"I'm so sick of you idiots!" Lothor screamed as he blasted a beam of energy at his nieces and generals. Marah and Kapri hid behind a large pillar while Vexecus and Choobo ducked. His latest attempt at destroying the rangers had failed. Now, Zurgane, Motodrone, and Shimazu were gone.

"Uncle? I have an idea," Kapri said cautiously.

"Just like your fabulous idea with those zords of yours?" he asked sarcastically.

Marah stayed in her position and watched as her sister told Lothor her plan. "Well, there's an alien named Decepto that can make the rangers see things."

"I'm listening," Lothor said leaning over towards her.

"Well, he has the ability to make the rangers live out their fears."

Lothor put his head in his hands. "I do believe we already tried that with the peebrain Eyesac," he said rubbing his head.

Kapri pleaded her case. "But Uncle, he can go like really deep into their subconscious and ACTUALLY make them live out their fears. He can make them see things that could drive them to the breaking point. We could drive them nuts and wait until they destroy themselves." Lothor contemplated for a moment and called his generals over.

"I think you may have a point Kapri...but I think it would be more fun to watch them destroy each other," he said. Marah listened intently an her eyes went wide when she heard who their first targets were...


Tori was lying on the beach in her blue and white bikini enjoying the noontime sun. She had been surfing for the better part of the morning and decided to take a rest. Her eyes were closed and a smile appeared on her face as she remembered the event that happened a little while ago...

She and Blake were running around on the beach like kids. Leeann had just left them, and Blake was hot on her heals as she raced towards the water. Tori ran as fast as her legs would carry her, laughing the whole way.

"Gotcha!" Blake called as he grabbed her from behind and started spinning her in the air. Tori laughed uncontrollably until he set her down in front of him. "Told you I could catch you!" he said mockingly pointing a finger at her. Tori lunged forward to tackle him when she tripped over her feet and fell into his arms.

They both stared at each other for a few seconds, and then they slowly began to move towards each other. As they neared, they were taken away by Cam calling them to Ops.

Neither one of them had spoken about it and it was driving them nuts. They knew they wanted to be together...why then was it so hard?

Tori felt someone blocking her sun and opened her eyes to see the object of her thoughts.

Blake could only stare at the beauty that was laid out before him. She was the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen. Her body was perfect, she was funny, smart...just beautiful in every way. Tori looked up at him and smiled wide.

"Um, hey," he said coming out of his trance. Tori sat up.

"Hey," she said back. She moved over and gave him room to sit. Blake took the hint and sat down next to her. "What's going on?"

Blake had been dreading this conversation. He was so afraid that if he told Tori what he had been thinking, then she would freak out and leave- but he knew that if he didn't tell her he would loose his mind.

"We, um, I think we need to talk about what happened," he got out. Tori bit her lip and turned her face towards the water.

"Yeah...about that," she said. Blake turned his head to her, waiting for his rejection. Tori gathered up her courage and decided to risk it all. "I really like you Blake," she said looking up to him. Blake was dumbstruck for a moment before realizing what she had just said.

"Really?" Tori nodded her head.

Blake then reached over and took her hand in his. "Do you want to go out tonight?"

Tori's face lit up. "I would love to."

"Great- there's this new club over on 5th that just opened...you feel like dancing tonight?"

"I ALWAYS feel like dancing!" she said laughing. Blake laughed too and stood.

"So I'll. Uh, pick you up at, say, 8?" Tori nodded her head.

"8 it is then," he said. He leaned down and kissed her cheek. Tori bit her lip and got up to head to her van. Blake just stood there and smiled at her. He took off down the beach with a huge grin on his face remembering how her skin tasted against his lips.


Dustin and Hunter were putting a few boxes away when they heard the bells chiming inside Storm Chargers. Hunter peered out and saw his little brother scanning the store with a wild look in his eyes. He dumped the other boxes on Dustin and headed out to greet him.

"I did it," Blake said when he saw Hunter.

"Did what?" he asked.

"I asked her out." A large crash was heard from the back, causing them to turn their heads.

"About time!" Dustin hollered. Hunter started laughing and Blake just stood there with a smile on.

"Dude!" Shane yelled as he entered the shop. "Awesome news!"

"Blake asked Tori out!" Dustin said running in. Shane looked at Blake and grabbed him in a friendly hug.

"It's about damn time," he said. Everyone then started laughing. "Anyway- I scored VIP passes to that new club for tonight. Some guy at the skate park didn't want them."

'Great,' Blake thought. 'Just when I thought I could get some alone time with her...'

"You in?" Shane asked him. Blake thought for a minute.

"Well, I was planning on taking Tor there tonight anyway..."

"Great," he said handing him two tickets. Blake gave a weak smile and decided to head home.

"What the hell was that about?" Shane asked. Hunter began to process everything together and sighed.

"I think he wanted this to be his and Tori's night...not, like all of us going along on their date."

"Oh..." Shane and Dustin said in unison.


Tori threw another shirt down on her bed and looked at the growing pile of rejected outfits. "Why is this so hard?" she said. "I mean- it's just Blake..." she trailed off as a smile appeared on her lips- lips that she wanted joined with his. She sighed contently and looked at her almost bare closet. Something way in the back caught her eye.

