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Song Name: Naked

Song Description: First CD dabute.

Song By: Avril Lavigne


I wake up in the morning

Put on my face

The one that's gonna get me

Through another day

Doesn't really matter

How I feel inside

This life is like a game sometimes

Then you came around me

The walls just disappeared

Nothing to surround me

Keep me from my fears

I'm unprotected

See how I've opened up, oh

You've made me trust

Cuz’ I've never felt like this before

I'm naked around you

Does it show?

You see right through me

And I can't hide

I'm naked around you

And it feels so right

I'm trying to remember

Why I was afraid

To be myself

And let the covers fall away

Guess I never had someone like you

To help me fit in my skin

I'm naked around you

Does it show

I'm naked around you

I'm so naked around you

And I can't hide

You're gonna see right through baby


Last Time:

"Don't you realize..." Inuyasha started, catching Sesshomaru's full attention and looking him right in the eyes.

"Don't you know... nothing compares to you?" Tears were pouring down his cheeks but Inuyasha didn't care.

"God, nothing can ever compare to you," Inuyasha took a big breath and continued. "I love you Sesshomaru. I love you so much that it hurts."

Sesshomaru didn't know what to say. What could he say? Inuyasha was telling him everything he wanted to hear. There, Inuyasha stood, pouring out his heart. Here stood his brother drenched from the rain, pale and tired looking, telling him that he loved him. To Sesshomaru, Inuyasha never looked more beautiful.

"Please..." Inuyasha whispered through his trembling lips. "Please say you love me... that you need me... and... that you want me," Inuyasha walked up to the Sesshomaru wrapping his shaking arms around him. He leaned up to press his chilled lips on Sesshomaru's warm ones.



Flames of Purgatory

Chapter: 18

Inuyasha stared Sesshomaru directly in the eyes. It was now or never. He had laid his cards on the table and it was up to Sesshomaru on what to do with them. Sesshomaru was silent. Lightening flashed outside and the rain came down harder, the wind howled at the moon, breaking the silence. Sesshomaru pulled Inuyasha up against him tightly and into his dorm room. He pushed Inuyasha up against the closed door never breaking eye contact. His right hand slid Inuyasha's side causing the hanyou to shiver. Sesshomaru's hand continued down his brother’s side until he reached Inuyasha's hipbone. He gave it a squeeze and then leaned forward to lock the door. Inuyasha swallowed hard.

Sesshomaru's hands moved up from the back of Inuyasha's thighs to his ass and without warning pulled Inuyasha up so the hanyou had to wrap his legs around his waist. Sesshomaru wrapped his arms tightly around Inuyasha's hips and buried his face in the crock of his neck. He breathed in deeply. God, how he had missed this scent. He craved it, he craved his brother in every way possible and tonight he would prove it to Inuyasha. Not with words but with his body. He was never one with words, but he knew tonight he would have to tell Inuyasha what he so longed to hear.

With Inuyasha pressed up against him and his legs wrapped around his waist, Sesshomaru walked over to his bed and lowered his brother down on the pillows and climbed in between his legs. He never once broke eye contact for if he did, he felt like he would be blown away by the howling wind.

"Sesshomaru, please..." Inuyasha said with begging eyes. Sesshomaru knew what his brother wanted.

Sesshomaru allowed all the barriers around his cold heart to melt away. For the first time he willingly allowed someone to see the real him that lay hidden beneath his mask of indifference. His emotions were set free to form on his face and twinkle in his eyes. All his uncertainty, sadness and happiness were graced on his face. Through his eyes he portrayed all the love that he had harbored for his brother. His unshed tears were set free and leaked down his face. Inuyasha was stunned into silence.

"I am not always strong as you like to believe," Sesshomaru began, placing a finger on Inuyasha's lips when he was about to speak. Sesshomaru continued.

"I am no where near perfect and I have a temper that could rival all the demons in hell. I am bound to say hurtful things to you in the future that I don't mean. I am not good with words and expressing my feelings. I am arrogant and believe I can do everything myself. I get jealous easily and I know I can never stop fighting with you," Sesshomaru paused to catch his unsteady breath.

"But if you can still except all my flaws and still want to be with me, you'll make me the happiest man alive," Sesshomaru said, tears still streaming down his porcelain cheeks.

"Will you still have me, Inuyasha?" His voice cracked from the emotion bubbling in his throat.

Inuyasha was choked by emotion. He had been waiting for this moment all of his life. His heart swelled and tears of joy mingled with the ones on his cheek from Sesshomaru.

"I accept," Inuyasha managed to croak out.

