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"She's got a high fever.  I don't think Tohru-san will be going to school for the rest of the week," Hatori told the three men at Tohru's bedside.  She opened her mouth to protest, but Hatori firmly cut her off, "Doctor's order."  Yuki and Kyou both gave her apologetic smiles and ran off to work on their school projects.  Shigure was about to leave as well, but Hatori stopped him just outside the bedroom.

"She won't be doing any strenuous activity, Shigure.  No cooking, cleaning, school work or babysitting you three.  I think it's best that she is moved to the main house where I can keep an eye on her and Akito.  He's sick as well.  " Shigure frowned, a serious and upset look in his eye.

"I don't think that's necessary.  I'm home most of the day, so why not leave her here?  I'll take care of Tohru-kun.  Just tell me what I need to do, Hatori."  Noticing the insistence in Shigure's voice, Hatori sighed and nodded.  If the poor dog wanted to make things harder on himself, Hatori had no right to interfere.  He gave Shigure some paperwork, including a list of things to do and not do and a list of foods she could eat.  He gave him some medication she should have at different times each day.  "Is that it?" Shigure inquired, walking his friend to the door.  Hatori nodded.

"Just make sure she sleeps as much as possible.  We want her to recover, and we all know that when Tohru Honda is awake, she is doing something productive.  I'll come back this Sunday and check up on her then," he said and left for his car.  Shigure sighed and closed the door.  Reading through the list of foods, he realized that they were all things that he told Tohru specifically not to get.  He'd have to go shopping later on. 

Yuki and Kyou were sitting in the living room scribbling furiously in their notebooks.  Shigure walked right by them without taking his eyes off the papers in his hands.  Leeks...miso...daikon radishes...more leeks... Shigure laughed softly to himself.  Kyou would have a hard timing eating for the next week or so.  Shigure didn't intend to make anything special for them, seeing as they were independent enough to cook their own meals if they refused to eat his.  Well, Kyou at least, and Yuki would survive eating burnt food for a while.  Besides, there was still the cleaning, laundry, nursing poor Tohru back to health, and his work to think of.  His newest novel was due very soon, but he had a horrible case of writer's block and hadn't even finished the first chapter.  Either, way Tohru was top priority at present and Shigure was utterly determined to do his very best at taking care of her and the house since she couldn't.  With his new resolve in mind, Shigure went to bed early so that he could wake up in time to make breakfast. 

Shigure woke the next morning to the distinctly unpleasant sound of his alarm clock.  He cracked an eye open and groaned, burying his face in his pillow.  Not even the sun was up yet, so why was he?  Oh, that's right.  He was supposed to cook breakfast.  He stepped into the kitchen and rummaged around.  All he could find was fried rice and leeks.  He definitely had to go shopping before lunch time.  The rice and leeks turned out decent enough, but they were still horrible compared to Tohru's cooking in his eyes.  Kyou came downstairs and grabbed the carton of milk from the refrigerator.  He sat down and waited for Tohru to give him some food like she did every morning, but when he received nothing he looked up and noticed she wasn't there.

"Where's Tohru-kun?" he asked gruffly.  Shigure looked up from reading the newspaper, which he had taken the time to get before the other boy came down.

"She's sleeping.  Tohru-kun won't be joining us for breakfast, I'm afraid," he replied, returning to his place in the columns of recent information.  Yuki stepped sleepily into the kitchen and plopped down next to Shigure.  He stared into space for several seconds, but remained silent.  He was irritable.  He hated mornings, almost as much as he hated the baka neko sitting across form him, after all.

"Why the hell not?!" the cat shouted, his temper flaring.   Yuki cringed visibly and Shigure turned the page as if he didn't hear.

"No need to yell, Kyou.  Hatori ordered that she stay home for the rest of the week.  You two were there when he said it, so why the sudden confusion?" the dog answered coolly.  Yuki finally caught on to what they were saying and joined the conversation.

