Fruits Basket

Story by Knight Basilisk

Chapter Three

"Careful," Shigure said. "Your wounds are still healing," said the handsome man in a traditional garb.

"What happened?" Tohru asked touching the cloth that was wrapped around her forhead.

"You were found unconscious near the house. You probably hit your head on the rock next to you." Shigure put the folded cloth aside.

"Oh," Tohru replied with a dazed expression. That explains a lot...for instance, the enormous headache she was feeling. She jerked back when Shigure suddenly appeared in front of her and placed his hand on her forehead. "Huh?" she asked blushing.

"You don't have a fever. And you look even more beautiful up close. Like...like a flower in full bloom." He smiled one of those "if looks could kill" smiles.


"Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch...!" Shigure whined huddled over with his arms rubbing his injured head.

"Just what do you think you're doing? I hope you're not being perverted."

Tohru looked up and saw another handsome man looking a bit younger than the raven-haired one holding a scroll in his hand. He had a little ponytail and was also dressed in traditional clothes just like Shigure. He pushed away a few strands of his lavender hair from his eyes and apologized. "I'm sorry if my lecherous brother did anything to you."

"I was only giving her a compliment. What did you hit me with? One of your wall scrolls?"

"No, a message from Akito. And you know how much those weigh." He turned to Tohru. "I'm Yuki Sohma. Are you feeling better? What's your name?"

"Yes, I think so." Tohru's face held a look of concern. "As for who I am...I'm not even sure, myself..."

"Hm, well, that is a problem, but I'm sure you'll regain it soon." Yuki offered her a warm smile. But it soon disappeared resulting from a loud bang caused by the closing of a door. Yuki sighed and turned around.

"DAMN SHEEP! We should just kill them all and have a roast!"

Tohru followed suit and turned her head. She couldn't see from the glare that came from the bright sun shining through her room's open door that led to the back yard of the house.

"Must you always come barging in?" Yuki asked in an annoyed tone.

"Must you always piss me off?!" the stranger replied in a sarcastic voice.

"Now, now, gentlemen, we have a guest. Let's just put all our bickering aside, for now." Shigure stepped in between Tohru and the offending sun. She blinked from relief and shock.

"I don't give a rat's ass about—"

"It's YOU!" she screamed suddenly. All three men looked at her strangely. "I know you!" She looked at the newcomer closely and regretted that she opened her mouth. He looked so familiar that it was giving her goosebumps. But her problem was exactly remembering who he was and what in the world made her react like that. She racked her brain for anything useful in identifying him from somewhere, but nothing came. She stared into his eyes and him into hers—brown w/crimson—but there still was nothing that could help her explain.

He had orange hair tied back in a ponytail—longer than Yuki's but shorter than Shigure's. He was also wearing similar clothes like Yuki's and Shigure's, only not as overly flamboyant. His crimson eyes looked questioningly at her through long bangs that were a little shorter than the lavender-haired man's. "Well...," she started, a little embarrassed. "I think I know you..."

"You know...I have no clue what she's talking about," replied Orange-head. He crossed his arms.

"You've met Kyo?" Shigure asked.

"I thought I did," replied Tohru in a small voice. Everything was hazy in her mind—all the incidents and encounters with this Kyo was a blur. "Maybe. ...I don't know," she said in defeat. Silence filled the room.

"Well, this is stupid. I'm going to get some air." Kyo turned around and stomped upstairs.

After he left Tohru looked at the remaining two. "Did I do something wrong? Is he mad at me?" she suddenly asked.

Shigure chuckled. "No, it's not you. That's just Kyo; that's who he is."

"And unfortunately, he's also related to us; our brother, whom it is our displeasure to call." Yuki flipped his hair out of his face.

"Brother?" Tohru gave him a confused look. "But he looks nothing like you, or you," she added pointing to Shigure. "In fact, all three of you look nothing alike."

"We're all brothers in a way yet we are not."