Sesshomaru pressed his lips against Inuyasha and kissed him sweetly. His hands were roaming all over Inuyasha. It was totally different from the first time. This time they both were free from the restraints of their emotions. They were like birds set free from their self-built cages. Sesshomaru's tongue caressed Inuyasha hot wet tongue. Sesshomaru's hands played with his brother’s chest and sides. Inuyasha grabbed fistfuls of Sesshomaru's hair moaning into Sesshomaru's hot cavern.

This is what heaven taste like.

Soon, both were undressed. Their hot bodies pressed together in such an erotic way. Sesshomaru kissed Inuyasha's brows, cheeks, nose, jaw, and told him to relax. Inuyasha did as he was told. When Sesshomaru entered him there was slight pain but nothing compared to the happiness that swelled in Inuyasha's heart. It was magical. It was a paradise made for the two alone. Moans sounded throughout the room mingling with the sound of the pouring rain outside. When both brothers climaxed a bolt of lightening cracked out side covering their screams of ecstasy.

Sesshomaru laid beside his brother with Inuyasha's head on his chest. Their breathing coming out in heaves and huffs. They lay spent in each other’s arms listening to the rain. Before Inuyasha fell asleep he heard the three words he longed to hear.

"I love you," Sesshomaru said and kissed Inuyasha's temple.

"I love you too," Inuyasha said as his eyes closed and sleep took him. All the while he had a smile plastered on his face.


Sango sat at the back of the public library, reading a romance novel and relishing the silence that enveloped her. The book reminder her of her situation concerning Miroku and herself. As she finished up the last chapter she sighed and slumped in her chair. A quick look at the watch on her wrist told her it was a little pass nine at night. She closed the old dusted book and placed it on the table in front of her. She had spent the whole day reading at the library. The lights were dimmed and a slight smell of dust and yellowed paper wafted in the air. The sound of rain outside echoed through the old, historical building.

With another sigh, Sango stood up from the creaky old wooden chair that looked just as old as the library, picked up the books she wanted to check out and headed for the front desk. The clerk at the front desk waited patiently while Sango got her library card out and offered to put the books in a plastic bag so they wouldn't get wet from the rain outside. Sango thanked the old lady and grabbed the bag with her three books in it. She walked to the libraries front entrance and took out her umbrella and popped it up and stepped out the front door into the pelting rain. The rain was coming down full force, hammering against the top of her umbrella. The rain that splattered on the ground with such velocity, bounced up soaking her jeans.

Sango made a dash for it through the puddles towards the bus stop. Halfway across the library campus she could faintly hear someone calling her name over the falling rain. She stopped in her tracks and looked around but the rain made it hard to see. Then, in the distance she could make out a shadowy figure running towards her. She squinted her eyes in hopes of seeing who was approaching her. To her surprise it was Miroku.

Miroku was soaking wet as he ran up to Sango and stood under the slight protection of her umbrella. The rain could truly be unmerciful.

"What are you doing here? You're soaking wet!" Sango exclaimed.

"I called your house and your mother said you were still at the library. I came as soon as I could so I wouldn't miss you," Miroku replied with a silly grin on his face. He came to see Sango for a reason. It was time to give in and ask Sango out.

"How did you get here?" Sango said scolding but couldn't keep the smile that lit up her face at seeing him.

"I ran," Miroku said sheepishly. Sango narrowed her eyes at his stupidity and told him to dash with her to the bus stop. They didn't have to wait long for the bus to arrive. They climbed aboard and sat together at the back of the bus. The little light that the bus provided allowed Sango to see how drenched Miroku really was.

Strands of hair were lose from his ponytail. His clothes stuck to him like a second skin. He was clad in only a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that was covered with a black hoody. Droplets of water cascaded down over all his exposed skin. She watched two lone droplets of water drop from Miroku's lips giving her the urge to kiss him and lap the water up. Sango pushed her heated thoughts to the back of her mind and focused on a new topic. How was Miroku going to get home in this weather? The bus that they were on would let them off a street before his on her street and he had no umbrella or jacket.

"Miroku, how are you getting home?"

"Well, I am going to walk you to your house and then walk home,"

"But you have no jacket and or umbrella" Sango said pointing out the obvious.

"It's ok, I'm not going to get sick," Miroku said. No sooner was that said he let out a huge sneeze and cough. Sango gave him a look like, ˜This is what I am talking about.'

"Maybe I spoke too soon," Miroku said with a grin.

"Listen, I'll walk you to your house seeing as how I have an umbrella. You can get changed and if you still want to, you can walk me home."

"Are you sure?" Miroku asked. He didn't want Sango going out of her way seeing as how he was the one to put himself in this predicament. However, it did give him an opportunity to pose his question to her.

"Of course. I don't mind at all."

They got off at the next stop and they both hid under the umbrella while running towards Miroku's house. All the way there they laughed and got drenched by the puddles that formed themselves on the streets and sidewalks.

