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"Not only that. He's left." said Chuu.

"He's left? Where to?" asked Jin.

"Dunno. He didn't say 'nething." replied Chuu.

"He'll be back, unless he found a better place." commented Shishi.

"Shishi!" scolded Rinku while elbowing Shishi.

"I'm gonna go look for him." said Jin.

"I'm going too!" added Rinku.

"Your Heads." commented Shishi.

With that Rinku and Jin left to find Touya.


Touya was walking through the forest. Not really going anywhere in particular, just walking.

He found a path and started walking along it. He herd footsteps behind him.

He turned around, expecting someone, or something, to attack him, but it was not that at all, it was Yusuke.

"So it was you!" said Yusuke, "It looked like you fro the back of your head but I didn't want to walk up to a stranger or something."

"What are you doing here?" asked Touya.

"Camping. Kuwabara and Kurama and Hiei are here too. Along with Botan. Her Idea. Why are you here?"

"I live here."

"In the trees?"

"In a house."

"Really? Where?"

"Somewhere in the middle of the woods."

"Show me!"

"I'm kinda running away."

"Oh. Well, I'm kinda lost."


Rinku and Jin found themselves at Botan's campsite.

"So where's Urameshi?" asked Jin.

"He went to get firewood 3 hours ago and never came back." said Botan concerned.

They herd rustling leaves. It was Touya and Yusuke.

Just Touya's Luck(sarcastically of course).

"Touya!" said Jin and Rinku

"Yusuke!" said The Team.

So They all stayed and got drunk except for Touya, Hiei and Kurama because they are smart people, and Demons.

"C'mon Icy...Just one drink....." said Jin Trying to get Touya drunk.

"Icy?" said Yusuke "Touya do you two give each other Nicknames? What do you call him? Windy? Breezy? Easy?"

"Easy? You're drunk aren't you?" commented Touya.

"He's the easy one." said Jin, "He's Ticklish."

"Jin!" scolded Touya.

"Really?" Asked Yusuke Tickling Touya on the ribs.

And of course Touya giggled.

Everyone soon passed out.

Suzuki, Chuu, and Shishi Found everyone and brought them into the house.

The next morning almost everyone was sick. They stayed where they slept with buckets everywhere.

Suzuki and Shishi had been drinking as well. That left Touya and Kurama to care for everyone. Hiei had left.

Everyone remembered what happened last night. But nobody brought it up. Now it seemed like Yesterdays news. Nobody cared anymore.

"Nothing big. I suppose it's a fact. Paler the skin the more ticklish you are." said Kuwabara.

"How is that?" asked Botan.

"I think the oaf is right." commented Rinku

"How so?" asked Botan.

"Well if your skin is pale that makes it sensitive," said Rinku, "If your skin is sensitive it's--"



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