Kim Possible: Quest for the Kyber Crystal

BY Dragonfang33


The Kyber Crystal

Location: Stone Bridge, Tomb of Marka Ragnos, Korriban

Ron Stoppable clung to the stone slab that jutted from the bridge. He held the bloodied stump that had once been his left hand to his chest. Ron looked up at the demon that stood over him, a crimson lightsaber clenched in her iron grip, a crescent scar running across her cheek, a black streak running through her orange hair. Her blazing yellow eyes were alight with hatred in its rawest form.

Memories began flowing through Ron's eyes, memories of rich times, memories of the two of them out saving the world from the likes of Dr. Drakken, memories of the friendship they had once shared. He also remembered the bad times, he remembered striking her while going school out of jealously, and starting a fight with the same man who had since become like a brother to him. Worse the memory of watching her crush Rufus was at the fore front of his flashbacks.

Ron scanned the cold yellow eyes that looked down at him, hoping to find a trace of the Kim Possible he knew within the monster she had become.

"Come on KP," Ron said, "you're my friend, you can't do this."

"Kim Possible is dead," Darth Kira snarled, "there is only Darth Kira." She was just about to finish him off, when Ron used the Force to pull himself up. As soon as he landed, he Force Pulled the lightsaber he dropped when Kira cut his arm off. He activated it just as Kira charged at him, and was able to block her lightsaber. Though he had only one arm, Ron was able to hold his own against Kira's onslaught.

Out of the corner of his eye he spied a small ledge jutting from the wall of the cave. Ron was able to Force Jump to the ledge, barely missing Kira's lightsaber blade.

"It's over Kim," Ron shouted, "I have the high ground." Kira's eyes were suddenly alight with fury, she wasn't about to lose this fight, especially to her clumsy sidekick.

"You underestimate my power," Kira roared, Ron didn't need the Force to tell him what Kira was about to do.

"Don't try it," Ron pleaded, his plea fell on deaf ears. Darth Kira leapt into the air, but just as she was about to land, Ron brought his lightsaber around, making sure he missed Kira's limbs; however, the tip of the blade struck her left eye. Kira fell to the ground, rolling back to the bridge, a gaping hole was all the remained of her left eye.

"I'LL KILL YOU," Kira snarled, as she charged toward Ron. It was then that Ron did something unexpected; he threw his lightsaber to the ground.

"You once told me to never compare you to Shego," Ron shouted, Kira suddenly stopped, he Force Pulled some lava from the river, and placed on the wall in front of Kira. He then discharged a bolt of Force Lightning causing the molten rock to harden into glass, "take a good look at yourself now." Kira gazed into the artificial mirror, but the reflection that stared back looked like her, but for a brief second it was as though her sister was staring back at her. Once the haunting image had faded, Kira finally got a look at what she'd become.

"You've allowed your sister to twist your mind," Ron said, "until now, until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy." Kira couldn't stand hearing what Ron had to say.

"Stop it," Kira snarled, "I'm not like her." She threw her lightsaber at the mirror, just before it hit Ron stopped it.

"You're not perfect Kim," Ron replied, "We all have a dark side. Part of being a Jedi is learning how to control that dark side." Darth Kira wouldn't hear any of it; she hurled a burst of Force Lightning at Ron. Acting quickly he managed to deflect it.

"Look at yourself KP," Ron said, "look at what you've become. You've killed Rufus, and now you want to kill your best friend." Darth Kira suddenly froze.

"You can't do this Kim," Ron added, "I feel the good in you, the conflict." Kira didn't want to hear any of it; she did all in her power to drown Ron's pleas out.

"What about Joss?" Ron asked

"What about the brat?" Kira snarled

"She looks up to you Kim," Ron replied, "more then that, you're like a mother to her." Darth Kira was about to bring her lightsaber around, but just as her blade came within a hair of striking Ron, she suddenly stopped. It was then that Darth Kira fell to the ground, despite all she had done; in the end she couldn't bring herself to kill Ron.

