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HELPER, MUST READ FIRST: Some of you might be confused about this story so let me fill you in. This story is based on A/U so everything is in present time. Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and their father are youkai, however the world does not know. The only human let in on the family secret was Miroku and you'll find out why. They conceal them self every time they leave the house with a spell. When Inuyasha puts the spell on he looks just like his human form on the anime. His father, when concealed has long black hair and green eyes compared to Inuyasha's eyes that turn purple. Sesshomaru however only conceals his eyes, nails, markings. Being proud and arrogant he refuses to change his hair color so that's why they tell people he has a hair condition. His eyes change to blue. Inuyasha is also a hanyou in this story. Well I hope this helped you. Please enjoy this chapter. Also before every chapter there will be a song posted.

Song name:

Change The World


Opening Theme

Song By:


Romaji Lyrics.

I want to change the world

jounetsu tayasazu ni takanaru mirai e

te wo nobaseba kagayakeru hazu sa

It's wonderland


kimi no kokoro furuete'ta asu no mienai yo

nanimo shinjirarezu mimi wo fusagu

kimi ni deasta toki hontou no ibasho mitsuketa

nanigenai yasashisa ga koko ni atte

bokura mezameru

I want to change the world

nido to mayowanai kimi to iru mirai

katachi doreba doko made mo toberu sa

change my mind

jounetsu tayasazu ni shiranai ashita e

tsubasa hiroge hanabatakeru hazu sa

It's wonderland


Chapter 1

I sit here on my bed; staring at the created and dismayed moon. Every night is the same. I sit here fighting a loosing battle against sleep. Unlike other people who don't know what the dream world holds for them, I do. It's these dreams I weigh my war against. They are the cause that fuels my desire for him, always him. I love him, therefore I hate him. He is my brother, my hubris; he plagues my mind at all hours of the day and even worse at night. For at night I, like my brother and father, let our fake selves to the world melt away. Our demon features revealed inside the safety of our over sized home. My demon side makes my feelings for him that much stronger. It's hard to control my self, to deny my basic instinct, its need, but I must, it's prudent.

So here I sit, face upturned to the moon with a secret that slowly eats away at me. Is it so wrong to wish for love to replenish your own? He's all I ever wanted, but sadly the one thing I'll never get.

My eyes droop. I know I'm loosing the battle against sleep and I'll soon be dreaming about the one I hate to love. So I rest my head upon my pillow and close my eyes. His golden eyes look at me from behind my eyelids. Even before sleep he taunts me with what my dreams will hold so why hold back? As always I'll enjoy the dream and wake up hating myself for it.

-As Inuyasha drifted off to sleep. The last thought in his mind was of self hate but in his heart, he bleed for the one he calls 'brother'.-

Inuyasha woke to the whaling of his alarm clock. His clawed hand reached out for the dumfounded contraption and slapped it on the head silencing it. Cracking his eyes open to the brightly sun lit room Inuyasha groaned, the sound muffled into the pillow. He buried his face deeper into his pillow, shame written all over his face. Flashes of his dream the prier night ebbed past his tightly closed eyelids.

"Why", Inuyasha choked out into the silence of his bedroom, his voice filled with intense emotion.

A lone tear traveled from the corner of his left eye down to the slit between his lips, allowing him to taste his sorrow. His face contorted into rage at his own feelings.

Inuyasha slid out of bed with a look of deep self loathing on his face. The effects of last nights dream shone on his sheets.

"Disgusting", Inuyasha murmured to him self as he plucked the soiled sheets from his bed, placing them in the laundry to be washed.

As Inuyasha walked over to his dresser for clean cloths, he noticed his thighs felt sticky. His hand tightened on the draw handle as fresh waves of shame rippled through him. He grabbed a towel with his cloths for the day and marched out of his bedroom intending on washing away the rest of the evidence of his wet dream.

Inuyasha's room was located on the second floor of the huge one family house. At the top of the flight of stairs to the left down the end of the hall was Inuyasha's bedroom. To the right of the stairs down the same hallway was Sesshomaru's bedroom. In the middle of the hallway directly across from the stairs was the bathroom.

