Disclaimer: FFX-2 and characters are properties of SquareEnix. I'm just borrowing them.

Summary: A collection of FFX-2 drabbles, no specific order or genre. Spoilers for LM.

Death is Happiness

It will be so easy to end the life he despised so much. But now, that won't be a fitting end for someone as great as he, right? Throwing himself over the Calm Land's gorge or purposely planting a bullet on his own brain is not a very 'valiant' thing to do. NO, he's too proud for all that. They are for commoners. He is a warrior, living like one and will end like one. A man is only a hero when he dies heroically in battle.

As he drops the fully loaded gun to sand haven and drags himself to the Balivarha, his only thought is: "At long last, it's finally here!"


He turns angrily from the sweet slumber of death in Balivarha's claw withering away to the imbecile who had prevented it from happening.

"How dare you…"