Teknoman : Fear Style

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MTV owns fear!!!!

Tina: Where am I, and why is Slade sleeping on my arm?

She looks over to see Ringo , drooling in his sleep.

Jamison ( sleeping) : No don't hurt me. No onegai . I promise to be good . Ah no anything but the pink bunny suit.

Tina: okaaaaayyyyyy yeah someone has issues.

The room was becoming somewhat more murky, as the sunset sank below the horizon. Crimson had shone in the sunset's rays signaling a foreboding night.

Star: Tina you awake?

Tina: Duh, What happened last night ?

Star: I have no freaking clue, but we get to wake everybody up though.

Tina and Star stood up and glanced around the room to size it up. It was huge enough to hold 50 people, and there was a huge kitchen. Not to mention bunks and camping supplies. When completing their search a computer terminal came into view. Both girls ran their way toward it.

Computer Terminal: Hello and welcome to fear. For the next five days you will investigate Boggy Creek in Alabama. This is where a creature, Big Foot has been sited most recently wandering around the area. Your objective is find out whether or not the creature exists.

Star: What the hell? Investigate a mythical creature my ass. Is this some sort of really bad joke.

Tina : Give me a freaking alien invasion any day, but mythical creature HELL NO. Just NO.

Slowly but surely the others began getting up. One person caught Star's eye suspiciously. Then it struck her.

Star : HOLY SHITTTTT!!!!!!

She darted away from the computer terminal and tackled the man to the ground. For a while their was a power struggle. Then the other team members saw this and held the two apart. Tina then flicked on the primary lights, and to her dismay her eyes met crimson. Followed by emerald meeting the crimson.

Saber and Slade: What the hell are you doing here!!!!!??????? When I get my hands on you! Stop doing that . This is really beginning to be a pain in the ass.

Saber : Knock it off ass wipe.

Slade: Takes one to know one.

Saber : Keeping talking and my foot and your ass will meet.

Slade: Bring it on. Lets see if you can actually fight your own battles instead of sending somebody in your place.

Saber: Yeah well at least I DON'T need MY GIRLFRIEND to FIGHT my BATTLES for ME!!!

Slade : Keep talking smack you little bitch!!!

Saber: This coming from a person who has fucked up memories about home.

Jamison and Sword retain their fellow teammate from coming to blows. Slade is taken to the way opposite corner of the building , and each is calmly talked down. The same is down to his counterpart.