"Ron," She said, meekly, her remaining eye had returned to its normal emerald color,

"I'm sorry."

"Save your apologize," Ron shouted. Kim and Ron had had fights with each other before, over trivial things, and always Ron had forgiven her. This time the tone of his voice told her that his forgiveness wouldn't come as easily, "right now Kyle probably needs our help."

Location: Tomb of the Kyber Crystal

It was a room that hadn't been penetrated by light in almost thirty three millennia. The last time someone had been here was to hide what the room contained. On a large pedestal, suspended over a massive chiasm was a blood red gem. The gem itself was circular, though its jagged edge told that it had broken off a much larger gem. The Kyber Crystal had many legends. Once it had been part of a far more powerful gem, the Jedi Crystal, which had been cleaved in half by Darth Chaos's very lightsaber in the waning hours of the First Sith War. It has been said that the Kyber Crystal was capable of enhancing a Dark Sider's powers a million fold, while the other half, a gem known as the Imperium Silver Crystal, was capable of doing the same thing to a Light Sider's powers. Once reunited with its sister, the powers of both gems, and those who possess them would only be enhanced even further.

Valarium made his way across the stone bridge that separated the Kyber Crystal's pedestal from the rest of the cavern.

"At long last," Valarium said, as he reached out, "the Kyber Crystal is within my grasp."

"You want it," a familiar voice said from behind him, "you'll have to go through me."

Valarium cracked a smile as he turned to face Kyle.

"You surprise me Wolf," Valarium added, "You would have made a great Black Guardsman."

"Drop dead," Kyle snarled.

"I don't do requests," Valarium said, "Shirus, Boba Fett," Shirus and Boba Fett suddenly appeared from the shadows, "this time you'll pay for your lack of vision."

"You're just like your father," Kyle snarled

"Thank you," Valarium replied, "And with the Kyber Crystal in our hands, nothing will stop us. Kill him." Shirus and Fett both drew their lightsabers. Just as the dark warriors prepared to move, they suddenly stopped, a red and blue lightsaber suddenly appeared under their necks.

"This is weird," Ron said, emerging from the shadows, "Kim and me bailing you out of pickle Kyle."

"Good job," Kyle replied.

Shirus and Kim exchanged cold glares at each other, before finally speaking.

"So you've made your choice," Shirus said, "I expected better from you little sister."

"Sorry to disappoint you Rachel," Kim snarled, it was a momentous act for Kim to address her sister by her real name. After all Shirus had done to her, she was able to keep herself under control.

"Like you said," Kim replied, "we're family. But that doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Shirus," Valarium snarled, "Fett kill the traitor and her friends, and bring me their heads."

"It will be my pleasure master," Shirus replied, as she charged up her trade mark green glow, and threw Kim against the wall, before eyeing Kyle.

"You're next Wolf," Shirus snarled.

Boba Fett spun kicked Ron in the face, sending the young Jedi spinning onto his side. Fett grabbed Ron by the face, and quickly slammed his fist into it.

"After Tatooine," Fett snarled, igniting his green lightsaber, "I was expecting you to put up more of a fight. After all your parents at least screamed before I killed them." Mention of the murder of his parents was all that was needed to set Ron off. He charged at the Mandalorian warrior with a fury surpassed only by that of a ravenous wolf.

Kim slowly regained conciseness, as she got to her feet, as streak of raw fire shot past her. Kim turned to find Kyle, and Shirus locked in yet another duel with each other. Kim engaged her crimson lightsaber, and prepared to join the battle.

"Don't worry about me," Kyle shouted, "Stop Valarium." Kim tried to protest, but Kyle cut her off.

"Do it soldier," Kyle shouted. Kim could feel the truth in Kyle's words, and reluctantly she agreed.

Valarium had begun making his way toward the Kyber Crystal, when Kim suddenly Force Jumped in front of him.

"If you're so powerful," Kim snarled, as she held her crimson blade in front of her, "why leave?"