"What?" Tohru blinked at the mysteriousness that Yuki's reply instigated. He just smiled and looked at Shigure.

"What Yuki means to say is that we're...adopted, heh." A simple explanation, but it'll do for now.

"Oh, I see." Tohru smiled at his explanation, but still couldn't help but feel a strange, unnerving feeling that crawled at the pit of her stomach. Just then it growled.

"Sounds like someone's hungry!" Shigure laughed. "You can wait here and I'll bring you something."

"No, wait, I think I can get up!" She tried to stand up but did it a little too fast and soon she was sitting on the mat, again.

"No, no, no, you stay here. I'll go get it. Excuse me for a moment, my lady." With that said Shigure exited out of the room and started for the kitchen. "Now, all I need to do is to dig through all the garbage in the kitchen and find something edible...," he said. Once he walked in the kitchen, that idea was thrown out of his head. Their kitchen was actually another spare room in his mansion that was just conveniently made into a storage room from the accumulation of all their trash. Akito had offered them a few servants to help out with the mess, but Shigure reclined the offer. Now, he regretted it and was paying the consequences of his stupidity. "What to do, what to do..." Suddenly he had a bright idea in his head. "Hatori!" He exclaimed. He jogged quickly to the door, slipped on his slippers and headed for his relative's mansion.

†- -†- -†

Located in the back of the mansion, Yuki spied Shigure running towards the direction he knew was Hatori's residence from the room the mysterious girl was placed in. He sighed and shook his head. This is what they had to go through for his brother's stupidity. "I'm surrounded by idiots...," he mumbled.

"Did you say something, Yuki?" Tohru asked.

"Oh, no, I was just thinking aloud." He picked up another one of his wall scrolls making sure to go slow since his moronic older brother would be taking a while with the food he promised. "And this one is from the N------- clan. They presented it to me the day after I saved their young heir from a runaway carriage." That Shigure better hurry up.

†- -†- -†

Kyo looked at the scenery below him from his window. The breeze played with his orange hair while his mind played over the thoughts of the mysterious girl.

'Who the hell is she?' He wondered. One thing he wouldn't admit to anybody about what had happened today when they locked eyes was that his heart had skipped a beat. He didn't understand how a complete stranger could do that to him. Not even Kagura, one of the adopted girls of the Sohma family, could do that to him for the past 21 years. She was pretty, but too obsessive for him. He had enough of her deathly attention and accepted Kagura as an annoyance.

"Shigure?" He saw the raven-haired man speed across the yard and towards the direction of Hatori's mansion. "What's that lecher up to, now?"

†- -†- -†

It was around evening that Shigure finally arrived. Yuki had retired to the corner of the room reading over the scroll that was delivered to him from Akito while Tohru had gotten a piece of paper and started to write hiragana on it. She believed that if she started writing something, she would be able to remember a little about herself. She had started an hour after Shigure left and still didn't come up with anything.

"Hello, everyone! I'm home! Sorry for the wait!" He appeared at the sliding door at the back of the mansion and slid it open. He kicked off his slippers and stepped inside.

"What took you so long?" Yuki asked seemingly aggravated. "We could have starved to death."

"It's not like Hatori lives close by," he said forgetting that he was supposedly in the kitchen, but he caught himself. "Ah, I mean, er...sorry, kids!" He shrugged and smiled awkwardly.

"We're not children, and this could have been avoided if you accepted the offer of having housemaids around this place."

"Oh, well. Whatever will be, will be. Let's dig in!" Shigure had quickly set up a table in the middle of the room, set the plates and utensils—something he was given when he was picking up the food—and mats for everyone—all the while he was talking. It was very impressive for in five minutes flat, everything for dinner was ready.

"Wow, they all look so tasty! Here, let me," she offered to scoop the rice in the bowls.

"Why, thank you, young maiden! Your heart is as lovely as your face."

Tohru blushed and Yuki just rolled his eyes. At that time, Kyo had stepped in the room.

"Kyo! Come, sit down and eat! You must be starving, too!" Shigure said.

