Chapter Seven – Find the Way

He felt the weight of his body overcome him. Dusts emerged from the ground as he fell. The voice of his lover reached his ears from afar, calling out his name. Athrun completely ignored his pain and let the time passes quickly as he closed his eyes, letting himself to fall.

He heard Isaac's and Kira's voices in the darkness. He could vaguely hear the two completely opposite tone of voices – Isaac angry voice and Kira's soft voice. He then struggled to open his heavy eyes.

"You songsters disgust me!!!" Isaac shouted, pointing his sword towards Kira. His eyes gave a death glare towards Kira, giving him a warning not to make any further steps.

Kira obeyed, hands on his chest. His sad eyes turned on Athrun, who lied behind Isaac, then turned towards the pair of blue eyes in front of him. Those eyes seemed to be so familiar to him, yet his minds couldn't recall it. He knew for some reason he had seen those pair of enigmas. Those eyes seemed to be longing to have companions. They appeared to be so…lonely.

"Why…why do you hate to your own kind?"
'Why do you, with your small hands,'
'Try to carry all these wounds on your back?'
'It isn't for any one person's sake, please don't lose sight of that'

'Why am I, while hesitating,'
'Unable to escape?'
'What I hope for is the sun, the sun to light the way...'

Isaac blinked in confusion. "What? And you're saying I'm one of your kinds? What the hell do you know? Don't act as if you know everything!"

"Don't deny it, Isaac…" Kira reached his hand slowly, offering his palm, "You're one of us. I know it by looking at those blue eyes of yours…"

Felt offended, the head of the knight rejected the offer as he still keeping his weapon steady with his stance on the ground.

"Your father was a songster. I've heard of your father." Kira spoke, "And I know why you're here and why we're facing each other at this moment."

"Shut up! Be aware on what you're talking about. You sound knowing too much!" Isaac shouted.

Kira ignored Isaac's threat as he continues.

"I know what happened to him. He got killed…"

Isaac's eyes went wide open in utter disbelief, "What? I don't believe you! It can't be!"

A faint voice then came behind Isaac, interrupting their conversation, "Ki…Kira…?"


'Find the way'
'Though in this glowing cosmos our hands can't quite reach'
'We depend on only our resounding love'
'Because at the end of the path we've travelled we'll find the light'
'You'll find the way'

Kira immediately ran towards his dying lover, passes beside Isaac. His attempt then failed as a dagger suddenly stabbed on the ground in front of him. Kira's eyes then turned towards the furious Knight.

"Don't even think about it. You just made up a story to distract me, didn't you? You think you can get away with everything I've lost?"

"I did not!" Kira raised his tone, "I'm telling you this only for you! As well as for the sake of our people."

"Ours?? Stop joking around!! Do you even know the reason why I did all this?" Isaac shouted, still holding his sword, "I was going to destroy you. All of you!! And I will!!!"

'You said, "I had a long dream...'
'It was a very sad dream,'
'But what I saw wasn't one bit clouded..."'
'I said, "It's okay to cry,'
'Because I'll stay by your side no matter what."'
'What I wish for is a hand, a hand to reach up to me...'

Isaac then lifted his sword towards the sky. As he took a swing of it, the sword divides itself and creates a sharp, long whip and went straight to Kira's stomach. Eyes went wide in shock, the songster immediately fell onto the ground as the blood gushed out from his stomach. Athrun immediately has forgotten his pain and screamed on top of his lungs, tears streams heavily on his cheeks.


He struggled to lift himself up. Immediately, he ran towards the falling body and catches him. The weight of Kira's body forced the other boy to fell onto the ground. Eyes wide open in disbelief, Athrun brought Kira on his chest, weeping on his knees as he placed his lips on the brown strands.

"Why?? Why??" the prince whispered under his breath.

Isaac didn't show any sympathy towards the crying prince. Instead, he took few steps forward, and pulled out his whip sword.

"He doesn't deserve to live…" he said mockingly.

Athrun's red eyes shot a glare towards the knight. He quickly hoisted his dagger and points it towards Isaac, giving him a warning not to move an inch. A smirk was painted on Isaac's face, knowing that he would defeat the prince. Isaac immediately ceases his steps as the prince placed the dagger beside his neck.

Athrun could see the sign his kingdom was about to be torn apart. He hated to see his people quarrel over race. He, too, realised he won't be able to survive without the songster's love, and since he never receive any love experiences since the day he was born, it would be better if he ended up his life at this very moment, joining with Kira.

"And neither do I…"

Blood and tears mingled on his neck as his body fell onto the ground for the very last time. The prince could hear some vague, gasping voices coming from the people surrounds them. Dark clouds began to emerge. Drops of rain began to fall from the sky, as if the sky and clouds mourns the death of the two beloved.