She reached back and pulled it out. She placed it on and looked in her mirror. "Perfect," she said as she reached for her hairbrush. She stopped when she caught sight of the pictures that sat on her vanity. One of her mother and father, and one of her mother when she was Tori's age. Her hand picked up the photo of her mom and a small smile appeared on her lips.

Tori's mother Ann had died in childbirth with her. Her father Pua raised her after that. Pua was from Hawaii and she had grown up there for most of her life. She learned how to surf and had a wonderful childhood.

Her father would always tell her stories about her mother. How she was always smiling, or laughing, or how happy she had been when she found out she was pregnant. They were visiting the Wind Academy when they found out. That was where her parents had met. Both were water ninjas and Pua was best friends with Sensei, well Kanoi at the time.

After they returned to the islands, everything was in full swing for Tori's arrival, but towards the end of her pregnancy, Ann fell ill, and when the time came for her to deliver, her body was too weak to survive.

She placed the photo back and took to combing her hair again. She looked at her reflection and saw the ring she wore on her right hand.

Her father had given to her when she was old enough for it to fit. It had been her mother's and she had wanted Tori to have it. Tori smiled as she looked at the silver band with small waves embedding into it. A smile appeared on her face again and she finished with her hair.

She looked at the photo of her father and mother. 'You're both together again...' she thought to herself. 'I hope I'll be as happy as you both were.' Shortly after she turned sixteen, her father was driving home and was killed in a car accident. After that, she moved to Blue Bay Harbor and was taken in by the academy (Sensei and Cam).

She looked at her parents and smiled. "Your little Wikolia has a date tonight." She took one last look and headed out to the living room to wait for Blake.


Not too far away, Blake was going through a similar type of ordeal. He couldn't find anything to wear. Hunter was in his room getting ready and came to check on Blake when he was done.

"Bro, I don't think you have anything else besides what's on the floor," he said. Blake turned to his brother and gave him a glare.

"This has to go well Hunter," he said turning back to his drawers. "Tori doesn't know this is like my first REAL date, and I want to make sure everything's perfect."

"Oh man, I never thought I'd be the one getting you ready for this," Hunter said. Blake stopped what he was doing and gave a small smile as he thought about how both his mother and father had tried to convince them that one day they would like girls. Blake shook his head a little and laughed as he looked over to his bookshelf and saw the last photo that was taken of his parents.

They were in their ninja uniforms and a toothless, 10 year old Blake with 11 year old Hunter were standing in front of them. That was taken only two days before their parents, Joan and Owen left on a secret mission, never to return. Blake snapped out of his memory and stood.

"I didn't either, bro...but I'm glad you're here," he said turning back. He found what he was looking for and put it on. "What do you think?"

Hunter walked over and put his hand on his shoulder. "Go get her little bro."


"Cam! Come on!" Dustin hollered through Ops. "You said you wanted to go!" Cam shook his head and headed out to greet him.

"Dustin, I have a lot of stuff to do tonight...I just have a feeling that something's going to happen," he said taking a seat at his computer.

"Tori would want you there."

"I highly doubt that she wants me, or the rest of you, on her date." Dustin sighed.

"Alright man. Whatever you say." Dustin turned and left.

As soon as he was gone, Cam turned on the computer and placed his chin in his hand. "Something just doesn't feel right..."


'7:58,' Tori said in her head as she waited anxiously for Blake to arrive. Everything was all set- hair, clothes, even a little makeup...now all she needed was Blake. At the mere thought of him her heart fluttered. Tonight was THE night for both of them. The moment they had waited for was finally here.

At the sound of the doorbell she almost fell off her couch. Composing herself, she went to the door.

Blake stood outside the small house and nervously rang the bell. He made sure his shirt was still neat, and felt his breath leave him when Tori opened the door. Her hair was half up, letting the rest of her flaxen tresses hang over her shoulders. She had on tight fitting blue jeans and a spaghetti strap, blue sparkled shirt that hugged her torso perfectly. Her eyes shone and he saw that she had put on a little bit of blue eye shadow.

"Wow," was all he said. Tori bit her lip and blushed.

"Thanks... come in," she said ushering him inside the small living room. She closed the door but couldn't keep her eyes off him. He was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a white tee-shirt and a navy button down short sleeve shirt over it. The scent of his cologne still hung in the air and she inhaled.

"You look really nice," he said when he turned back to her.

"So do you," she replied. There was a moment of awkward silence before Tori went to get her coat.

"Um, listen, Shane and the other guys are going to be at the club."

Tori placed her coat on and turned to him with a somewhat saddened look on her face. "Really? That's...well,"

"I know. I already talked to Hunter about it and he said they'd stay away. But we scored VIP passes," he said trying to lighten the mood. Tori smiled and walked over to him.

"To be completely honest, I don't care if they're there." She paused for a moment and prepared herself for what she was going to say. "As long as you're there I'll be fine." Blake thought his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

He smiled at her and took her hand in his. He slowly brought it to his lips and laid a feathered kiss on it. Tori felt herself getting a little warm and smiled wide as she wrapped her arm around his.

They left the house hand in hand.