April's POV- June 1978

The end of school came a bit too slowly for my liking but that could have been something to do with Lily and James coming back to school feeling crap and shit. Neither one had said anything when they returned and when Sirius made a quip that went along the lines of-

"Who died?" as a joke James gave him a cold stare and Lily ran up the stairs to the girl's dorms crying. It was really strange at the time and now that I know what had happened I guess we should have figured it out before we were told what had happened to James's family. It was a few days until we discovered that James's family had all died and that the head students had gone to see Ellie, his older sister, in St. Mungos and that he had been with her when she died. I did get a bit suspicious when I had been suddenly appointed head girl for a few days and Sirius had been appointed head boy. We didn't know what was going on and after Lily and James hadn't returned after that evening we took the responsibilities happily. It was great being head girl for a while, I got to go into the prefects common room and Sirius and I made full use of the head's bathroom. I don't think Lily's been in the bath since I told her what we got up to. The bathroom was a lot nicer then Lily had ever said, I knew she was teasing me most of the time but I never knew it was going to be so nice.

But yeah, James's parents died and Lily spent a lot more time with him, probably trying to comfort him. I hadn't actually seen him cry but Lily had confided in me that he cried all the time and it worried her and scared her quite a bit. The marauders all went a bit quiet and never said much to anyone. Remus had almost stopped talking to Jenny, his fiancé, entirely and preferred to spend all his time revising for the upcoming NEWTs while Sirius spent a lot of time moping around and avoiding me. Well he tried to avoid me until I forced him to sit down and talk to me. Despite that it was actually Peter who told us that James's family had died. I knew that someone had died, I had read Lily when she came back but I hadn't known who. No wonder everyone was so depressed. When Peter told us he seemed to think that it was all his fault that the Potters had died. He didn't tell us this, I read him and knew. The exams went very slowly and the hours seemed to drag on for years. Jenny agreed to help tutor me, which was usually Lily's job but Lily seemed a bit withdrawn and depressed recently. Like it was her own parents who had died.

There was something suddenly different about Lily and her relationship with James. I hadn't failed to notice the ring that had suddenly appeared on her engagement finger, and neither had Jenny. She told us that she wasn't engaged and though we did believe her I personally, secretly hoped that she would get engaged soon. By the end of the exams everyone was pretty much back to normal, though the subjects of parents and family was spoken about like we were all treading on thin ice. The marauders were back to plotting, something Lily, amazingly, didn't mind James getting back into. Her excuse?

"Well it's the last few weeks of school isn't it? Time to have some fun." Time to have some fun? We've had the whole of our school lives and Lily decides now is the time to have fun? Lily tended to Joke around again and we made up a new game which was incredibly fun. Jenny normally stayed out of the game because she said she'd rather spend her time with Remus then teasing the boys. The game involved getting James insanely jealous and Sirius incredibly turned on. My darling boyfriend still hadn't given up on his dream of me and Lily being gay. He's a strange strange boy and that's one of the reasons why I love him sooooo very much.

I stared at my muggle studies NEWT paper. I had taken Muggle Studies for NEWTs and it was a complete and utter doss lesson. I lived with Lily during the holidays while my parents went to go and visit my sister Becky in the states. I read the last question and tried to stop myself from laughing. These were too easy.


Oh PLEASE! I play tennis in the summers with Lily! Jenny, Lily, Mrs. Evans and I often had mini tournaments when we stayed at their house. I glanced over to where Lily was doing her Arithmancy exam. Jenny was sitting a few seats in front of her taking the same exam. Lily's hair was so amazing. It was a really nice dark red colour and it fell down her back in waves, she didn't need to do anything to it but if she wanted it straight then she just had to use a little magic. Her eyes were this amazing intense green emerald colour. It's a lot nicer then my dull brown eyes and the tiny green flecks I have in them. Her hair is also a lot nicer then my blonde hair. Jenny also has dead straight black hair, a trait of the Asian race that she comes from. She's got the whole Chinese femininity and mystique working for her. That's so unfair, that's what Jenny gets, Lily gets the innocent perfect school girl thing and I have nothing, well, no I do have an amazing social life, if I chose to want it and every guy wants me, just like every guy wants my friends. I'm nothing special. I really put myself down don't I?