Inuyasha grabbed hold of the bathroom knob and was about to push it open when the door pulled back out of his hand. Standing now in the open doorway of the bathroom was Sesshomaru. He was wearing nothing but a towel rapped around his waist. His wet hair clung to his face and bare chest, the end of his silvery-white hair clinging to his rippled abs and his one exposed thigh. Droplets of water slid down his light bronzed skin. Inuyasha watched as a loan droplet of water slide down Sesshomaru's check, dropping to his chest steadily making it's way down his tight sculptured six-pack; past his belly button and finally disappearing from view under the towel at his waist.

Inuyasha loins were set on fire like hot malted rock. Larva seemed to be pumping through his veins. It took all his effort to swallow the moan in his throat that tried to pass his parted lips.

"Are you going to move anytime soon or are you going to stare at me until you snap out of your lustful state?" Sesshomaru inquired after sniffing the air.

Inuyasha snapped out of his thoughts at the words his brother spat at him.

"I wasn't checking you out you over conceited jackass, I was just thinking about a dream I had last night." Inuyasha shot back hotly.

"Oh yes, how could I forget? I could hear you moaning all the way in my room. It must have been a good dream." Sesshomaru supplied coolly as he walked by Inuyasha heading for his bedroom.

"Asshole" Inuyasha shot back silently at Sesshomaru's retreating bare back.

Inuyasha quickly marched into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. He stripped himself of his cloths and turned the shower on, adjusting the knob until steamy hot water shot out of the water spout. Then he slid the glass door back and steeped into the shower closing the door. The water came down on him like a waterfall. Droplets of hot water running rapidly down his well tone body. Everything about Inuyasha's body screamed real male.

He placed his forehead against the wall under the water spout, allowing the steamy liquid to hit his back. His beautiful silver waist length hair clung to his drenched body. His tight abs glistened and flexed with his hip movements. It was easy to say that Inuyasha was 'PURE' male.

"Why?", Inuyasha growled.

"Why do I love that asshole?"

"I'm not gay, yet he's all I want"

"Please, oh please God, take this pain away." Inuyasha hissed out while two tears mingled into the water.

Giving himself a quick washing, he shut off the water of his shower, slide the glass door open and stepped out. He dried himself quickly on a giant. fluffy, white towel and got dressed. Inuyasha departed from the bathroom twenty minutes later wearing baggy, cargo. blue jeans and a red shirt that said, "I wasn't born bad, I worked at it" in black letters on the front. He walked into his bedroom picked up a pair of socks from the floor, sniffed them to see of they were wearable and put them on.

"Man I have to do laundry" Inuyasha said as his lip curled at the very light sent of the sweaty sock.

"Being a demon sure has it's disadvantages" Inuyasha muttered to himself as he scanned his room for his blue baseball hat.

His eyes landed on the floor at the bottom of his bed, lying there was his hat. He picked his hat up, put it on and left his room down the stairs headed for the kitchen.

At the sound of the doorbell Inuyasha started to whisper a self concealing spell as he walked to the front door to answer it.

"Sotto mezameru, furikaeru, michi wo tozashi, sore dake de namida ga, bukura mezameru"

(A/N: If the wording is correct this should say...

Quietly awakening, closing off the way back, and that alone is enough, and so we awaken.)

Before opening the door Inuyasha looked into the door peep hole to see who was at the door. There on the other side of the door stood Inuyasha's best friend Miroku looking as goofy as ever in Inuyasha's opinion. Inuyasha opened the door fully and smiled at his friend.

"Hey Miroku, good to see you, come in."

Miroku smiled back at his friend taking in his appearance. He always marveled at the way Inuyasha looked in human form and demon form. The two looks clashed like night and day. Inuyasha's demon form was in it's own right beautiful. His hair a silvery-white, long claws that are unbreakable, golden sharp, cat slit eyes. He's human form was also breath taking. His hair, dark as midnight black, inhuman colored eyes a dark shade of purple. It never failed to amaze Miroku.

Miroku followed Inuyasha into the house shutting the door behind him. Walking though the pallor Miroku noticed all the windows were open in hopes of tempting a nonexistent breeze in.

"It's pretty hot for spring isn't it?" Miroku asked as he and Inuyasha walked into the kitchen for something to drink.

"I'll say, I just got out of the shower and I'm already starting to sweat. This summer is going to be a killer." Inuyasha said as he dug into the refrigerator for two cans of coke for him and Miroku to drink.