Once they reached their destination, Miroku fumbled with his keys and unlocked the door, both of them dashed inside. The house was quiet so Miroku called out to see if anyone was home. He walked into the living room with Sango in toe and caught sight of a note left by the phone.


Rin got stuck at the retreat she was going to.

Your father and I have left to go pick her up in

this awful weather. If it gets really bad we are

going to stay in a hotel instead of risking coming



Mom and Dad.

"Where is everyone?" Sango asked while glancing around.

"My mom and dad had to go pick my sister up at one of the conventions she goes to. They might not be back tonight if the weather stays like this," Miroku said, turning to face Sango. It was only then did he see how wet both of them had got regardless of the umbrella. "It seems we got pretty wet."

Sango looked down at herself and realized that she was indeed soaking wet. She started to shiver where she stood.

"Come on. We both need to change out of these clothes before we catch a cold," Miroku led Sango to his bedroom. Once there he searched his closet for clothes and to his dismay realized he needed to do some serious laundry. A gasp from Sango caused him to turn around.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't find my keys. I think I left them at the library on the desk I was sitting at," Sango said shakily.

"Don't worry about it, someone is bound to be home at your house. Just give them a call," Miroku suggested trying to calm Sango down.

"Good idea," Sango said getting her nerves under control.

Miroku handed Sango the cordless phone from the nightstand by his bed. Sango quickly dialed her home phone number. She let it ring and ring. She gave a nervous glance to Miroku when no one answered after the tenth ring and the answer machine picked up. Before Sango could leave a message, lightening struck outside and the phone line went dead. Sango jumped at the sound and hung up the phone, handing it back to Miroku. He hung it up and gave Sango a questioning look.

"No one answered and the line went dead," Sango said crest fallen.

Miroku sighed and ran a hand over his hair stopping to fiddle with his ponytail. There would be no point in braving the thunderstorm all the way to Sango's house if there was nobody there. If Sango hadn't lost her keys then the situation would be slightly different. However, the summer tropical storm was picking up and it wouldn't be safe for them to try and walk or drive to Sango's house.

"Look Sango, you're just going to have to stay here for the night. It would be foolish to trying to get home in this weather, not to mention it doesn't seem like anyone is home at your house and you don't have your house key. I can give you some clothes to change into and we can set up sleeping arrangements," Miroku said levelheaded. It was the best they could do in this kind of situation.

There was nothing for Sango to say. It was pointless to try and argue; besides, Miroku was her friend so it would be okay to stay the night. However, Sango couldn't dispel the evil cannibalistic butterflies that seem to be eating away the bottom of her stomach. Why was she so nervous? Was it because they were alone? A shiver ran down her spine. Many un-lady like thoughts fluttered through her mind.

"You're right. I'm pretty sure my parents would agree," Sango said, facing Miroku with an almost non-existent blush. All the while thanking heaven for not allowing humans to read minds. If Miroku could read her mind she would die of embarrassment.

Miroku smiled at Sango and walked back over to his closet. Once again his inner thoughts complained about the lack of clean clothes. He took out two pairs of boxers; one red one black and two T-shirts; one blue and one white and held them out for Sango to see. Sango took the hint and chose the red boxers with the white shirt leaving Miroku with the black boxers and the blue T-shirt.

"Do you want to take a shower?" Miroku asked politely.

"No, But I would like a towel to dry off with."

"I got it covered," Miroku said he put his clothes down on the bed and then disappeared into the bathroom that connected to his bedroom. He came back with a big towel and a hair drier. Sango smiled at him in thanks.

"I am going to go take a shower. If you need anything just ask okay?" Miroku said. Before Sango could answer a load crack of thunder streaked across the sky cutting off all the power in the house. Sango screamed and latched her self onto Miroku, hugging him close with her arms around his waist and her face buried in the crook of his neck.

"Shh. It's okay, Sango. It's just a bit of light that's all," Miroku said to the startled girl. He went to pry himself away from her but she only tightened her grip. Realization dawned on him. "Sango, are you afraid of the thunder?"

Sango stayed quiet for a moment and then answered with a small voice, "Yes."

Miroku sighed, "I figured as much. I guess it can't be helped," Before Sango could questioned what he meant he pulled her into the bathroom and closed the door. He lit a few candles on the sink and told her to turn around. She did so but still was confused. Her confusion cleared up when she heard the shower being turned on.

"Miroku, what are you doing!" Sango said in slight panic.

"I am going to take a shower and I figured you wouldn't want to be left alone," Miroku said while he got undressed. Sango quickly closed the toilet lid and sat down with her eyes squeezed tightly closed and her hands covering them for good measure. Miroku couldn't help but let out a little laugh at her actions. Once fully undressed he pulled the shower curtain open stepping inside and closing it once more. "You can look now Sango," Miroku called out.