I quickly wrote everything I knew about how to score in tennis and why people played tennis anyway and everything the question wanted me to answer. The answer took up a lot of space because I knew a lot about the sport. I even wrote in something about Wimbledon Tennis competition. I'd never actually been but Lily's mum sometimes recorded it from the TV for us to watch. I finished the question and put the quill down. Well that was it, Merlin this exam was easy. I looked over the paper again.


Again, EASY! Movies can be found in cinemas, shops, homes. They are for entertainment. I glanced around the hall again. There were only four people taking Muggle Studies. Myself, James Potter, also known as Lily's pet, a Ravenclaw called Anya Jenkins and a Hufflepuff called Jack Newman. The other Non-Gryffindors looked like they were really struggling and James looked as though he found the test challenging. I sighed and relaxed in my seat, this was the last exam and there was another ten minutes until it ended. I saw Sirius sitting a few rows behind Jenny.

He was looking at me and grinned when I looked at him. I gave him a wink. He looked so handsome with his black hair swept back and his tie was loose around his neck. He looked hot, in both senses of the word. I glanced to the front of the hall to make sure that no teacher was looking then turned to Sirius.

"Head's bathroom tonight" I mouthed, his grin grew wider

"Ok, I love you" He mouthed back. Well I think that was what he mouthed. It was either 'I love you' 'elephant' or 'colourful' because the mouth movements of those three words look so similar when they're mouthed. I grinned and blew him a kiss before looking away to see Lily sitting back in her seat and running a hand through her long dark red hair and she slumped slightly in her seat like she was relaxing. I was about to sit and relax again when a pain shot through my head. It was like someone was trying to cleave my head open with a blunt axe. I held my head and tensed in my seat. The pain was so big. I bit my lip to try and stop myself from screaming

"Join me Marsden, you know your side can't win. Abandon your friends and I'll let the Mudblood and half blood live" I heard someone say in my head. I tasted something salty in my mouth and knew I'd cut my lip with my teeth.

"NO!" I shouted. I shook my head as it felt like it was beginning to fill with ants crawling around inside my skull. I let out a scream as I began to shake my head more violently. I didn't mean to do that, then I stood up, knocking over my chair and table. My head felt so itchy, the ants were crawling everywhere, I needed to get them out, any way of getting them out. I began tugging on my hair and shook my head.

"Miss. Marsden, please sit down now!" said Professor McGonagall as she walked between the tables towards me. Everyone was staring at my but I didn't notice or care.

"Join me, leave the mudblood and blood traitor" The voice said again "You are a powerful witch, I can give you more power." The voice was cold and sent shivers down my spine.

"No! I don't want more, she's not a mudblood!" I shouted as I fell to my knees painfully. I pulled on my hair even more and shook it frantically to get the ants out.

"Miss. Marsden!" Professor McGonagall said pulling me to my feet by my arm. The pain and the ants suddenly disappeared and I stared wide eyed at the deputy head mistress. "Please sit down. I will not ask you again!" She said. I nodded quickly and righted my deck and chair before sitting down. James bent downand passed my paper back to me. I took the paper and propped my elbows on the table. I put my face into my hands and felt my friends' eyes on me. I ran my tongue over the fresh cut on the inside of my lips. What had just happened? There was a slight throb of pain on the side of my face, where I had been cut earlier this year.

"Please put your quills down." Said McGonagall. Everyone put their quills down and the papers were summoned to the front of the hall though I didn't really notice. I wanted to know what had happened. I had just interrupted the NEWTs, looked lie I'd lost my mind and made a complete fool of myself in front of my entire year. There had the pain come from? Where had it gone after? I felt a hand on my shoulder, causing me to jump to my feet and draw my wand. James was standing next to me.

"We can go" he said gently. I got a flash of Lily and knew that James was eager to be with her again. Lily, Sirius and Jenny rushed over from their seats. Sirius pulled me into a tight hug and squeezed me tightly.

