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Summary: Buffy's just a normal girl who's lost her way in the world, but what happens when another lost soul captures her heart, and refuses to give it back?

But It Feels So Right

Buffy stirred, her eyes slowly opening, shinning, and full of confusion. She sits up, and then remembers where she is.


Or that's what she had been forced to call it for the last seventeen years of her life, but this place was anywhere but home. Her so called parents didn't care what kind of shit she got into, as long as she cost them any more money than that had to spend on her.

She sighs, and rolls over, pulling a very puffy blanket over her head. Why did school start this early? Ok, better question, why did she care?

Yawning, she pushes herself up, and gets out of bed, glaring harshly at her clock, which thankfully, didn't have an alarm.

'6:35, great, this is the perfect time to get up five days a week, 180 days a year... I can't think of anything I would rather do, oh wait, yes I can. Sleep!' she thinks, opening her dresser and pulling out some jeans and a small red tank top.

Pulling her jeans on, and her shirt over her head, she sits down at her desk, and looks in the mirror she had put up so she could fix her hair. Grabbing her brush, she pulls it through her hair carelessly, and then pulls it all back, except for a few short strands, into a high ponytail.

She puts some socks on, followed by her shoes, and stands up again. Picking up her backpack, she walks out of her room. Tiptoeing down the hall, and the stairs, she walks into the kitchen.

Taking an apple from the small basket on the counter, she bites into it and opens the back door, stepping into the backyard.

The sun shown brightly, and it stung her eyes. She put her hand up, shielding them, and continued to make her way out front.

Buffy had decided to walk to school, it was either that, or try to find a ride on such short notice. She really needed to get her license, but then again, even if she did she didn't have a car to drive.

She looks up at the familiar building, and sighs; sometimes you just didn't feel like going to school, today, just happened to be that kind of a day. Next she looks around for her friends, but sadly, they're nowhere to be seen. They never seem to come to school anymore, hell, half of them had already dropped out, the other half, she didn't know what they could be doing now, and personally didn't care. She didn't need to be followed around by people she barely knew, especially if these people called themselves her friends. Sighing again, Buffy walks into the school alone, and goes to her locker.


The lock on her locker clicks, and she opens it, grabbing her books in exchange for the small backpack she had been carrying, and heads towards homeroom.


Buffy sat down in her seat. She sat in the back of the room near the window, great place to be if you didn't want to be noticed. She looked over to the only other place in the classroom like that you could sit and seem invisible; it was on the other side of the room, three rows over. The person sitting there was never noticed, and he seemed to like it that way.

Angel O'Connor.

What a girly name for a guy, what kind of parents named their boy something like that? Buffy figured it that it must be short for something, but she never dared to ask. Besides, what would a cute boy like that want with a girl who shut the entire world out, save for a few people who barely even took the time to get to know her.

It seemed as though Angel didn't talk to anyone, at all. And, he was pretty good at disappearing if a conversation happened to get to deep, especially if people started to ask questions about him.

Of course this is what she had heard about him, listening to other people talk during her study class. She really didn't know anything about him at all, and personally she really didn't care at this point in her life.

She turned back around, resuming her stare out the window, but strangely found herself staring at the boy in the other corner, and to her surprise, he was staring straight back at her. His chocolate eyes gleaming mischievously back at her. She blinks, looking confused for a minute, then smiles at him, only to receive a casual half-smile back.

"Summers, Buffy." The teacher calls her name, but she barely hears it, lost in this boys eyes. "Miss Summers!" the teacher called again.

"Huh? Oh, here." She says, blushing in embarrassment, looking up at the teacher. Then she turns back to Angel, and to her disappointment, he had turned away, once again staring off into space.




When was that damn bell going to ring? Buffy could have sworn this class ended five minutes ago, but alas, she was still here, listening (or rather not) to her history teacher babble on about the Civil War, or the Vietnam War... or some kind of battle...

Whatever, it didn't matter to her, all Buffy was thinking about was how many more minutes until that bell would ring, and then, freedom!

She had the whole afternoon planned out. First go home, and then do nothing, just like always. It wasn't any fun, but, hey, it's not like there was anything else to do.

Wait. There was. She could go to the Bronze and listen to the music until three AM, then go home and sleep. That was sounding a little better than the first plan.

Ok, so the Bronze it was.

'Good choice Buffy, you can go to the Bronze, and sit there feeling sorry for yourself the entire night...' she thinks, just as the bell rings. She smiles and stands up, almost bolting to the classroom door, when the teacher calls after her.

"Miss Summers, May I have a word with you...?" he asks, sitting down at his desk.

Buffy groans and turns around, heading-back though the mass of students that were trying to get out of the room.

"Sure, what do ya need, teach?" she asks, with fake enthusiasm.

He glares at her, "Now Buffy, you know your marks have been dropping in my class lately, and I feel that you're not doing your best." He says as the last student leaves the classroom, "And I feel that if you understood a little more about what we were doing you would begin to improve in my class, therefore, I am assigning you a pier tutor."

Buffy's mouth falls open. A tutor? A tutor!? She did not need a tutor; he needed to be a little less boring! Then maybe the class would be worth taking.

"But sir, I don't feel I need a tutor..." she begins, but he cuts her off.

"I've already discussed it with your parents, and we just looking for the right student to help you, good day Miss Summers..." he says, dismissing her.

Buffy blinks. 'Great! Just what I need, some stupid smart-ass telling me that I'm not smart enough to graduate high school...' she thinks, turning, and leaving the classroom, wondering what kind of bozo was going to be her tutor.


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