Soulless Illusions

I see your face in the still, murky water

So pale, so fair, so cold.

One of the Firstborn, passed long ago

In some great battle that took his life.

Is this an illusion?  Is it your spirit,

Or something else that I see?

Who were you in life?

Did you have a lady, a family, a home?

I would liked to have known you

To know the mind of he who returns my gaze

No, not impossible, I see your eyes upon me

One so long dead should have no sight

I lie in the darkness beside your watery rest

I desire something, but know not what

My hand slides into the water

And yours silently moves to join with mine

I withdraw, fearful now,

No manner of being should move after death

You seem wounded by my leaving

How can such cold, dead eyes show your thought?

Surely you were not so cold in life

Now I begin to see who you once were

A soldier, loyal to king, left for battle

Felled by a coward's blow from behind

So many of your friends lie around you

You were one of the last to be slain

Why do you flood my mind with such thoughts?

I had nothing to do with your death

What is it that you desire of me,

And is it something I am willing to give?

You have been here so long

Without companion or joy

Is that what you seek?

Yes, I believe it is

I will join you then, fair one,

Sink down in the muddy waters

Come to your arms forever

Together in death.