"Will she be alright here?  Should I stay home as well?" he inquired worriedly. 

"I'll be home taking good care of Tohru," he promised.  Yuki glared.

"That's what I'm afraid of.  Is leaving Honda-san alone with you really such a safe idea, given your sick and lecherous character?"  Kyou nodded in agreement. 

"I think I'll stay and protect her," the cat snapped decisively.  Shigure frowned, offended by the remarks.  Then again, they were right.  He was a renowned pervert who enjoyed the company of high school girls.  But...this wasn't just some schoolgirl; this was Tohru.  And...

"Hatori trusted me," he mumbled softly, more to himself that to the others.  It was true.  Hatori had trusted him to take good care of her.  Hatori knew him well enough, probably knew how he felt deep down about the girl, too.  He truly respected and admired Tohru's lively spirit and big heart.  How could someone not? 

"Well, that definitely wasn't one of Hatori's wiser decisions.  What was he thinking?" Yuki said in an upset tone. 

"What the hell is that idiot's problem, anyway?  Leaving an innocent girl home with this pervert..." Kyou grumbled.

Shigure looked back and forth from one boy to the other.  Neither one trusted him at all, that much was clear.  Was he that bad of a guy?

"You are not trustworthy enough to be left alone with her!" the two boys decided in unison.  Shigure felt really bad when they said that.  Maybe it was true.

"I trust him," a small voice said from the doorway.  Everyone turned to look at the person who said that, Yuki and Kyou out of disbelief and Shigure out of hope.  Tohru smiled at them and made her way over to her spot at the table.  She was still in her pajamas, but nobody minded.  Shigure stood immediately and began to serve her some rice and leeks.  She stared, surprised, and then smiled warmly.   She thanked him emphatically, as if he had spent hours preparing a gourmet multi-course meal.          

"It's my pleasure, Tohru-kun," Shigure said happily.  At least someone appreciated him, and the same person that appreciated him trusted him on top of it.  The thought made his insides tingle with excitement.  Someone trusted him despite all of his faults and past mistakes.  Then again, that's Tohru Honda for you, always trusting and eager to give.  "Well, you guys better be off or you'll be late for school!" he exclaimed, smiling at the disgruntled looks on their faces.  They glared and got up without having eaten a single bite.  Tohru laughed softly and waved to them as they hurried off to school.  She turned back to the table and saw Shigure staring at her with an unusually serious expression on his face. 

"What?  Did I do something wrong?" she asked, growing self-conscious.  The novelist shook his head and rose to clear the table.  He took as much as he could to the kitchen and set the pile by the sink.  He returned moments later and found Tohru gathering the remaining dishes and platters herself. 

"Don't even think about it, Tohru-kun!" he said and took the china away from her.  When he saw the girl was about to object, he spoke again so that she wouldn't insist.  If she did, he couldn't say no like he was supposed to.  "Hatori let me keep you at this house instead of the main one on the condition that you would not do any physical activity, not even chores or homework."  Tohru nodded and reluctantly allowed Shigure to usher her back to her room and tuck her into her bed.  "Now, stay here and rest.  If you need anything, don't hesitate to call," he exclaimed and went downstairs to finish the dishes. 

Tohru felt really bad about making Shigure do so much housework, and then he was taking care of her on top of it.  He probably had a lot of his novel to write and she was doing nothing to help make things easier.  She sighed and allowed herself to fall into a light sleep.  When she woke up, the sun was streaming through her windows very brightly.  Tohru blinked and looked around.  What had woken her? A light knock on the door caught her attention.