"Are you ok?" Sirius asked, kissing my forehead. I kept my arms around his body and nodded into his school uniform. Lily and Jenny looked slightly relieved and Lily took James' hand.

"What happened?" She asked me. Remus and Peter joined us and we began to walk out of the hall.

"I don't really know." I said quietly. I pressed myself closer to Sirius and looked at Lily. "I didn't distract any of you did I?" I asked nervously.

"You nearly had a fit, tried to pull your hair out and you're worried about the-" Jenny started to say but didn't finish. "That really freaked me out, you just started screaming and trying to pull your hair out." We stopped outside of the castle and onto the grounds. My head bgan to hurt slightly where I had tried to pull out the hair. I really felt like having a shot of Vodka or fire whiskey would be good.

"Lets go to Hogsmeade" I suggested, not wanting to linger on the topic of my seizure type thing

"Um, ok but what happened?" Lily asked me, linking her arm through mine

"Nothing" I lied. Lily knew I was lying and she could read me like a book, she didn't need legillimens like I did to read someone. I gave her a weak smile and she sighed.

"Come on then, to Hogsmeade to drown our sorrows and to celebrate the end of exams and school!" James shouted.

"Yeah!" Sirius shouted as he grabbed James and Peter and they decided to act like us girls and skipped across the fields of Hogwarts. Well Peter wasn't really skipping but being dragged behind them. I think they seemed to get that I didn't want to talk.

"I've only got a couple of sickles, can't afford to go to Hogsmeade" Jenny said frowning as she dug into her pockets of her school robes. Remus wrapped his arms around Jenny.

"You no longer had to worry about money, Jenny. That's why you have me." Remus said, kissing Jenny's cheek.

"Hmm" Jenny murmured sceptically. "We'll get loads of money when we're married won't we?" She said sarcastically.

"Oh, don't be mean, Jenny." I said to her

"Sorry it's just that Mum and Dad have only just found out I'm dating Remus. They have no idea I plan on marrying him."

"How long have you two been engaged now?" Lily asked

"About four months now" Remus said.

"And you still haven't told your parents?" Lily asked. Remus and Jenny both shook their heads. "Right. Good luck with that." I tried not to snigger. Jenny and Remus were really cute together and they loved each other more then they loved their friends but it was a bit ridiculous that they hadn't told their parents yet. We finally got to the entrance of the grounds and James and Sirius were standing around while Peter sat on the floor panting slightly.

"Bloody hell, you two are fit." He muttered breathlessly.

"Thank you Peter" Sirius said with a grin. I detached myself from Lily and pulled on Sirius' tie and pulled him closer to me. "Why hello sexy." He said in a deeper voice.

"Oh please" Jenny said as Sirius pressed his lips against mine. I felt that tingling feeling that I always got when I was kissing Sirius. It was so nice.

"Come on." Lily said grabbing the back of my robes and pulling me away from Sirius.

"Hey, you and James do exactly the same thing" I complained in a whiny voice

"Yeah but we're the head students, we're allowed to." Lily said in an equally whiny voice. I stuck my tongue out at her and put my head on her shoulder as we followed Remus and Jenny to the three broomsticks.

"Hey Peter!" shouted someone behind us. We all stopped and turned to see a girl from Slytherin running towards us. Her blond hair tied back and she was running over with a smile. We all looked at Peter who had gone slightly red.

"Hi Kiana." He said uncertainly.

"How was your exam?" She asked eagerly. "Come on, there's something I want to tell you" She said quickly, taking Peter's hand and giving him a quick peck on his lips. Ok, I swear Peter said he was single. And even if he was why was a Slytherin kissing Peter? Kiana looked like she wanted to deepen the kiss when James cleared his throat. Kiana turned and seemed to notice us for the first time.

"Oh, you." She muttered.

"What are you doing?" James asked her coldly.

"Talking to Peter, is that a crime now your royal Potter-ness?" She asked.

"Since when did you and Peter talk to each other?" Sirius asked. Jenny and Remus had gone a bit further and hadn't noticed that we had stopped yet. Lily looked at me nervously and went to James's side.

