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Touya was sitting on the couch "reading" a book. He was actually just staring at the book, he'd been on the same page for a while now.

Chuu, Jin, and Rinku were staring at him from the other side of the room.

"Do you think he knows we're here?" asked Rinku

"Naw. Niggen Books are supposed to take you to another world. Wherever you wanta go." Answered Chuu

"Whys it takin him so long to turn the page?" Asked Chuu

"I don't think he's reading. He must've blanked out." answered Rinku.

They crept over and were about four feet away from the couch.


"Ask'em sumtin"


Rinku and Chuu looked at Jin.

"We're talking to you Jin." informed Rinku.

"Me? Why me? He'll hate me! I mean, he's probly meditating or somethin." said Jin "fine. I'll poke him."

Jin walked over to Touya not noticing the other two had run off. He Gently poked Touya at the side of the rib. Touya immediately giggled and blinked. That was soon over when he looked at Jin with a surprised look on his face. The kind that has "What the-!" written all over it.

"Touya?" Jin asked. "You've been staring at the same page for over a hour."

"Oh..." Touya said glancing at the page. "Must've zoned out."

He marked the page and closed the book.

It was a ordinary book. No more then about 140 pages. The title was hard to pronounce, "Deserprex". It had a drawn mouse with large ears and a needle tied around it's waist by red thread.

(A/N do not own Deserprex, but recommend it to all who like to read books and not just manga. American-written adventures aren't so bad)

"Is that the only reason you poked me?" Touya asked.

"Well if you kept your eyes open any longer you'd forget howta clos'em." Jin responded.

They sat quiet for about 35seconds.

"Touya," Jin asked still staring into space, "Did you just laugh when I poked you?"

Touya kind of jumped at that remark. He had a shocked look on his face.

"umm..." Touya started, "Why??"

"Just seeing. The way you reacted, I would have thought you were ticklish."

Touya's eyes got big and he blushed a little. Then he looked at his feet.

He paused.

"...I am." he whispered.

Jin looked at Touya in confusion.

"For real???"

Touya nodded.


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