Title: A Song is Born
Author: athira80
Director: andileonhart
Editor: kaoru
Date Started: 11 February 2004
Category: Fantasy/AU, romance, shonen-ai
Ratings: PG-13
Pairing: Athrun Zala & Kira Yamato
Disclaimer: All the characters are owned by Bandai Sunrise from Gundam Seed

Chapter One – Rainbow

A young boy was sitting quietly on the edge side of a water fountain in a small city. The weather was clear and the sky was blue. The chirping of the birds and sparrows came from every corner of the city. It was 10 in the morning and some of the villagers were starting to prepare themselves to open up their businesses. A boy was fidgeting on his brown cape as he sighed. His face was shadowed by the hood.

Apparently, the boy just had an argument with the King, his father. Prince Athrun told his father regarding his feelings, on why the King had been acting coldly towards him since the day he was born. He felt that the distance between him and his father were miles away and he needed the affection so badly. His heart felt sore when he recounted the time when his father told him that his mother had passed away during his birth. It was bad enough that he did not have someone to mother him from young, and yet, he had to receive such treatment from his father.

The Kingdom in itself was in a good condition. The people enjoyed themselves, enjoyed their lives as the days passed. The faunas bloomedbeautifully in the city. It was peaceful.

The hooded boy felt his stomach rumbling. Athrun peered from under his hood to have a look around for an opened shop, which sells food. He spotted a man who was opening a store. And that store was selling fruits. Athrun made a slow advance towards that store and bought an apple. He needed to consume something since he left the castle before breakfast. He took his first bite as he stepped out of the fruit stall to continue his walk through his city in secrecy.

It was such a peaceful day. Balloons that were hung in every corner of this small city bobbed up and down rhythmically to the breeze that blew past, adding the colours of the rainbow to the blue sky above. The prince soon found himself among a group of children, who were in the middle of chasing one and another.

'Such a beautiful place…'

This was not his first attempt running away from the castle, though he knew that he would be in trouble with his old man. He just loved to be outside of the castle, wishing to be one with them. They had freedom, as their lives weren't bound to so many rules or regulations. They could go anywhere they want, eat what they wish and sleep whenever they like. At night, most people went to the pubs to drink and dance together. They were bound to each other. The prince felt jealousy arise when he saw one of the laughing children nearby in her mother's embrace.

'I just wish my mother is here. To love me as a mother would…'

Athrun stopped himself from getting drowned by his sad thoughts. He shook his head back into reality and walked away from them slowly. His intentions of running away returned again when he remembered the way his father had been treating him. But he realised who he was, his position as a prince, and as the future heir to the throne. His father might have to arrange his marriage one day so that he would be married to another, whose blood was that of a royalty as well. This meant that he would never be with a person that he truly loved. The purpose of their marriage would only be for the benefit of the kingdom. His life, even the marriage was full of politics. His life was bound by so many rules. Therefore, the word 'freedom' would never be found in his vocabulary.

Even now he knew he would be in trouble if any of the guards were to catch him wandering beyond the castle vicinity.

Speaking of a devil, the boy's emerald eyes spotted some guards wandering around the streets of the small town; it was obvious that they were looking for him. He quickly turned and hid himself behind one of the crumbled walls in the alleyway. He took a big bite from his apple as he observed their movements from afar.

"This is bad! We can't find him anywhere!"

"Let's report this matter to Captain Miguel! He should know what to do next."

A few moments later, the guards headed to another direction. Relieved, Athrun removed his hood, revealing his short dark-blue hair. He decided to walk further into the dark alley, trying to keep away from the guards who might still be wandering around. The alley got darker as he went further. After advancing several steps, a melodic voice reached his ears. He knew the voice does not belong to a female. It was that of a male, yet for some reason, it had such a feminine element to it.

'Lalala… I hear a gentle voice from somewhere'
'Which might have always been heard, the warmth found just near to me…'
'I was forgiven by forgiving many things'
'Including my childhood so long ago'
I was healed, though I intended to heal'

Athrun felt himself hypnotized by the melodious words. It was so beautiful. He felt the music pulling him just like gravity. The voice became distinct as he walked closer towards it. As he neared the end of the alleyway, he saw that it was much wider, more like a room. Athrun hid himself behind a wall upon realizing that the singer was not alone. He peered from where he was hiding and scanned the figures, for the one who was singing. Athrun's eyes widened as he finally found the person he had been looking for. The singer sat there with a few others, probably his companions for the day.

'I've just noticed, in the way'
'That I saved by love'
'Though I tried to keep love away
'You come down quietly from somewhere'
'And always tell me'
'Of the happiness just near to me…'

Athrun's heart skipped a beat when he finally saw the singer was. He was surprised that it the voice belonged to a boy, roughly about the same age as him. His neat hair was as brown as earth and his eyes were a beautiful amethyst. His thin body sat on an old wooden chair as his delicate fingers plucked the strings of his small golden harp. Athrun observed the boy's costume. It had this strange, yet beautiful pattern with some pearls attached onto them. A small crown, which sat on his head, had the same pattern as those on his clothes. The morning sun came through the broken roof and its rays reflected upon his crown, somehow creating a golden halo above him. His skin was so white that he almost looked like an angel. Athrun could feel his heart racing and his cheeks started to flush. At that moment when he set his eyes on this beautiful enigma, he had completely forgotten who he really was. He had forgotten his position, his kingdom, and his family. He was just a boy who had just found his angel. He found his missing piece that he had been searching for all this while.