'Find the way'
'Even without words, even without wings to fly on'
'As long as we stand our ground in the wind'
'Even if we're the first ones afflicted with this pain...'

The head of knight didn't expect any of those to happen. He was astonished to see the prince's action just then. He was about to kill the prince by his own hands. But he won't be worrying too much about that, now he only has one goal left – to get rid of the King.

The King soon arrived into the scene, accompanied by the old chemist beside him. It was too late for him now. Tears from his eyes start to emerge as he saw his son lying lifelessly beside his beloved. He walked towards the bodies and cried on his knees, regretting that he just lost his only genetic son and his future heir to his kingdom. The King soon realised how great the amount of love his son has towards the songster, even he risks his own life.

Isaac then walked towards him and placed the tip of sword beside the King's neck. The King looked up to him, eyes wide open.

"Isaac…" King Patrick spoke between his sobs. "You did this?"

Isaac ignored the King's question. "Step down."


"Step down. Now."

The King turned his head away, closing his eyes as he smiled. "I guess we're even now, Isaac."

Isaac blinked in confusion. He couldn't catch the meaning what the King just said. He remembered the moment when Kira told him, that his father was killed. But who? He already eliminates his possible evidence, which unlocks the key of his past. Isaac still didn't believe what Kira said a short while ago, it would be better if he listens from the King himself.

The knight took another step forward, continues to listen.

"I think I do deserve to have this…" the King spoke, "You took my son and I took your father's. Long time ago…"

Isaac almost couldn't believe what he just heard, eyes wide open as he gasped. All this time, he's been with his father's murderer. Huge lump gathered in his throat as he asked again,

"What?" Isaac's voice began to rise as he took huge steps towards the King, placing his sword beside his neck. "It was you?? All this time??"

"Isaac, listen…" the King raised his hands in front of him, signing him that he surrenders. "I'm truly ashamed of myself now, Isaac. I couldn't even take care my own family. Everything was too sudden, until when my wife, the Queen, fell to your father, Isaac…"

'Giving an answer surely isn't everything'
'I'll be patient, it's all right, and so are you...'

"Eventually I found out what's behind the curtain. I arrived home from a long journey only to find both of them in my chamber. I felt so angry…that I couldn't even control it. And so, I took both of their lives away.

"I'm truly ashamed of myself, Isaac. I didn't even know that Athrun was my son. I thought he came from your father…"

The King's head turned towards his falling son. The prince lied on the soaked earth, beside with his beloved. A smile painted on his face. The King could not bear to see such view as tears began to roll on his cheeks.

Upon hearing it, Isaac's eyes went wide in utter disbelief. His hands start to shake in anger. Although the murderer eventually tells the truth, it remains unable to satisfy the knight. He just wanted to kill him right now.

Isaac screamed in anger, as he was about to swing his sword. All of a sudden, some force caused his sword to stab onto the ground. Both of them quickly turned their heads towards the invincible attacker. It was Miguel.

"Haven't you got enough?"

Miguel walked towards them, bow in his hands. He had to borrow it from Diacca since he wields the only long-range weapon. Diacca stood next to wounded Nicole, realising on what he had done was wrong, only to follow Isaac's desires.

"Miguel!! How dare you…" Isaac hissed under his breath.

"Stop this! We have too much bloodshed already!"

"I have my own thing to settle, Miguel! Stay out of this!"

"No!" Miguel shouted, "I won't let our country torn apart! Look at us! Look in front of you, Isaac. What do you see?"

His tears began to form on his face as he points the two bodies on the ground. Isaac turned his head towards the bodies. Miguel's words really struck him. He realised on what he'd been doing was only for his own selfishness. Athrun and Kira weren't the only victim of this war and many of his actions took several sacrifices. He then turned his head towards the other two boys from afar, Diacca and Nicole.

"The King already committed a crime. And I wasn't looking forward to have another one from you, Isaac."

Realising he failed his attempt, Isaac clenched his teeth, holding his sword tightly. The head of knight, who'd been stood up for himself and had been look upon others, eventually dropped his weapon and fell on his knees, closes his face.

'Find the way'
'Though in this glowing cosmos our hands can't quite reach'
'We depend on only our resounding love'
'Because at the end of the path we've travelled we'll find the light'

'Find the way'
'Even without words, even without wings to fly on'
'As long as we stand our ground in the wind'
'At the end of the path we've travelled we finally saw the light...'
'You'll find the way…'

Note: Mika Nakashima performed the song "Find the Way" for the last closing ending of Gundam SEED.