Teknoman :Fear Style

Chapter 8 Remote

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Kaeisha: Onegaishimasen no radio silence .

Star: Radio silence is not a guaranteed thing you know. Maybe, we will get one of the easy challenges.

Kaeisha: Maybe your right, maybe we will get one of the easy challenges from the CT.

CT: I highly doubt it.


Kaeisha: What is it ? OH GOD ITS NOT …

Star: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringo: Hey are you girls ok!?

Kaeisha: 0h my God were going to die, get us the heck up out of here right now Ringo.

Kaeisha was ready to break into a dead run. Then she remembered star and grabbed her, but Star stood her ground. Star's eyes gazed down at the object that had her stirred up. Star snatched the mysterious object from the vines and leaves that had it imprisoned.

Kaeisha just stood there motionless waiting for an answer from Star, while thousands of thoughts flew threw her mind.

Star: It's a …

Kaeisha: It's a HUMAN FINGER !!!!

Star : No, it is a 1973 limited edition Betty Boop PEZ dispenser. I've been looking for this all my life!!!!

Kaeisha: You screamed FOR A DAMN PEZ DISPENSER!!!

Star: Yes , Yes I did as a matter of fact.

Kaeisha: Damn You and you stupid pez collection. You scared me half to death. Grrr , now Ringo what is our next dare ?!!!

Ringo: Okay for the next dare you must travel to the Hixon house. So start marching.

Kaeisha: Can we have directions on how to get there ?

Ringo: Yes give me a minute. Walk a least for a good 2 miles due northwest from the forest.

Meanwhile back at the cabin…

Jamison: We need to figure out what the hell that thing is that's for sure.

Slade: Oh its human.

Jamison: Pardon ?

Slade: Well are you referring to thing that attacked us or the thing that is sitting here with us.

Saber: It takes one to know one buddy. Besides I am better looking twin.

Slade: Yeah if that's true then why did always hold you ass up first?

Jamsion: Slade shut the hell up, Saber control yourself. Gott why does this feel like a Jerry Springer episode!

Saber: Why don't you shut the…

Tina: ITS BACK !!!!

Everyone froze within a moment and strained their hearing. They heard something rustling around in the bushes outside. They all rushed to put all the lights out and looked out several windows for the trace of the creature.

Lance: (whispers) Catherine any trace of the thing?

Sword: Shsssssshhhh look near the pine trees…

Lance:(whispering) how can an animal that big live through the centuries like that without being detected? Look what is it doing?

Jamison: It looks like its trying to get a looking glass.

Catherine: By why would a creature need a looking glass to see itself..

Jamison: Look.

The 15foot 9 inch creature started to do something with the looking glass. It actually was checking to see how it looked. No other creature, than a human will actually recognize itself in a mirror. AN:( Except for a dolphin). It was one of the most amazing events of the time right now. Then it did something that no one expected.

Well I have not abandoned the story yet, for all of you that are reviewing out there . It's called the college thing sooner or later. And that very much so gets in the way of writing stories such as this. Sooner or later this story will end I guarantee it. Hehe. Now onward to chapter nine.

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