'I sing this song only to you now'
'You are my special treasure'
'No rain, can't get the rainbow'
'No rain, can't get the rainbow…'

Mesmerized by the vision upon him, Athrun had unknowingly moved away from his hiding place. Without realising, he stepped on a pile of stones, and the sound had alerted those people surrounding the singer. They appeared to be the singer's guards of some sort. Almost instantaneously, the voice stopped as the guards turned their focus to the direction from where the sound was heard. Caution was written on all of their faces as they stood up and hoisted their weapons. Athrun gulped as he realized the blunder he had just created and resumed his hiding position. The singer stood up from his chair and moved forward and called the intruder out of his hiding place.

"Who is it?"

"No, Kira-sama! The stranger might be armed!!" one of the guards shouted after Kira, who was already walking towards the hiding 'stranger'.

"It's okay. I'll be fine. Just stay there alright?" Kira responded with a reassuring smile before he continued his approach. It didn't occur to him that the stranger was a bad person so he went to check it out himself. Besides, Kira got a glimpse of the stranger and judging from what he saw, the stranger looked pretty harmless. As he walked slowly but cautiously towards the rubble, he wondered why anyone would enter a dark alleyway like this.

'Maybe, the stranger is in trouble and he needs help' Kira thought as he neared the rubble.

Athrun could hear someone approaching him. When he turned around to check whom it was, his emerald eyes met the boy's amethyst eyes. The eyes were so clear and pure that he could see his own reflection in them. Athrun felt like he melted within those eyes. His heart told him to stay or he might regret it forever. And so, he did and continued his stare into those eyes. Without having to think much, he lifted the other boy's hand and kissed it.

"Kira-sama! Be careful!" one of the guards shouted, worry painted all over his face when he saw the intruder making a move on their friend.

The singer ignored his friend's warning. He felt something burning within him. His heart raced and his cheeks began to flush. It seemed that they felt the same way towards each other. It was love at first sight. A moment of deep silence fell over them, as they looked deep into each other's eyes.

"It was beautiful, Kira." Athrun whispered, breaking the silence.


"Your voice…"

Kira blinked at Athrun's words. He was taken aback by this sudden compliment, as he never thought anyone would appreciate his voice. He hesitated before smiling in response.

"Thank you, umm…sir."

"It's Athrun."

Athrun laid his palms on either side of Kira's warm cheeks. Surprisingly, Kira did not display any signs of hostility towards Athrun's behaviour. Instead, he kept his stand on the ground and closed his eyes he drew closer towards the blue haired boy. His friend's threat didn't reach his ears. At that time, Kira was oblivious to his surroundings. Their lips parted as they closed in on each other, feeling the warmth of their breaths.

Just as they were about to kiss, a distant voice called out the prince's name. Athrun gasped, realizing that he was still under pursuit. He gently pushed himself away from the other boy and looked at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry. I have to go."

With that, he quickly fled the scene and vanished into the darkness of the alleyway, leaving the singer behind. Just as Athrun fled, his friends ran towards him.

"Kira-sama. Are you alright?"

"Who is he anyway? Che! He doesn't have any manners at all!"

Kira completely ignored his friend's comments. He let out a small sigh as his eyes kept their focus on the dark alley, where the prince had vanished into.

A strong grasp held the prince in his tracks as he came out of the alley. A mature looking boy, dressed in green suit covered with grey armour, stood before him. His golden hair covered half of his face and revealed only one of his green eyes. He was slightly older than the prince.

"Captain Miguel!" Athrun's eyes were wide with shock at the sudden intervention.

"Prince Athrun! We finally found you!" the captain replied, relieved that he finally found the missing prince.

Athrun opened his mouth to reply his captain only to be interrupted by a sudden screeching, which sounded like a furious crow. Simultaneously, a boy appeared before them. His straight hair was a silvery grey and he donned a suit that was covered with the same armour as Captain Miguel, except that he had a dark purple cape, which cascaded down his back. His blue eyes gave Athrun a piercing glare as he approached them with heavy steps.

"We searched for you everywhere, you idiot!" the emotional boy shouted at the prince, "Do you have any idea how furious the King is at the moment?"

"Isaac. Calm down." Miguel quickly replied, trying to be calm as he could as he turned his head towards the angry boy, "We found him. There's nothing more to worry about."

"Hmph!" Isaac snorted, crossing both of his arms on his chest. He walked towards the prince and stood very close to him as he hissed. His pointy finger tapped against Athrun's chest, "Don't even think that you have special treatment from me just because you are a prince!"

Athrun lowered his head and closed his eyes, ignoring every sentence that Isaac hurled at him. He almost got used to Isaac's bossy, loud attitude. The boy could be very fussy about many things. Yet, with his special black magic power, the King accepted Isaac into his Kingdom at the age of 5, and made him one of the black mages in the castle. The King even treated Isaac like his own son. Perhaps Isaac's aggressive attitude had attracted the King's attention. Thus, he felt that both of them had the same goal in life, that is, to be tough. Isaac also became the leader of the Knights since he could master the higher level of black magic.

"Your majesty, we should be returning now." Miguel said, breaking the silence.

Athrun didn't like to be referred to as 'majesty' or 'prince'. He hated those words. He felt that such titles would only widen the gap that had already existed between him and his people. Left with no choice, he followed Miguel and his men and returned to the castle with a heavy heart. Athrun turned his head to look at the dark alleyway behind him, to get a final glance at the place where he had met his angel, his missing piece. His eyes narrowed, a painful expression formed on his face as the thought of not being able to meet Kira again crossed his mind. It would be an even cruel destiny for Athrun if he were confined to the castle grounds, never able to hear that beautiful voice again.

Note: Ayumi Hamasaki performed the Song "Rainbow".