Hey everyone! I'm back! I can't stop making fun of Disney stuff. They're just so fun! (Laughs at Mickey Mouse.) You stupid fat mouse! Know one thing: The only Disney movies I like are: Beauty ant the Beast and Nightmare before Christmas. Who knows? Maybe I might try Anime... or make fun of another game!

Isaac: Shut up and get on with the story! I mean, we need to actually get on with the story. Wow... I just talked...

Mia: Yeah! You've written enough Jenna and Garet romance! Make some Mudshipping!

Fine, fine! I'm changing some parts in Beauty and the Beast though. On with the story...

Long, long ago there lived and extremely pathetic prince. He lived in a castle deep in the woods. All though he had everything, he was a jerk! (Isaac sitting in a throne shoots camera a glare.) He was like, a spoiled brat! Then, one cold and rainy night, an old hag appeared before him. (See Isaac opening the door and looking down on Kraden who is wearing a gray wig that makes him have long hair. Kraden curls his hair and smiles at Isaac.) The old hag asked the prince for shelter in return for a beautiful rose. But the prince wanted nothing to do with the old lady. (You see Isaac kicking Kraden out into the rain, and throwing the rose at him as well.) The old hag came back, and transformed herself into a beautiful sorcereress. (See puff of smoke, and Kraden running out of the scene and Feizhi standing there. Now you see Isaac blushing and falling to his knees.) When the prince saw the beautiful woman, he begged her to be his. But the maiden saw no love in his heart and turned him into a monster! (You see Feizhi whacking Isaac on the head with a plastic pink wand with 'Made in China' on the side.) The spell spread across the castle, turning his servants into enchanted items. The prince begged her to change him back but the magical being refused. She gave him a rose and said: If you have truly fallen in love with someone, and they truly love you back, only then will my spell break. If you do not fall in love, you shall stay a monster forever. Years passed, and the prince fell into despair. For who could possibly love a monster...

"Dum-dee-dum-dum!" Mia hummed a bizarre tune as she wandered around town. She would glance over her shoulder every now and then to glare at the people singing about how weird she was behind her back. She sighed, and walked into a bookshop. "Good morning, Suza!" Mia said, cheerfully.

"Oh, good morning Miss Mia!" Suza greeted. Mia looked through, and pulled a book out labeled 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.'

"Mind if I take this one?" She asked.

"Sure! Keep it if you like. It's not like anyone else reads my books..." Suza whimpered, wiping away a tear. Mia walked out, but passed someone as she did...

"There she is, Agatio." Alex said, smiling at her. Alex's little lackey, Agatio, smiled evilly at her. (Isaac/Me: Boo! Hiss!)

"You're gonna marry her, Alex? Where's a picture?! Saturos would kill to see this!" Agatio laughed.

"I don't care! She's pretty, and she will be mine." Alex said, striking Agatio. (Apples being thrown at Alex. Isaac/Me: We hate you! She's Isaac's!) When Mia was on her way to home, Alex bumped into her once more.

"Hey there Mia." Alex said, flipping his hair.

"Oh... hi Alex." Mia said, rolling her eyes. Alex suddenly snatched her book. He held it upside down and began to read.

"How can you read this crap! It's not healthy for a girl! And anyway, I don't even know how to read it." Alex said, staring at the upside down text. Mia took it back, and gave him a glare.

"Reading is my life, and of course you couldn't read it! It's upside down!" Mia said. Alex looks dumbfounded.

"Of course knew that. I was simply trying to make a joke for you!" Alex said. Agatio snickered, and Alex shot him a glare that said 'I'll cast Hail Prism unless you cut it out!' Mia suddenly gasped when there was an explosion near her house.

"Father!" Mia gasped, running toward her house. She quickly ran to her house with Alex and Agatio laughing on the ground. She rushed into her house and into the basement. There was smoke, and everyone's favorite scholar lay on the ground.

"Oh... hello birdies...." Kraden said, smiling at the stars spinning over his head. Mia sighed, and smiled.