"Since when have you cared? It is possible for Slytherins and Gryffindors to mix and I'll have you know that I really like Peter" Kiana said boldly.

"What? Does he give a good shag or something because that's all you Slytherin whores seem to care about." Sirius said. I glanced at Peter, who's face was steadily getting redder and redder. I could tell from my instincts as a girl that he really seemed to like Kiana and was trying to stop himself from snapping at his friends.

"Come on, if Peter wants to see a Slytherin I see no reason to stop him." Lily said, voicing my opinions. "It's not like any of you boys have ever taken any effort to get to know any of the Slytherins"

"We know all we need to know." Sirius said. "We'll be in the Three Boomsticks if you want to join us after seeing this whore Peter." Sirius glared at Kiana for a few seconds and received an equally cold glare back.

"Oh, grow up" I said, taking Sirius' hand and leading him away.

"Have fun" Lily said, "See you later Peter" She said with a smile.

"Have fun with your boy toy Mudblo-" Kiana managed to catch herself at Peter's look. "Evans." She sneered. Lily looked at her coldly and hurried off with James. I walked a bit slower with Sirius.

"What the hell is Peter doing meeting up with Darcy. She's as much a whore as all the other girls in Slytherin." Sirius muttered. I rubbed Sirius' arm,

"Hey, he's just integrating with other houses" I said slowly and unconvincingly. I have to admit I'm a bit curious as to why Kiana and Peter were hanging out with each other. It was great that Peter was getting mixed in with other houses, he normally stuck to the usual Gryffindor gang but why did it have to be Slytherin, and not just a Slytherin but a girl that had bullied Lily in the past. Peter knew that Kiana Darcy used to bully Lily until James had put a stop to it a few months ago, Peter had been there. Of course Lily hadn't been there otherwise she would have dumped James on the spot...thank god she wasn't there. Oh, look that muggle phrase, thank god. It's strange that phrase, they depend on God for everything. I wonder if there is one.

"But why a Slytherin?" Sirius asked. I sighed.

"I don't know. Maybe he has a good reason for it." I said trying to reassure Sirius.

"But-" I had to shut Sirius up so I turned him around and pressed my lips against his. It worked...a bit too well. Sirius pulled me closer and Sirius tried to deepen the kiss when Lily shouted for us.

"BUTTERBEERS?" she asked loudly.

"YES!" I shouted back. I opened my eyes and saw Sirius smiling at me. "What?" I asked him.

"I love you." He said.

"Love you to." I said.

"So are we still doing the Head bathroom thing?" He asked, his hands dancing over my back and going towards my skirt.

"If Lily and James don't steal it." I muttered against his lips. My eyes closed again. My lips brushed against his and I knew I wanted him.

"They won't." Sirius said,

"I know." I muttered, our lips had just touched when-

"APRIL! PADFOOT! GET HERE NOW!" shouted Remus. I opened my eyes and pulled away from Sirius slightly. His arms still holding my waist tightly against his.

"Later." I said with a smile. Sirius gave me a grin, let go of my waist and took my hand.

"Come on, I'll buy you a drink." Sirius said. We went to the three broomsticks, where Jenny and the others had gotten a seat close to the windows and we could see outside. The window was wide open in the summer heat. Sirius sat in the only free seat while I stood up and looked at the others.

"We didn't think you'd mind sitting on Padfoot's lap." James said with a smile. Lily gave me a cheeky look and turned to James.

"Oh, I just remembered. Mum and dad have given you the ok." She said quietly.

"The ok for what?" I asked, sitting on Lily's lap instead of Sirius. I thought it might be fun to tease him again. Lily put her arms around my waist, she seemed to be thinking along the same lines as me. I leant back and put an arm around Lily's shoulders.

"Um, James is staying with me." Lily said.

"You haven't introduced him to your parents yet!" Jenny said.

"I know." Lily said with a sigh. I put my hands on hers and saw Sirius' eyes go to our hands.

"What if they don't like James?" I said, glancing at Lily's nervous face.

"They'll have to like me." James said. "I'm not going leaving Lily's side" James said leaning towards Lily and giving her a kiss. Lily smiled and leaned her head against my shoulder. I hugged her head and she laughed.

