Kim Possible: Quest for the Kyber Crystal

BY Dragonfang33

Synapes: KP meets Star Wars. Crown Prince Valarium (a character from one of the first workings of Episode IV) son of Emperor Palpatine, and Black Knight of the Sith has emerged from exile and seeks the powerful Kyber Crystal, the source of the Force, the only thing standing in his way Kim Possible, and a mysterius Force Knight

Chapter One

Black Knight

Location: Imperial Super Star Destroyer, Imperial Rising, in orbit around a class R Planet.

A dark figure paced across the dimly lit bridge of the Super Star Destroyer. He wore armor as black as night, which suited his rank of Black Knight of the Sith. He was a tall man, with hair as black as his armor, at his side was a small canister, his lightsaber. This man was Crown Prince Valarium, Son of Palpatine, and Captain of the Emperor's elete Black Guard.

Valarium gazed out the window at the bright blue planet before him, with a cold grin to his face.

"Have you identified the planet," Valarium asked, in his typical manor to a black clad Imperial Officer.

"Yes my Lord," the Officer replied, "it is called Earth, and scans show that it's primary inhabitants are Humans."

"Any trace of Force sensitive people?" Valarium asked

"Yes my lord," the officer replied, "just one, strong in both the light side and the dark side."

"A Force Knight," Valarium said, in shock, "I thought my father exterminated all Force Knights during the Jedi Purdge?"

"Indeed sir," the officer replied, "but there's no mistake, it is a Force Knight Signiture."

"Where is it coming from?" Valarium asked.

"Outside of a town," the officer said, shaking, "called Middle-ton."

Stay tuned for Chapter Two: Force Knight