Kyo looked at Tohru who also looked up at him smiling. "I'm not hungry," he said turning around. He had to get out of there.

"Kyo, that's a lie and you know it. Just sit down and let's act like a family for one night."

Just then, Yuki and Kyo both scoffed at the same time and looked at each other for a second, and then turned away in disgust.

"I'll pass," Kyo replied and walked out of the room and out of the mansion.

Shigure sighed. "Poor, stubborn Kyo. He doesn't know what he's missing. Oh, well! Itadakimasu!" he exclaimed and stuffed his mouth with delicious food.

†- -†- -†

Dinner was gone and done save for a few bits of rice that were scattered around Shigure's place at the table. Tohru offered to clean up, but again Shigure declined and told her that she should wait after she was healed.

Tohru was now sitting on her mat in the dark, but it was at the same time illuminated by the moon and the stars. She slid her door open so that she could enjoy the outside air. It was a relief that made her headache almost disappear. A few minutes later, she unwrapped the bandage around her head. She realized that it made her feel much better. She rubbed her temples and thought somebody needed to teach whoever bandaged her head how to do it without killing their patient. She folded the wrap up and set it aside.

Another reason why she couldn't sleep was because the idea of being oblivious to her own identity bothered her. She became frustrated, but she quickly calmed down. The thought of anything bothering her just didn't stick around for long in her mind, and she focused on the beauty of the garden outside.

Suddenly, she heard a small creak next to her door. She turned around and strained her hearing. Were these guys perverts? Should she arm herself? Many thoughts buzzed around her head as she sweated over what she should do. But the creaking slowly faded away as if someone just passed her room. Curiosity got the better of her and she quietly made her way towards the door. When she slid it open, she saw a shadowy figure walking down the hall to her left turn a corner. She decided to follow it and traversed around the humongous mansion always a few steps behind the figure.

When they came to a stop, the person looked in a room and muttered, "Dammit. Where the hell does he keep all the food?" He stepped into the moonlight and Tohru saw that it was Kyo. Then she heard his stomach growling. He clenched his fists.

"Um, excuse me, Kyo?" Tohru whispered. He jumped back a few feet and grabbed his chest breathing quickly.

"Don't scare me like that! I mean...what do you want?"

"I'm sorry...but we ate all the food," Tohru quietly apologized. Kyo stared for a minute and then blinked.

"Ah, it's not like I was that hungry or anything." He turned around and his stomach growled again.

"Oh, wait, Kyo, I...I can cook something for you if you want." Tohru searched her mind for a recipe, anything, that could ease his hunger.

Kyo thought for a moment. "What do I have to do for it?"

"Well," Tohru began. "You can start by catching some fish." She smiled.

He turned to face Tohru and walked closer until they were a few inches apart. "It's a good thing there's a stream nearby. I'll be right back." With that said, he ran outside leaving Tohru blushing like a mad-woman.

†- -†- -†

A few minutes later, Tohru and Kyo sat around the little fire Tohru used to cook the fish. "Was it good?" she asked.

Kyo looked at her and turned his head back to the stars. "It wasn't the greatest...," then he closed his eyes, "but I'd be lying if I said that."

Tohru blushed at his compliment and she also gazed at the sky. The fire soon died down, but they remained where they were—which was just a few feet from the house.

†- -†- -†

In another room of the mansion lit with three candles, Shigure returned with a smile on his face. "She's not bad. Not bad at all." He stretched and sat down at his desk.

Across it lay the scroll that read,

A star falls from the heavens

People wishing as it goes by.

But is a fallen star as lucky

While the others watch it fly?

"Akito...you are one confusing person."

†- -†- -†

AN: Hah! Notice this chapter got longer?

Let me explain a few things:

1. Tohru has been transported back to Feudal Japan

2. She has no memories of her past

3. As for the "brothers" thing, you'll have to read on

4. And yes, this is a Kyoru. Definitely, definitely Kyo/Tohru

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