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Tea reads the note aloud:

Letter: "This device allows you to travel anywhere within the dimensions programmed. Use this to catch those villains. However, they will not dimension skip yet, for they have to collect enough power for the batteries to work. Luckily, this little device only requires 1AA battery for every 5 dimension skips (however, it has a recharagable internal battery... the adaptor is inside). Use the search button, or punch in the coordinates (though I would suggest heavily against the latter), then put it on the ground. Jump inside the capsule, and buckle up."

Yugi: This sounds suspicious.

Voice: Indeed it is, and I would be more than willing to help.

Tristan: Who is it?

Voice: No one ever calls me by my true name, but I can say that my nickname is FlameBrain.

Tristan: What an odd nickname, why do they call you that?


Tristan: No, sorry, I just figured out why they call you that.

FlameBrain: So anyway, I heard these duelists stole your god cards?

Yugi: And the Millenium Items!

FlameBrain: Do you think you are duelist enough to withstand them?

Tristan: You bet!

FlameBrain: Then duel me, and we shall see.

Tristan: Is this a challenge?

Tea: Let me duel, because I have never dueled with this deck before.

FlameBrain: Be as it may. I shall use my testing deck. This deck shows the skills of the opposing duelist. If you beat it, then you have some chance against these goons.

Tea: This is my newest deck. I hope you enjoy it, because when we duel, you will not be enjoying it much longer.

FlameBrain: Be as it may, you will lose.

Tea: Don't be so sure!

FlameBrain: Oh, but I am, my dear friend. For this is only the testing deck... You would never be able to beat my ultimate deck.

Tea: Yes, I can.

FlameBrain: Do I sense a challenge?

Tea: Yes, and I challenge your ultimate deck.

FlameBrain: If you wish. But I warn you...

Tea: Warn me all you want, you better buckle up, because I have had my share of dueling, and watching Yugi duel. I think I know when I am outmatched.

FlameBrain: If you challenged me, then you obviously don't.

Tea: Poor fool! You don't know what you are up against.

FlameBrain: You shall see how pathetic monsters really are. Never depend on monsters when you have strong magic and traps to do all the damage.

Tea: No monsters? You really are off your rocker! I really hope you're worth my time.

FlameBrain: If so, we shall duel!

8000 LP, RB rules, FlameBrain's side

FlameBrain: Ladies First... go, and lose...

Tea: I'll win! With pleasure of shutting you mouth up! And I have just the cards I need... all I need is luck for 3 more cards of this combo I put one card face down play Card Destruction which destroys our hand and let's us draw cards equal to what we discarded.

FlameBrain: I'm not stupid... just bored of this duel.

Tea: Sure, whatever... I'll end my turn. (5 cards in hand and 8000 LP)

FB (to himself): Why card destroy on the first turn? (draws card)

FB: I play 5 cards face down and end my turn. (1 card in hand, 8000 LP)

Tea: Time to lose a large chunk of your Life Points. I play Ookazi and Final Flame.

FB: 6600 LP

Tea: I play Premature Burial to revive my Sanga of the Thunder.

Flame: How interesting!

Tea: That's not all! I play monster reborn to revive my Suijin.

Flame: Yeah, and now what?

Tea: You'll see... I flip my Face Down trap... call of the haunted... to revive Kazejin

Flame: (cough)boring(cough)

Tea: Yeah, laugh while you can... for my special summon this turn, I tribute all three of these monsters to summon: Gate Guardian!

Flame: Holy Crap!

Tea: Scared yet?

Flame: Not really! I flip Bad Reaction to Simochi, Solemn Wishes, and Ominous Fortune-telling

Tea: So? I end my turn (1 card in hand, 7200 LP)

Flame: My turn! (draws)

Flame (to himself): This better work!

Flame: First, Ominous let's me guess a random card in your hand... guess right, and you lose 700 LP... and I guess monster!

Tea: Here, look at it. (It's Swords of Revealing Light!)

Flame: Wonderful! I flip my other f/d card... Dian Keto the Cure Master. I then end my turn! (2 cards in hand, 6600 LP)

Tea: I play Pot of Greed!

Tea: Okay! I play Petit Moth, and equip it with Cocoon of Evolution! I then Play Swords of Revealing Light! End turn (0 cards in hand, 7200 LP)

Flame: Darn, you have no cards in hand draws... End turn (3 cards in hand, 6600 LP)

2 turns pass... last turn for swords

Tea: I play Giant Trunade, and re-play my swords of Revealing Light. End Turn (2 cards in hand, 7200 LP)

Flame: DAMN! I can't lose! draws YES! I play Snatch Steal, which allows me to take control of your only monster... gate guardian!

Tea: No!

Flame: I forgot about swords... you're lucky!

Tea: Ha, end turn?

Flame: Yes. (4 cards in hand, 6600 LP)

Tea: One more turn, and my moth will live!

turns pass, and FB guesses right with ominous fortune

Tea: Time for my Moth to Appear! Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth! And Now, I play a card Facedown... end turn. (4 cards in hand, 4500 LP)

Flame: Here we go! I guess magic (guesses right) Gate Guardian ATTACK!

Tea: Not so fast! I play Shadow Spell...

Flame: NO!... I end turn

Tea: PERFECTLY ULTIMATE GREAT MOTH! Attack his Gate Guardian! FB goes to 5900 LP End turn (2800 LP, 5 cards in hand)

Flame: CRAP! NO! Okay, calm down draws... Perfect! I play Dark Hole!

Tea: Whoop-te-Do!

Flame: Not all, I play Monster Reborn to Revive your Gate Guardian, and attack your Life Points Directly! ENDING THE GAME!

Tea: NO! How can I lose?

Flame: Gee, and I held back... I thought you had a chance!

Tea: Well, I didn't

Yugi and Tristan watch duel

Yugi: That was a good duel. I was impressed

Tristan: Yeah! Impressive Combos and imagine... no monsters! Truly astounding!

Tea walks in, head hung in defeat

Tea: Hello guys, I suppose you watched?

Yugi: You were great... you caught him by surprise with your Gate Guardian combo! Where did you get that card?

Tea: Ah, I found it on the ground... along with 3 blue-eyes and a polymerization.

Flame: I dropped them! Does the polymerization have a scratch on the back? As well as the Blue-Eyes?

Tea: Yeah, they did!

Flame: They're mine!

Yugi: How could you have them, if only Kaiba has them.

Flame: It's a long story

Tristan: We have all the time in the world!

and flame explains his story to everyone


A voice: Yugi, Yugi! Help Me! Together we must defeat Evil! I can't do it alone! Please, i need help!