Chapter 6


Angeline walked through the town pausing in the streets to make sure Alex didn't see her. As the three passed the Smithy, she heard his laugh and her heart started beating fast in her chest. She forgot how much she missed his laugh. Pierre and Daniela gave each other knowing smiles as Angeline peeked into one of the cracks of the shop. She saw Alex goofing around with Joey and her heart leapt with joy! He had grown taller and more handsome in the time they had been apart. Pierre tapped her shoulder and she jumped.

"Who ya lookin' at?" Pierre said smiling.

Angeline shrugged, "No one."

"Move and let me see!" Pierre said pushing her.

He peered through the crack and saw the boy that he was sure was the person Angeline was mooning over. He seemed childish and immature. Pierre couldn't believe that Angeline liked him! He was sure that she would fall in love with a more roguish, pirate man than a proper boy. "That's him?" Pierre said surprised.

"Yeah, what's it ta ye?" Angeline said crossing her arms over her chest.

"He's a proper prat!" Pierre said laughing.

"You don' even know him, Pierre!" Angeline said punching him playfully. He was being overprotective, as he always was with her.

"You can do better." Pierre said shrugging.

"Leave her alone, Pierre! How would ye like it if someone said to me about you?" Daniela said her hands on her hips.

"But ye see, I know that you're too good for me, so every time you tell me you love me, my heart leaps with joy." Pierre said putting his arms around her small waist.

"Oh really?" Daniela said placing her arms on his neck.

"Really." Pierre said. The two kissed while Angeline rolled her eyes. She looked through the crack again and Alex and Joey were gone.

"Where'd they go?" She whispered to herself. She looked around nervously. Pierre and Daniela were still kissing; she rolled her eyes yet again and continued to look through the busy street.

Just then Alex and Joey walked out of the shop to get something. Joey chattered excitedly about the balls while Alex barely listened to him. He paused and looked around the busy streets. He saw a couple he had never seen before kissing and then he spotted a girl rolling her eyes at them. She looked familiar, her brown hair flowing a little past her shoulders, a bandana tied around her head. His heart bet faster, could it be? He looked at her face and recognized those familiar chocolate brown eyes outlined in kohl. They locked eyes and he smiled, he began to walk towards her. Joey saw Angeline and noticed what Alex was doing. "Alex look, ROBBERS!" He said pointing over to a random shop. Alex ran over, leaving Joey behind. Joey looked at Angeline and gestured for her to run off, which she quickly did, dragging Pierre and Daniela behind her. Alex came back and gave Joey a look, "There were no robbers."

"My mistake." Joey said shrugging. Alex looked over to the place where he saw Angeline. No one was there.

"Hey Joey, did you see that girl standing over there?" Alex said cocking an eyebrow.

"What girl?" Joey said playing dumb.

"I could have sworn it was her." Alex whispered to himself.

"Nope, there was no one there...ever." Joey said rolling his eyes.

Alex ran his hands through his hair, "I must be going mad."

"Happens all the time!" Joey said laughing.

Angeline's heart raced as she quickly ran through the streets of Port Royal. She couldn't believe he had seen her! She thanked God for Joey's distraction. She ran to the Turner house with her friends at her heels. Once there, she stood in front of the large double doors breathing heavily. She put her hand up to knock, and then put it down again, she felt nervous. She tried again and failed. Pierre sighed and rolled his eyes. She tried once again but failed. Pierre rolled his eyes again and knocked on the door. He gave Angeline a look that read, "See it wasn't that hard." She glared at him. The butler opened the door and was a bit surprised to see three teenagers on the steps dressed like pirates. Angeline smiled and said, "Can I uh...speak with Mrs. Turner?"

The butler nodded and ushered them in while giving them weird looks. Pierre looked around the house his eyes wide. It was bigger than any house he had ever been in before. "This man must be loaded." Pierre said under his breath.

Daniela looked at him with shock, "Pierre!"

"What? Look at the place! Gold must be everywhere." He said shrugging.

Angeline glared at him and said, "Shut up! Before she comes."

"Before who comes?" Elizabeth said from the top of the stair smiling.

"That'd be you, Mrs. Turner." Angeline said pointing at her. Pierre and Daniela had to hold in their laughter.

"Angeline,' Elizabeth said embracing the young Sparrow, "Alex has missed you so much!"

"Yeah, I missed him too." Angeline said slightly embarrassed in front of Pierre.

"Well then, who are your friends?" Elizabeth said smiling at Pierre and Daniela.

"This is my cousin, Pierre, and his fiancé, Daniela." Angeline said pointing to each one of them.

"Nice to meet you." Elizabeth said smiling.

She took them to the parlor and had tea served. Daniela drank the tea like a lady, while Angeline, who had never had tea before, was having trouble. She spilt the cream when she was pouring it and made a trail of sugar to her cup. After making all the mess, she found that she didn't even like it! Elizabeth watched slightly amused, as Angeline made a face of disgust.

"Now, Angeline I have a plan." Elizabeth said breaking an awkward silence.

"What?" Angeline said looking at her.

"Well, the first of Alex's balls is a masquerade meaning it will be easy to disguise your identity. I'll give you one of my dresses, you can do your hair up nice, and make up a name to tell Alex. The next two balls are just regular balls. So I will give you two beautiful dresses and you will stun them all. Alex, of course will recognize you by the second one, but no one else will." Elizabeth finished smiling, pleased with her plan.

"Sounds good ta me." Angeline said nodding.

"But you do know that you will have to speak properly and act like a lady."

"I'll do my best." Angeline said smiling.

The days passed quickly and soon it was the day of the first ball. Angeline, Pierre, and Daniela were staying at an Inn in Port Royal, graciously paid for by Elizabeth. It was a quaint Inn and a lot of the girls who were going to the balls were staying there. Elizabeth came to the room with the dress for the night. Pierre was sent outside while Angeline changed. The dress was a beautiful deep red with black lace, it silk of the dress shimmered in the candle light, the long sleeves that covered her tattoo and brand felt smooth against her arms when she moved. It was dark and exotic and made Angeline look like a Spanish goddess. The trouble was the corset.

Elizabeth put it around her waist and said, "Now, I'm going to tighten it around you." She pulled on the laces.

"Bloody hell woman! Make it looser please!" Angeline said swearing. Pierre chuckled from outside the room at Angeline's swearing.

"That's the way it suppose to be worn."

"Damn, you proper ladies go through a hell of a lot of things to look good."

"Beauty is pain." Elizabeth said smiling.

After many pleads to take the corset off by Angeline, she was finally ready to go to the ball. She looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised at what she saw. She saw a beautiful girl looking back at her. Her hair was done up in a bun with loose ends curling around her face, her lips stood out from her face with the slightest bit of rouge, and her hands looked delicate and soft when covered with the black lace gloves. She put the black mask up to her face. It was in the shape of a butterfly and had gorgeous pieces of glitter on it that glimmered in the light. Jack stepped into the room from behind her and smiled, "I always knew there was a pretty girl under all that dirt."

"Yeah, who knew?" Angeline said smiling.

"I did. But there's one thing you're missing." Jack said smiling.

"What's tha?" Angeline said cocking a now manicure eyebrow.

"This." Jack pulled out a string of black pearls and put them around her neck.

"There beautiful! Thank you, Dad!" Angeline said hugging him.

"They're from me n your mum. Thought you could use them for the ball."

She smiled and touched the shining black pearls around her neck. She was finally ready to go and see Alex for the first time in almost a year. Her heart pounded in her chest and butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. She put on her mask as her heartbeat quickened excitedly, this was all new to her.


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