Miroku nodded in agreement as Inuyasha handed him a can of soda. Once they both took a swig of their drinks, Inuyasha led the way out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his bedroom. Miroku being the last one to walk in closed the door behind them and took a seat on Inuyasha's swiveled computer chair as Inuyasha plopped down on his bed.

"So what are we going to do this summer as soon as school lets out?" Miroku stated as he swiveled in circles on the computer chair.

"I don't know but I think my dad wants to take a Cruz to the Bahamas again" Inuyasha said as his head hit his pillow in boredom.

"Are you going to go?" Miroku asked with a yawn.

"I don't want to, my dad usually meets up with men from work and I'll be stuck wearing a penguin suit all summer." Inuyasha said resentfully.

"I think the right term for a penguin suit is a tuxedo. Besides at least your family got that kind of money to go places." Miroku bit out enviously.

"Want to trade places then?" Inuyasha said through a half grin as he threw a pillow at Miroku's head.

Miroku grabbed the pillow before it made contact with his head and threw it back at Inuyasha saying, "No way, I ratter be a bit on the poor side then get stuck with feelings like yours."

Inuyasha being caught off guard got hit in the head with his own pillow weapon.

"What do you mean by that?" Inuyasha asked Miroku as he sat up.

"Well I guess I mean the feelings you harbor for Sesshomaru." Miroku said quietly.

"I have no idea what your talking about, I'm not gay." Inuyasha bit back.

"Come on, I see the way you look at him. Every girl in school has asked you out including some gay kids and you turned them down. I know you're not gay for anyone but your brother. I know you like girls; it just so happens that you fell in love with one boy, that's all I'm saying." Miroku said calmly.

Inuyasha let the conversation end knowing he couldn't convince Miroku otherwise, either that or he didn't really want to.

Being Saturday and there was no school. Miroku and Inuyasha played PS2 all day in Inuyasha's bedroom. By late afternoon they had successfully beaten all Inuyasha's new games and re-beaten a quarter of his old games and that's saying a lot. Around 6:00 o'clock they called it quiets and headed down stairs for a very late lunch.

"Ah, my ass is killing me and my thumbs feel like their going to fall off." Inuyasha said as he and Miroku walked into the kitchen hunched over.

Unfortunately for them Sesshomaru heard their conversation with his demon hearing.

"Why Inuyasha I never thought I'd see the day you would be broken in like a fairy. I was sure you were a ladies man, then again you should never judge a book by its cover." Sesshomaru said as the two walked into the kitchen.

Miroku finding a funny opportunity smacked Inuyasha on the ass and said, "Next time you want to join in Sesshomaru you know where your brother's bedroom is."

Sesshomaru smirked at Miroku's joke and decided to play one of his own. He walked across the kitchen to where the two stood. Then without warning, he rapped his arms around Inuyasha's neck pulling Inuyasha up against himself. He lowered his mouth to Inuyasha's ear and whispered...

"I look forward to that invitation..." Sesshomaru then proceeded to trace the tip of his tongue over the shell of Inuyasha's ear and added, "Inuyasha" in a light moan.

Placing a light kiss on his brother's check he released him and walked out of the kitchen, disappearing up stairs into his bedroom.

Inuyasha's feet seemed to be glued where he stood. His heart was running a marathon. His thighs throbbed with a fearsome heat. If a comet hit his house at that moment Inuyasha knew he could die happy.

Miroku seeing Inuyasha's state waved a hand in front of Inuyasha's face to see if he had died while standing up.

"Nope still alive, I was sure that stunt would have killed him."

Inuyasha was so out of it his new concealing spell he was trying to master melted away leaving him standing in his true form. Finally coming to his senesces Inuyasha walked out of the kitchen and into pallor, then dropped himself down on the couch.

"That bastard" Inuyasha muttered as he turned the TV on and started to flick through the channels.

Miroku soon followed suit and sat down on the couch. They watched some MTV, then some sports on ESPN. Soon the sun drifted from the sky to be replaced by the moon once again. With half lidded eyes Inuyasha looked up at the clock over the TV and saw it read, 11:00 o'clock. Inuyasha then turned left to see Miroku was already a sleep.

"He should just sleep over," Inuyasha said softly and closed his eyes to follow suit.