"So, Who's going into auror Training?" Sirius asked.

"I am!" I said putting my hand up.

"I know you're going into Auror training." Sirius said like he was talking to a child. I picked up the coaster on the table and threw it at Sirius.

"Shut up. You asked." I said.

"Six Butterbeers?" Asked madame Rsoemerta, the lady who owned the three broomsticks.

"Thank you." Lily said. Jenny leaned forwards helped Madame Rosemerta.

"Thank you dear."

"No problem." Jenny said. She picked up a mug of butterbeer. The drink was so cold the glass has droplets of water sliding down the outside of the mug.

"What are you girls doing?" Sirius asked.

"Auror!" I said happily.

"Healer." Jenny said. Sirius looked at Lily. She did seem to have noticed, she was looking at James.

"Earth to Lily." I said shaking her slightly.

"Huh?" Lily asked, starting slightly.

"What are you doing after school?" I asked her. Lily hadn't said much about her plans after school.

"Oh, yeah. Um, I'm becoming a Healer, well I've applied to both Auror training and to St. Mungos to train as a Healer but I don't think I'm clever enough to be an Auror." I looked at her with my mouth open.

"You think you're not clever enough?" I asked her. Lily gave me a modest look.

"Well that and I have a tendency of freezing up when someone attacks me." Lily said.

"How would you know?" Remus asked.

"She's been attacked lots." Jenny said putting her mug of Butterbeer down. Lily and I both smirked.

"Attacked lots?" Lily asked. Jenny gave us a grin as Remus pulled her onto his lap.

"My brain is fried!" Jenny said defensively.

"When have you been attacked?" James asked worriedly.

"Oh, you know the whole bullying thing." Lily said. James smiled and leaned forwards.

"I can't wait until we leave school." James said.

"Neither can I but it's going to be sad isn't it?" Remus said.

"Pranks on a larger scale." Sirius said with a grin.

"Sorry, I'll be busy." James said, "Auror Training which reminds me. We need to plan an end of school prank."

"No, you're not going to cause trouble on our last day of school." Lily said sternly. "I absolutely forbid-" I put a hand over Lily's mouth as she continued to talk but her voice was muffled.

"Shut up Lily" I said. "It's just the end of school" I felt something wet on my hand. "EW!" I shouted, wiping my hand on my skirt. Lily stuck her tongue out cheekily and put her head against my side. Sirius was looking at us with raised eyebrows.

"Well, in that case. I can brew a potion tonight which will cause all the Slytherins to turn into chickens and little fluffy bunnies and put potions in the drinks that will make everyone's hair turn their least favourite colour, or in the case of the Gryffindors, their favourite colour." Lily said. We all looked at her amazed. Remus and Jenny had even stopped mid kiss to look at her, "but that's just off the top of my head. I suppose we could also dye the robes-"

"Er, Lily." James said.

"Yes?" She said turning to him.

"Could you do that for us?" He asked.

"I suppose." Lily said.

"Did Lily just say she was going to break a rule?" Sirius asked me.

"Yes she did. Are you ok?" I asked looking at Lily and putting a hand on her forehead.

"Get off!" Lily said pushing me off her lap. I stumbled slightly but Sirius caught me and pulled him onto his lap. I am not a toy but the way they're treating me you'd think so wouldn't you? But Merlin, Lily proposed to break some school rules.

"Ok, well now that the main thing is organised." James said slowly. I felt Sirius's lips on the back of my neck. "Do you want to organise anything minor?"

"Dunno." Sirius muttered against my neck.

"Sirius." I said trying to get him off me. I felt the back of my skirt being pulled up slightly and tensed slightly. Not here, please not here. I said mentally.

"Well I think it'll be fine." Remus said. "Mark the downfall of the head girl." Lily looked at Remus with narrowed eyes and everyone laughed. I even laughed slightly when I felt that pain in my head again. Again it was like an axe cleaving my head. I put my hands to my head and fell to the floor.

"Ah!" I said gritting my teeth.