"I offered you power beyond your wildest dreams," Valarium said, "I offered you a chance to rule the Galaxy, and yet you still chose to side with the Jedi."

"Your faith in your father is misplaced," Kim snarled, "as is your faith in the Dark Side of the Force." Valarium activated both his wrist mounted lightsabers. Kim and Valarium assumed fighting stances.

"You'll pay for what you did to my family Valarium," Kim said, "and for what you did to Kyle's home and family."

"Young fool," Valarium added, as he charged forward, crossing swords with Kim. Every move Kim made the Dark Prince seemed to counter. Kim discharged a burst of Force Lightning, but once again the Dark Prince deflected them.

"Foolish girl," Valarium snarled, "you've only begun to discover your power."

"You'll find I'm full of surprises Valarium," Kim replied.

"Good," Valarium added, "twice the pride, double the fall." The two warriors once again crossed swords, and once again the Dark Prince had the upper hand, forcing Kim into a retreat. Valarium used the Force to levitate a large bolder, and hurled it right at Kim. Kim Force Jumped, over the bolder, and brought her lightsaber down onto the rock, slcing it in half.

"Impressive," Valarium said, "most impressive."

"When your dad's one of the finest Jedi Knights in the Order," Kim replied, "you tend to learn a few things."

"Really," Valarium said, "I'll have to remember that when I tare your other eye out." He lunged at Kim once again, and once again Kim managed to block the Dark Prince's attack. This time however, Valarium used the Force to levitate Kim and throw her against the pedestal the Kyber Crystal sat on.

"Young fool," Valarium said, as his black gloved hand reached for the red gem, "only now do you realize your folly." As Kim regained conciseness the Dark Prince grabbed the Kyber Crystal, instantly his body was wreathed in blood red energy. Kim attempted to engage her lightsaber, only to find herself flying across the gorge, and slamming into the wall.

Shirus and Fett suddenly broke off their engagements, and parted like the Red Sea.

Valarium drifted across the gorge, his body was alight with raw Dark Side energy, both of his eyes now glowed blood red, and were alight with hatred in its rawest form.

"This is not good," Ron said, shaking, as he held his blade up.

"I agree," Kyle added. The Dark Prince landed in between his two henchmen. Both Shirus and Fett reassumed their fighting stance ready to continue the battles they had started.

"NO," Valarium snarled, his cold voice sending chills down both of their spines, "I'LL DEAL WITH THIS JEDI SLIME MYSELF."

Ron was the first to make a move, he charged toward Valarium as fast as he could but even with the Force he wasn't fast enough. Valarium discharged a burst of Force Lightning so powerful; it nearly welded Ron to the wall. To Ron the attack felt more like someone trying to tear his very heart out with their bear hands. Kyle attempted to catch the Dark Prince off guard, but the moment one of his swords came within a hair of Valarium's head, Kyle suddenly felt himself lift off the ground, and was hurled against the wall, a sharp rock punching through his shoulder.

The red glow around the Dark Prince suddenly faded; he turned to his two henchmen.

"Come," Valarium said, calmly, "we have accomplished our mission." He led them over to a solid stone wall. Before either Shirus or Fett had a chance to complain, Valarium held the Kyber Crystal up to the wall, creating a gateway that led right to the bridge of one of the orbiting Super Star Destroyers.

Location: Bridge of the Imperial Rising, a few moments later.

The bridge crew of the Imperial Rising was still dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of Valarium and his henchmen on the bridge. Valarium stood near the triangular windows of the bridge's forward section.

"Captain," Valarium ordered, "transmit this message to the Venom. Set course for the Force Gate." Shirus was about to protest, when Valarium cut him off.

"You're about to find out why my lightsabers are mounted on my wrists," Valarium said, as he removed his gloves. Though Shirus had seen almost everything in her time with Dr. Drakken, she wasn't prepared for what this. Both of Valarium's hands were nothing but bone. Both of his hands were suddenly alight with raw Force Energy, tearing a gaping hole within the very fabric of the Galaxy. Slowly the two massive warships made their way toward the hole, and one by one they vanished into it.