Twenty minutes later Inuyasha woke to someone pushing him awake. He cracked his eyes open and growled low in his throat. Inuyasha being half youkai the growl was meant as a warning. Inuyasha's eyes seemed to be glossed over he couldn't make out the person standing in front of him in the darkened room which was lit only by the light of the TV. The man gave a low growl back to Inuyasha that made the hair on the back of Inuyasha's neck stand on end. It was an authority growl which could come from no one else but his father.

"Sit up Inuyasha I want to speak to you before you go to bed." Inuyasha's father said in a mild voice.

Inuyasha sat up and looked up at the clock that now read 11:27 PM. He looked over to where Miroku should have been and noticed he was gone. Inuyasha's father noticed the questioned look on his son's face and said, "I woke Miroku up to ask if he wanted to sleep over. When he saw the time he declined and said goodnight and dashed home. He said something like being on punishment for going home so late with out a phone call home."

Inuyasha nodded at once and stood up to follow his father into the brightly lit kitchen. Inuyasha's golden eyes constricted from the sudden light. He hissed and turned off the kitchen light leaving his father and himself in darkness. He took a seat and so did his father. Then his father gave a high volume growl from the depths of his chest. Moments later footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs into the dark kitchen.

"You called father" Sesshomaru said with boredom as he took a seat across from Inuyasha.

The three sat at the kitchen table in the dark clearly being able to see fine. Through an open kitchen window a light wind blew in ruffling all three's long silvery hair. The moon light reflected off their golden eyes.

"Well I woke both of you up to inform you of the summer situation," Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's father said.

Inuyasha cut him off and said groggily, "But school doesn't end for another week and a half."

Their father cleared his throat and began again.

"This summer I will be traveling to the States to be with someone who is special to me. Before you two ask, yes it is a women. I started dating her three months ago. She is the first women I have feelings for since Inuyasha's mother died." He cleared his throat before continuing.

"She is also a fox youkai which means we don't have to hide who we are to her. So I'll be leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be gone all summer so that means you two will be on your own. Seeing as Inuyasha is only seventeen and you Sesshomaru are twenty I feel I can leave you two guys home alone. However Sesshomaru you are going to be the head of the house when I go. I in trust you one of the cars and the house keys. You are to watch Inuyasha and take care of him."

Inuyasha cut his father off from continuing his speech and said, "I don't need a baby sitter I can take care of my self, besides Sesshomaru has summer college classes."

"Well I'll just have to cancel them then won't I." Sesshomaru replied calmly

"Yes we all know what happened last time Inuyasha was left home alone for a week by himself. You were thirteen and let Miroku sleep over and when he woke up he seen you in your demon form and learned about our family," Their father cut in.

"Well it was for the best any ways," Inuyasha said trying to defend him self.

"Indeed" Sesshomaru cut in smartly.

"Whatever Sesshomaru," Inuyasha snapped back.

"Anyway" their father continued.

"The rules are this. Sesshomaru and you Inuyasha are not to sleep out I don't want the house vacant or Inuyasha left alone. Inuyasha you know Miroku is the only one aloud in the house when I'm not home. He had already known about us for ages so it's fine for him to visit. Don't wreck the house while I'm away, if you do I'll kill the both of you. No girls in the house because I don't trust either of you."

Inuyasha closed off his mind to the rest of his father's speech. It was the same every time but this time their was no baby sitter. Well not an aunt or an uncle one. No, for the first time Inuyasha was going to be stuck with Sesshomaru. Hope and despair filled Inuyasha at this thought. For the first time in his teenage life he was afraid of the unknown and of his situation at home. A even scarier thought past Inuyasha's mind.

'What will happen when I go into heat this summer'

Now that Inuyasha was seventeen his body will start to go into heat one or two times a month until he finds a mate. Some inu-youkai are known to go into heat once a week. Panic started to seize Inuyasha, 'what am I going to do if I can't sleep over Miroku's house?' Inuyasha thought.

Humans don't go into heat nor can they smell it and even if a youkai or in Inuyasha's case hanyou are in heat their bodies don't react around human males. So Miroku's house would be the perfect place to spend those nights. The only ones that lived at Miroku's house were Miroku, his sister Rin, and his parents. Youkai blood seeks out a mate who possess a strong blood line and soul compatibility so Inuyasha didn't have to worrier about being around Miroku's mom or Miroku himself.

Inuyasha went to bed that night feeling very uneasy. He worried him self to sleep. Afraid and excited about what the future would bring.

End Chapter

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