"Come in," she tried to say, but found that her voice was too raspy from disuse and sickness for her to speak.  Instead she sat up with the intention of opening the door herself.  She stood and took a step toward the door, but a wave of dizziness hit her and she collapsed on the floor with a loud thud.  Shigure's voice resounded from the other side of the door, very worried and shouting, but Tohru couldn't hear the words.  She must be sicker than she thought.  The door opened and Shigure stepped into the room.  He saw her sitting on the floor and ran toward her, saying things out concern that she couldn't make sense of.  The sound of his voice and the spinning of the world around her combined lulled Tohru into another state of mental confusion.  She slumped against him and he was transformed into a dog.  She held onto his neck and began to laugh and repeat nonsense in a loud, giggly voice.  She was delirious, and had managed to turn him into a dog, unable to properly complete human activities.

"Tohru?" Shigure asked uncertainly.  Is she wasn't sick it would have been very amusing.  However, she was and it was frightening him to no end.  He was able to free himself from her grasp and scampered over to the phone. 

"What's the doggy going?" she asked, crawling over and staring curiously him. 

"Calling Hatori...he'll know what to do with you," Shigure replied, figuring she wouldn't understand anyway.  She did.  She let out a distressed yelp and immediately grabbed hold of him once more.

"No!  Don't call the doctor.  I'm fine.  I don't need one!  Just stay here with me.  Don't leave, Shigure," she cried, clinging to him and burying her face in his furry neck.  Shigure stood frozen, stunned by Tohru's behavior.  Should he call Hatori?  She was very feverish and incoherent.  It was the right thing to do...wasn't it?  But she clearly didn't want him to bring a doctor over for some reason.  Should he disregard her wishes, or should he stay with her and take care of it himself?  Shigure recalled what Yuki and Kyou had said earlier that day.

You're not trustworthy enough to be left alone with her!

The words brought back the familiar biting feeling he remembered too well, and he felt his anger flare up.  He couldn't let them see that he was inefficient at taking care of Tohru.  Even more so, Tohru had said she trusted him.  He couldn't let her down, either.  No, he had to prove that Tohru was right about him. 

"Alright, Tohru, I won't call Hatori, but you have to get back into bed," he told her slowly, as if speaking to a child.  Tohru nodded happily but didn't let go of his neck.  "Go lie down, Tohru," he repeated. 

"You too?" she asked with sad, pleading eyes.  "Tohru doesn't wanna be alone."  Shigure wavered slightly.  Sleep curled around Tohru's slender, sweet body...he shook his head mentally and looked at her again.

"Go to sleep.  You don't need me there," he commanded harshly, trying to keep his thoughts clean.  Tohru's eyes began to water and her lip trembled.  Shigure tensed at the sight. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.  Don't cry...

Tohru burst into tears and sobbed against him like a young child who was didn't get their way.  That was the last straw.

"Okay, okay, okay!" he whispered fiercely.  Tohru's sobs became sniffles and she stared at him hopefully.  With a sigh, he relented, "I'll stay.  Just get into bed this instant, Tohru Honda."  Tohru obediently crawled over and into her bed.  She turned to him expectantly.  Shigure groaned and followed.  Oh, the pain!  This was the by far worst temptation he had ever had to face!  Being allowed to sleep next to Tohru and not being able do anything naughty...where was the fun in that?  It was torture! 

Shigure curled up beside the feverish girl and she pulled him closer.  She wrapped her arms around him and he felt her breasts against his back.  Her leg curled around him, too.  Shigure squirmed and turned around uncomfortably, but only made matters worse.  Her breasts were now in his face.  He fought down the blush and began to add number in his head.  Well, it didn't work. At all.  He resigned himself to an afternoon of endless torment.  He stared at the girl squeezing the life out of him and one optimistic thought entered his head.  At least I won't have to worry about transforming back for a while.         


"...and then the first row in the matrix is multiplied by the lowest common denominator that will make the first number in the last row become zero.  Then..."

Yuki and Kyou were trying to get through a day without their beloved Tohru. 

Yuki sat at his desk, taking notes half-heartedly.  Tohru hadn't looked well earlier that morning.  He considered stopping at his base after school and picking something for her.   No, he couldn't afford it.  The sooner he got home the better!

Kyou was thinking something along the same lines as Yuki.  Not that either of them would've admitted it.