yes?"

"Take good care of Tomoyo, she suffered from loneliness enough; it's time to make her happy" Fujitaka said Eriol look at him, did he just given him the blessing to take care Tomoyo

Finally the bride and the bride's maid arrived in front; Tomoyo hugs her new father

"Make her happy, otoosan" Tomoyo said while giggling

"Of course" Fujitaka mischievously said and took Sonomi's hand in his arms "Shall we?" He ask; Sonomi just nod and look away

Eriol on the other hand took Tomoyo and guided her to her seat

"Ah Fujitaka kun… anou…" Sonomi whisper

"It's alright, I understand. What ever happened earlier doesn't change how I feel towards you" Fujitaka reply

Sonomi was so happy she started to cry. Her two daughters are right, everything is going all right

Meanwhile Tomoyo elbow Eriol kun to get his attention

"I saw you and otoosan talking, is it because of what happened earlier?" she ask

Eriol chuckles remembering what Fujitaka just said

"Ie" he said

"Huh, then what did the two of you talked about?" she look at him

"It's a secret" he said teasing her girl friend who gently pinch him on his side

"Will the two of you stop that, honestly you to are the bride's maid and best man here" Meiling reminded them

"They just can't get enough of themselves" Toukiya said and all of those who can hear them laugh and then stop to witness the wedding ceremony

At the reception hall, everybody is all busy with their partners. Even Kero and the drunken Spinnel is too busy to finish all the sweets

"So here you are? What are you doing here?" Eriol said while covering her backless buddy with his coat

"Nothing, I'm just recollecting my past and now" Tomoyo said leaning her petite frame on his strong arms

"Juliet and the others call me, they just wanted to know when will we be going back in England, a new band competition is starting there" Eriol explains

"And what did you tell them?" Tomoyo ask

"I said…" he said while burying his face on her neck which made Tomoyo tickle and giggle

"Yes, you said what?" Tomoyo ask while giggling

"I said it depends on you" Eriol finish

"On me? Why me?" she ask

"Because I will not go back there without you" he simply said, Tomoyo didn't say a word; "Tomoyo chan?"

"What if I say I don't want to go back there and want to spent time with my mother ,what will you do? You can't stay here because you still have to go to school" she said, testing on what he will say

"Are you trying to send me back there without you?" Eriol's face sank deeper to her neckline and embracing her petite waist in his arms

"No, I am asking you on what you'll do incase I do that" she said hugging his arms back

"Then I'll force your mother to shut down your company for you to work for me again" Eriol said naughtily which made Tomoyo laugh

"I though so" she said

"So?" he ask again

"I'll go back there, Singing is my career now, but I also have to prioritize my studies" she answered

"You'll go to the same school as I am, cool" Eriol said acting like a 10 years old boy

"Yeah I am but for now, I just want to go to sleep. This has been a very tiring day for all of us" Tomoyo whisper as she fell asleep on her lover's arms

"Yeah, all's well and ends well, Oyasumi, Tomoyo chan. I love you"

"Aishteru, Eriol kun…"


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