Sango allowed her hands to slowly slide down and her eyes to crack open. She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding when she realized he was shielded by the curtain. Her composure didn't last long as she heard the sound of water hitting skin and splashing against the bottom of the bathtub. Her face turned red as she imagined the water leaking down Miroku's toned body and how his hands must be running over his body as he washed up. Her face turned crimson red and she crossed her legs in embarrassment.

'What is happening to me? I've become a pervert,' Sango thought to herself in mortification.

Once Miroku was finished he turned off the water and warned Sango that he was stepping out. Sango clapped her hands over her eyes like before. Miroku got out and wrapped a white towel around his waist. "Okay, Sango."

Sango removed her hands and wished she didn't. The sight before her was hypnotizing. Droplets of excess water leaked down his chest and toned abs disappearing under the white towel. His hair was unbound and framed his face tickling his shoulders. Sango was practically drooling and foaming from the mouth. The sight was intoxicating.

"You ok Sango? Your face is all red," Miroku said, tilting his head to the side in question.

"I'm fi-fi-fine," Sango stuttered out.

"Well, okay. I forgot my clothes on the bed so I am going to get dressed in my room," Miroku didn't wait for an answer as he walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind him. It opened a second latter. "Here, you should get dressed in here while I get dressed in my room. When you're done, just come out, okay?" Sango nodded her head and the bathroom door closed once again.

Sango took off her soggy clothes with some difficulty because they were glued to her skin. She quickly dried off with a towel and got dressed in the red boxers and white T-shit provided by Miroku. With the pile of clothes handed to her, Miroku also gave her the hair drier. She took the time to dry her hair and then used Miroku's discarded hair-tie to put her hair up in a ponytail. She hung her clothes up so they could dry and knocked on the bedroom door to see if Miroku had finished dressing.

"Come in," Miroku called out.

Sango entered his room and sighed in relief in seeing that Miroku was dressed. It still made her blush to think that he was only in his boxers and she was in the under wear she borrowed from him. She tried to tell her mind to think of his boxers as shorts but it wasn't cutting it. Her mind was in pervert over-drive and the breaks weren't working.

Lightening sounded again causing Sango to fly across the room and once again latch onto Miroku. Embarrassed with herself again, Sango quickly let go and sat down on Miroku's bed looking down at the carpet. Miroku gave a slight smile before he spoke.

"Are you hungry Sango?"

"No," Sango said with a small voice.

"Do you want something to drink?" Miroku continued.


"Are you ready for bed?" Miroku asked thinking that maybe she was tired.

Sango couldn't stop the blush that spread onto her face and the squeak that escaped her. Her perverted mind had translated Miroku's innocent question into "Are you ready to have sex?." Sango composed herself quickly. "Yes. I am kind of tired."

"Okay. Well you can either sleep in my sisters room so you can have a bed, or you can sleep on the couch down stairs, or I can sleep on the couch down stairs and you can have my bed," Miroku listed off the possible sleeping arrangements.

Sango blushed again. She didn't want to sleep alone because she was afraid of the thunder. Miroku seemed to be able to read her mind and spoke up. "How about you sleep in my bed and I take the floor?" Miroku suggested trying to make Sango feel comfortable.

"Oh no, I couldn't make you sleep on the floor in your own house! I would feel awful. Besides, you sounded like you were going to catch a cold while we were on the bus so sleeping on the floor for you is out of the question," Sango said with a light blush still staining her cheeks. "I'll sleep on the floor and you take the bed,"

"No way. There is no way I would let a girl sleep on the floor. Besides you could catch a cold just as easily as me," Miroku interjected. "Let's sleep together," Miroku said with a wiggle of his eyebrows just playing around. Sango blushed and looked back down at the floor. Miroku's smile quickly vanished and he swallowed hard. Sango couldn't be thinking what he thought she was, could she?

"Sango you know I was only kidding..." Miroku tailed off.

"I wouldn't mind. I mean, we are friends right?" Sango said with a small voice. "I can understand if you don't want to,"

"No, I do," Miroku said a little fast. Hell, he wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Sango in the least. In fact he wanted to do more then just share a bed. "I don't mind if you don't."

Silence rang in the room only being broken by the rain still pouring out side.

"Fine, then it is settled," Sango said while looking up at Miroku.

"Fine," Miroku said back for conformation. He laid down on the bed and Sango followed, both quickly got under the blankets. They lay staring at the ceiling in silence. Both were too antsy to fall asleep.

The two let the rain loll them to sleep. The covers were warm and both could feel each other’s body warmth. Soon the two feel asleep. Sometime in the middle of the night Sango had latched onto Miroku's side with her head on his chest. Miroku's arm wrapped around Sango's waist and he pulled her tighter to him.



(End Chapter )

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