Title: Freedom Of Choice Author: Ama Pairings: Not Applicable Rating: G Note: OotP Spoilers – Okay, so it may not actually be a fanfic, per se, but more of a rumination on matters of the fifth book.

Disclaimer: All characters and locations within this story are the property of J.K. Rowling. The plot is mine.

* * * * * * * *
He didn't choose to die that day. He couldn't stop it, and nothing he did led to his untimely demise. Well, maybe it did.

Sirius Black had been accused of cold-blooded murder. But he hadn't done it. He was sent to prison. But he didn't deserve it. He was left there in Azkaban Prison to rot for 11 years. But it wasn't his fault. Nothing that had happened to him was his choice.

Except that he had told the Potters to make Peter Pettigrew the Secret Keeper. Except that he had confronted that evil rat and dirty traitor on that fateful day eleven years earlier. Except that he had agreed to be Harry's godfather. So maybe it was his fault.

Or maybe it wasn't. He didn't know that Peter would betray Lily and James. He didn't know that Peter would kill all those people and make it look like Sirius had done it. He didn't know that the Potters were going to die, leaving Harry to be protected by someone else. Maybe fate had it in for him.

Or maybe it didn't. He chose to escape from Azkaban. He chose to disobey Dumbledore and leave #12 Grimmauld Place. He chose to join the Order of the Phoenix. He chose to protect Harry, no matter the consequence.

Or maybe he didn't choose to die. He never knew what would happen after he escaped from prison. He never thought anything could happen to him if he left the Order's headquarters disguised as Snuffles. He thought the Order was stronger this time. He didn't know that Harry would try to save him, or that his own blood would try to kill him. Maybe he had no choice.

But then, does anyone ever choose what happens to them? Does anyone really control their lives? Maybe fate plays a game with us. Maybe we think we have the power to decide. Maybe we actually don't.

So did Sirius Black really choose to die that day? I don't know. Does anyone? The choice is yours. It's up to you to decide.