Chapter 1:

For the first time in two months, Sydney Bristow was walking through the crowded halls of her high school. She hated returning after the holidays, but she was quite looking forward to catching up with all the gossip from the past couple of weeks. She had remained in LA for the duration of the holidays, as her parents were separated, and each had decided to concentrate on work, rather than going away. It was bad enough that her parents were separated, but they were both teachers in her school. Her mother taught English Literature, and her father was a History teacher. Being at school was the only time that Sydney ever got to see her parents under the same roof, so she was thankful in a way, that she had to attend.

Opening her locker, she could hear the people around her sharing stories about the summer holidays. She began thinking back to her own holiday, which was just as exciting as the other vacations. She had spent most of her time hanging out with all her friends and her boyfriend Danny. As they were the most popular people in the school, they were always invited to the various parties that took place over the summer. She laughed to herself, as she remembered all the fun they had. Placing her books in her locker, she heard someone clear their throat behind her.

She turned, and saw the cutest guy she had ever seen in her life. He had brown messy hair, and she couldn't believe how green his eyes were. Seeing him standing there dressed casually in jeans, and a black T-shirt, she felt as though her heart skipped a beat.

"Er...erm, hi. I was wondering if you could show me where room 15 is please?" He asked smiling at her. He spoke with what seemed like an American accent, but there was also a small hint of French in there.

"Yeah sure. I'm going that way now, so I'll show you where it is." She smiled back at him, and as she turned around, a big grin covering her face. She took out various books, and closed the door to her locker.

She walked away from the crowds and down the corridor with this mystery guy walking by her side. "I'm Sydney Bristow by the way." She said flashing another smile at him. "Michael. Michael Vaughn." He couldn't believe how nice she was being to him. He realised that she was only showing him where a room was, but he knew straight away that he liked her a lot.

" this your first day here Michael?" She asked. Some people around them were glancing their way as they walked past, probably wondering what the most popular girl in school was doing with some random guy that nobody knew.

"Yeah, I moved here at the start of the summer with my mom. And as you can probably tell, I have absolutely no idea where I am going." He laughed nervously. "What part of France are you from?" She felt silly asking all these questions, but it was a long walk to the room he was going to, and she didn't feel like walking in silence. "How did you know I was from France?" He asked, a puzzled look spreading across his face. "I'm psychic." She paused laughing. She wished that she had a camera with her, because the look on Michael's face was priceless. "No, your accent gives you away."

He blushed slightly. "Busted. We moved from Paris. It was quite strange leaving as I've lived there all my life. But hopefully living in California should be fun." They stopped outside a tall red door, labelled History. "Here we are." Sydney motioned to the door.

"Thanks. God, you wouldn't believe how nervous I am." His face looked quite worried. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. The teacher is not all the bad." She was trying her best to reassure him.

"Really? Do you know him?" "Yeah, you could say that. He's erm...he's my father." She smiled. She loved the reaction, which she got from people when they found out that Mr. Bristow was her father. They both laughed a little. "You best get inside." She said jokingly. He nodded turning to leave. Sydney began to walk away, when she stopped and turned around. "Michael?" He looked over at her. "If you ever need somebody to show you around town, come and find me, ok?" She couldn't help but smile at him. She knew that Danny would go mental if he found out that she was talking to this guy. He always gets jealous very easily. But she decided that she wouldn't let him stop her from becoming friends with this guy.

"Thanks Syd." He looked at her one last time, before entering his first lesson. She walked away from room 15 feeling just as happy as she did during the summer. No one had ever called her Syd before. But after hearing Michael say it, she decided that she liked the name a lot.