"For a second there I thought something bad had happened to you." Mia said. Kraden sighed.

"When will you learn? With me as your father, explosions are normal." Kraden said.

"Another invention? But you still haven't finished the other 276 you made last year." Mia said, confused.

"I'm not abandoning them... I'm just putting them off." Kraden said, pushing away one of his projects.

"What's this one do?" Mia asked.

"It's gonna find me werewolf! And I'm gonna name it George! And it'll be a pet! And he'll have his own little pink flea-killing collar with a bell on it!" Kraden said, hugging an imagined werewolf. (I know it's a wood cutting machine, but we all know how obsessed Kraden is with werewolves.)

"Father, we all know that werewolves don't exist." Mia groaned.

"Yes they do! I know they do!" Kraden said, shooting her a glare. Mia took a few steps away from him.

"Even if you did get 'George' he would tear you limb from limb." Mia said. Kraden shook a fist, and looked proud.

"No! He would be both house-trained and potty-trained!" Kraden protested. Mia smacked a hand to her forehead. "As a matter of factly, I'm going to try out my werewolf machine tonight!" Kraden said.

"Just be home by dinner." Mia said, walking back to the first floor.

(I know, it was good at the beginning with Isaac and Feizhi, but I'll try my best. It gets the humor when Isaac re-appears.) Kraden was wandering around the woods that night searching for werewolves. He was looking at a map to Russia at the moment, not realizing he was in a forest somewhere... I don't know the name of the place....

"I knew I should've taken a right!" Kraden groaned. He looked up from the map, and frowned at the sight of a fork in the road. On the left side, there is a big spooky forest with owls hooting, and on the right side, there is a filed of pink flowers with happy music in the background. He thinks for a moment, and points to the scary forest. "We're bound to run into a werewolf there!" Kraden said, smiling. Soon, plastic bats and creepy music came on. He hugged the horse, and whimpered. "I get to live in this story... right?" Kraden whimpered. The horse halted. Confused, Kraden looked to see why. Once he saw why, he screamed. They were on the edge of a cliff that had come out of nowhere. The horse reared upward, knocking Kraden off. Kraden made a bumpy yelp as he rolled down a hill. The horse ran off. Kraden looked around. Fog, spooky music, and glowing red eyes in bushes. Not the best sign to be seeing. "Hey, are you a werewolf?" Kraden asked, forcing on a smile. Wolves suddenly lunged out of the bushes at him, jaws snapping at his neck. Kraden made a girlie scream, and ran as fast as the poor old guy could.

Soon, Kraden reached a scary castle. He locked the gate behind him, and ran to the doors. Not caring to knock, he broke the doors down and ran in. It was pitch black, and silent.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Kraden asked. There was silence.

"Poor guy... I feel kind of bad for him, Piers..." A voice said.

"Not another word, Garet!" Another voice hissed.

"Oh! Are you playing hide-and-go-seek?! I love that game!" Kraden said, clapping his hands together. He picked up a candelabrum and searched the area. No one was there. Something tapped him on the hand, and he looked down to see the candelabrum grinning at him. Wait a second...

"Hello." Garet said, smiling bigger. Kraden screamed, and dropped it.

"Wonderful! Just peachy perfect, Garet!" Piers, the cloak groaned. Garet lay on the ground still smiling.

"Hey? Wanna be my friend?!" He asked. Kraden got starry eyed, and knelt beside them.

"Oh my! Talking items! Who on earth could have invented such a fabulous idea?!" Kraden asked, examining Piers. Piers glared at him, and Garet began to push him toward a warm room with a lit fireplace.

"Hey! Meet my others friends! Come on!" Garet said.

"No, you idiot!" Piers cried, before Kraden ran in.

They didn't see the hooded figure glaring with hateful blue eyes down on them...


Not my best work, but I had to hurry. Hope you like it. I liked Isaac in it. It gets good when he appears in the next chapter! ^-^! Please review! But don't make fun of it...