I has been three months since Taro had arrived and tey had their 'fun' in the park. Ranma was in on thing he absolutly despised, a tuxedo. Within the next thirty minutes, he would be married to Himeno. He was nervous and he hated it. The "Quack" Himeno had him see told him the same old story, There is nothing that can be done blah blah blah. He turned to Oz, "Is the tie straight?"

Oz laughed, "It woul be if you were a Picaso painting,"

Ranma frowned, "I hate this acursed thing! I would rather fight a pair of dragons than wear this accursed strip of fabric. I condem thee to the deepest darkest circle of hell, oh vile cloth!"

His curse echoed out of the room to the main hall where it was overheard by all in attendance. Zed laughed quietly as he tuned his guitar. Ranma had asked him to play the music. He only knew how to play a guitar, which is why Ranma chose him. Ranma viewed organs good for things like Phantom of the Opera which he had to agree. He looked at Ranma's mother who he had actually met two months ago.


Zed sat in Ranma's 'hole', the place where ranma practiced his martial arts and music. The place was in the basement and plaster was applied to make the place look like a cave like hole. Ranma wanted it like that, no one knew why. The door opened and down came a middle aged woman in a kimono. Zed began to edge towards the opposite wall until she spoke, "Is that you Ranma?"

Zed frowned, "No, Im Zed, Ranma's friend. Who are you?"

She sighed, "I'm his mother, the one who never realized what he was until I was too late,"

Zed nodded, "I believe he spoke of you. He said all you wanted was a brainless thug that chased as many skirts as possible. I thought he was exaggerating though,"

She hung her head, "It was, until I stopped and thought about what I wanted,"

Zed shook is head and began to make idle small talk untill ranma showed up.

End flashback

Himeno was in her room struggling with her dress. She wanted the western wedding, but was now quickly regreting it. Ranma was screaming obcinities and she was about to do the same. Shampoo laughed at Himeno, "What so hard about a wedding dress? Here, let me help you,"

Within a matter of moments, she was fully dressed and stunned, "Huh? What? But how did you?"

Shampoo smiled, "Learned that from elders. They showed it to me incase a sister was too shy to wear something. I'm going to check on Ranma and fix the tie,"

before she reached the door a small explosion was heard, acomanied by a pleased sigh. Shampoo gave a half lidded look, "Seems Ranma killed another one. What do you want to do?"

She shook her head, "Go asses the damage and see if he at least has the rest of the tuxedo on. I can handle a destroyed tie,"

Shampoo scuried across the hall to find Ranma sunk in a chair minus a tie and the charred remains of an end table in front of him. Tanma had removed his traditional sunglasses letting the whole world see the displeasure in his lifeless eyes. Oz was against the opposite wall terrified. Ranma was fully dressed, which was a blessing. Ranma smiled, "There, I did it. I feel better now. Oh hey shampoo, is she ready?"

She shook her head, "She Rady, but she unhappy you dstroyed another tie,"

Ranma rose to defend himself, "Now just a minute! That thing was alive and was eminating pure evil. So much that even Oz felt it, RIGHT OZ?"

Oz chuckled, "Yea, It was enshrouded in a black aura thingie,"

Shampoo sighed as she told them to hurry so they could get this affair over and done with, she had a resturant to run.

A few minutes and some grumbled apologies, The ceramony took place, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to witness the union of these, the most deserving of couples, in holy matramony. Ranma Saotome, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Ranma, not missing a beat gave a confident, "I do,"

"And do you, Himeno Kansaki, take this amn, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do"

"Does anyone present have just reason why these two should not be wed?"

"You bet I do!" came from the back.

Everyone turned to see Akane, in full rage mode, "That is my fiancce!"

Ranma's Aura sprang to life almost instantly,"WHAT!"

She smirked, "I never broke the engagement Ranma. You belong to me,"

Before anyone could blink Ranma had a blast ready, "Leave now, your not invited or wanted,"

"Ranma, get her out of here, She is ruining the wedding," Nokoda said.

Next thing that Akane saw, was the oncoming train known only as Ranma's omni cannon. The reverand Robert Shagsworth coughed, "Now that that was taken care of, I now pronounce you man and"

"I'm not through yet," Akane said weakly.

What happened next was shocking, Himeno used the one thing she learned from Ranma to defend herself, a small blask which she called "BREAK LINE"

Ranma smiled, "I love this woman,"

"AH hm, man and wife, you may kiss the bride," Shag said with a smile.


honestly, the whole objection part is a retorical question...