Location: Tomb of the Kyber Crystal

Ron regained conciseness, and quickly helped Kyle down from the wall. Kyle placed his hand over the gaping hole in his shoulder, and using the Force, quickly healed it. Kyle and Ron then turned his attention to Kim, who was slowly coming too.

"What happened," Kim asked

"We lost," Ron replied, "thanks to you." He stormed out of the cavern. Kim remained silent; she'd never seen Ron that angry before. She looked at Kyle for a brief second, but he didn't say anything, and followed Ron out of the cavern.

Location: Medical Room, Jedi Academy, Yavin IV

The one thing Kim will always remember about the trip back to Yavin was how quiet it was. She remembered when they first arrived back at the Raven's Sun, the only sound that broke the silence was Joss running into Kim's arms. The only thing Kim remembered doing was embracing her little cousin the way a mother embraced her daughter.

She finally emerged from the medical room, to find Ron, Kyle, and Joss waiting for her. Ron had recently acquired a cybernetic hand to replace the one Kim had cut off. For the first time Kim caught a glimpse of her face, a crescent shaped scar ran across her cheek, she wore a black eye patch to cover the robotic eye that now served as her left eye.

"I'm sorry," was the first thing Kim said, breaking the silence, "for what I did."

"Save it Kim," Ron snapped, "apologizing doesn't make up for what you did to Rufus," he turned away from her, "you betrayed us Kim, you killed Rufus in cold blood, and that takes more then I'm sorry to make up for it. You're still my friend KP, but regaining my trust is something you'll have to earn." Ron made his way down the hall, toward the training grounds.

"Time eventually heals all wounds," Kyle added, "but he's right on one thing you did betray us, and that is something we can't forgive." Kim turned away; a small tear flowed from her right eye.

"Even you," Kim added, "think I'm to blame for losing the Crystal."

"No," Kyle replied, as he placed his gloved hand on her shoulder, "we only lost a battle, the war isn't over yet."

"Ronald and Kyle are right Kimmie," a familiar voice said from behind her. Kim turned to find a familiar face staring back at her.

"Daddy," Kim said, aghast, "what are you doing out here in the Outer Rim?" At the moment she didn't know whether to hug her father or punch him in the face.

"Something's happened on Earth," Kyle Katarn explained, "the planet is under siege." Kim and Kyle didn't' say anything. Kim finally broke the silence.

"Why should I believe you father," Kim snarled. Katarn didn't know how to respond.

"Search your feelings Kimmie," Katarn said, "I'm speaking the truth."

"Truth," Kim replied, angrily, "I found out my arch-enemy is a sister I never knew I had, and I found out you and mom lied to me about her." Katarn didn't reply.

"I'm sorry for the lies we told," Katarn finally said, "I wanted to say something, but your mother wouldn't allow it. She allowed her hatred of Mutants to cloud her judgment. In many ways your mother never got over Magneto killing her brother." Kim didn't know how to reply to that, she could feel the truth in her father's words.

"Let's go," Kim said, "if Earth is in danger." Katarn cut her off right there.

"You're not ready to face the enemy currently menacing Earth," Katarn said. Kim tried to protest, but Kyle suddenly cut her off.

"I have to agree with Master Katarn," Kyle said, "after what happened on Kashyyyk, it's clear to me that we still have a lot to do." Kim didn't reply, she looked at Kyle for a brief moment, before she finally formed the words to reply.

"Very well," Kim replied, "on one condition. I want you to continue my training, Kyle."

"I'd be honored," Kyle replied. He took her in his arms, "no matter what I'll always love you."

"Thank you," Kim replied, softly. Kim suddenly turned to face Joss.

"What about Joss?" Kim asked

"Mom," Joss replied, "You couldn't get rid of me even if you tried." Kim couldn't help but blush.


PS: This chapter marks the half way point of Return of the Sith. PSS: The enemy currently menacing Earth at this time is the Nega-Moon Family