"Join me Marsden or your friends wont live long enough to be happily married." Said that cold snake like voice. Every syllable he spoke my head pounded. I twisted my head in pain and felt someone try and hold me.

"Get out of my head!" I said.

"Hey guys." Said Peter coming into the three broomsticks. I didn't have enough time to acknowledge it as I felt an increased pressure on my brain. I felt like screaming out it hurt so badly.

"No Marsden, choose, I will only give you one more chance. One of you have already turned. Join us and have more power then you can imagine. You and Chang have the chance to live. Join me." The voice hissed through my head. The pain increased and I let out a loud scream as I felt myself go unconscious.

* * * * *

I felt the sun blazing on my face. Even though my eyes weren't open it was too bright. I could feel the grass on the back of my legs and arms and my head was on something soft.

"Is she ok?" came a male's voice. Peter's voice.

"April?" Lily said, I felt a hand on my cheek. "April?" I frowned slightly.

"She's waking." Said Sirius. I felt whatever was under my head shift but stay where it was. I lifted my arm to cover my face and let out a moan.

"What happened?" I managed to croak up. I had a slight headache and my throat felt slightly hoarse. I slowly opened my eyes and someone helped me to sit up.

"You're ok." Lily said with a smile as Jenny and Lily both hugged me. I started slightly and looked at them confused.

"What happened?" I asked them.

"Same thing that happened in the great hall." Lily said. I turned to find that Sirius was sitting on the grass next to me and he pulled my into a tight hug.

"How did I end up here?" I asked them, not letting go of Sirius but looking at Lily for the answers.

"We brought you outside" Lily said to me

"Well the boys did." Jenny said, correcting her. I felt a shiver go down my back and Sirius held me tighter.

"It's ok." He whispered into my hair. 'I will only give you one more chance. One of you have already turned' I remembered. Who'd turned? That meant one of my friends was a spy in a way. I looked around and noticed that James and Remus were missing.


"They've gone back to the school to go and get someone." Lily said.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Jenny asked, "You're paler then usual."

"I'm fine." I said standing up shakily. Sirius stood up and put an arm around my waist to help support me. I looked at each of my friends with a look of fear on my face. One of them had turned, which one was it? It couldn't be Lily, Voldemort would have killed her if she went within a mile of him. Couldn't have been Remus because one of his parents was a Muggle. That left my boyfriend, other best friend, James and Peter. I detached myself from Sirius quickly and stood on my own looking at each of them.

"What's wrong?" Sirius asked. They were all looking at me and I didn't like it.

"Stop looking at me!" I said. I've noticed I tend to get these sudden feelings of panic, I hate them. I had one near Christmas and ended up swapping beds with Jenny for the holiday. I took another step back. I couldn't trust any of them. One of them was working for Voldemort.

"April?" Lily said taking a step forward. Lily, I could trust Lily. She was Muggle born. She would never help anyone who would kill people like her. I let her give me a hug and held her tightly.

"One of them is a spy." I whispered to her so quietly she only just heard. Lily looked at me.

"How do you know?" She whispered as quietly.

"He told me." April said.

"Who?" Lily asked. I twisted my mouth and started for a bench a little way away, pulling Lily after me. "Stay there." She called to the others, who looked slightly distressed, annoyed and worried at the same time. I stopped and turned.

"Voldemort." I said to Lily, She looked at me confused. "He's been getting into my head. He told me one of them is a spy." I said. Lily looked at me slightly worried.

"Are you sure he's not just trying to plant a seed of doubt into your mind. None of us would ever betray us." Lily said, taking both my hands. I bit my lip and looked at Lily.

"But-" I wanted to tell Lily everything else, she was my best friend. "Never mind, you're right." I said after a few minutes of thought. Voldemort was evil, he was known for trying to break apart friends and families and he'd managed so many times. He wouldn't do the same for my circle of friends. He wasn't going to break us up. We wouldn't let him. I wouldn't let him. Lily looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile.

"You ok now?" She asked worriedly. I nodded and gave her a smile. "Come on then." She said, "We have a prank to prepare." Lily gave me a mischievous grin and I grinned back.

"Come on then." I said.

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