Ok, hello nice people who have stuck with my story, ALL the way though, how I love you all and now here's that sequel I promised you.

The story is called Beyond the End. It starts when Harry is a huge age of...5.

You all know the major adult Characters. Lily and James Potter, Jenny and Remus Lupin, April and Sirius Black. Then there's the little kids.

Harry (5) and Emma (3) Potter

Bo (6½) Lupin

Rhia (3) and Orion (1½) Black

There will be a Ronald Weasley at some point but I've gotta decide when to add him. And I might add Cho Chang

So go over and read it and enjoy. If you have any ideas they're all welcome, I got quite a few and the story may skip years at a time. I really want to do a Hogwarts years thing with this story. It'll be sooo cool

Aks100 (Anna)