Chapter 0: Disclaimer

I, LokiGirl, do not own the characters portrayed in this fanfiction. Nor shall I ever attempt to. These vibrate characters belong to Sakura Kinoshita and all the other people in Japan that own copyright. Since I don't intent to make money from this and I don't have any money to give, this is the first and only time I will write is general disclaimer.

Wait… can't forget the people of Northern Europe--most of the characters in Matantei Loki Ragnarok where their gods after all. (I don't know… like Loki… and his name only appears in the title…)

Well then I guess I can take some ownership, since my ancestors worshiped the Norse gods… Cool!!!

Chapter 1: Cold and Wet

He was cold and wet…again. Well, at least the water pouring on him was cold. And definitely wet.

Yes he thought to himself cringing.

He was quite sure of that. Now, for most people this situation would range from pleasant (running through the sprinkler in the summer heat) to inconvenient (getting caught in a cool spring rain), to depressing relief (taking a cold shower), --depending on the circumstances. But unfortunately for this sixteen-year-old young man, he wasn't the normal hormone driven teenager seeking relief thanks to some cold water. No, he was none other than Loki, the Trickster Norse god of chaos and fire. (Some, including his own family at times, would have included evil on his job description list, but he personally never considered the notion.)

And the problem? He was wet--that he purposely got himself wet--with cold water.

I hate water. Loki banged his head against the tile.

When did my life degrade to this? Since when does the Norse God of Fire purposely get himself wet with cold water? Loki banged his fore-head against the tile again and kept it there this time. Letting the water pour down his back and face.

Now steamy water, or a hot-spring would be different…No…stop that train of thought right there Loki. The quicker I'm out the better. And I should stop asking myself stupid questions. I know quite well why I'm torturing myself for the third time this week. Loki sighs and lets his head slide down so that the top of his head is now against the tile. The water meanwhile was cascading from his nose.

It all began…