Harper stared into the eyes of his torturer, and said, "You'll never get away with it." The woman just grinned back at him.

"That's what you think." She grinned evilly at him. "What do you think you can do about it." She raised her hand and pointed it at him. Harper's eyes raised in surprise as she attacked him with. He giggled as she tickled his left side.

"Rommie, Please...Stop...I can't...breath..."He gasped between tries for air.

"Oh, Harper. You don't get it do you." She giggled as she began tickling his other side. "You are going to tell me everything that you know." She leaned in and blew on his ear. "And more."

"NO!!!" he cried as he felt a certain part of his body become turned on. He growled and pulled into a small ball. "Rommie...Please Stop!" He cried out. He continued to gasp for breath. Rommie smiled and tickled him more.

"If you tell me what you did with the extra parts."

"Never." She spat at her. She shrugged her shoulders.

"Well I have all day...What about you." Then she began to tickle him worse then ever. He snorted. She laughed out loud.


"Do you call uncle?" She asked. He nodded. "Say the words." She said poking him in the ribs with every word.

"I give up." She laughed.

"I knew I would win." She told him. He grinned as he stood up.

"That's what you think." And with that he took off down the hall.

"HARPER!!!" She screamed after his running form.


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