Tori sat on the soft grass of the park with Kili sleeping in her arms. Laura and Marah were sitting also and laughed as the guys tried to play football with their sons. Kelly laughed as she readjusted her newborn daughter in her arms.

Skye Anna Clarke was born three months ago, a day before Owen Hunter Bradley greeted the world. Skye's skin was lightly tanned, and her hair had a touch of red to it like her mother.

Owen on the other hand was as light skinned as could be. His blue eyes mirrored his fathers, while his hair was a light shade of blonde.

Kapri put Owen in his carrier and watched as Hunter picked Max high in the air. Everyone was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine as the guys came back over to the girls. Kai clung to Blake's back, while Kanoi and Max raced Shane and Cam.

Blake sat next to Tori and kissed her cheek. Kai sat on his lap and looked over to Kili. "Kili play mama?" he asked.

Tori kissed his forehead and saw him release a yawn. "Kili's taking a nap...I think you need one too."

Blake caught her look and they parted from their friends. As soon as they pulled into the driveway, Kai was already sound asleep with his thumb stuffed into his mouth. Blake took Kili in while Tori tended to her son.

Soon Kai was tucked away in his room and Tori went to her room where she saw Blake trying to calm his daughter. She walked over to the bed and sat next to him, kissing his cheek.

"I think she's hungry," Blake said. Tori took her from him and undid the front of her shirt. Blake watched in awe as Tori held the baby up to her chest and fed her. It was in these moments that he truly realized what it was meant to love her.

In these precious times that they shared, he felt as if he heart would burst from his chest from pure love and adoration he held for the woman in front of him.

Tori felt him reach his arm behind her and kiss her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned back into him. He was always there for her and their children and for that she was eternally grateful. He was her rock in the world that kept her grounded, and yet allowed her to stretch her wings and fly.

The tiny body in her arms ceased her suckling and closed her tiny brown eyes. Her skin was a light tan, and her hair had lightened to a light shade of blonde, much like her mothers. It was apparent in her eyes that she was Blake's child.

She carefully removed Kili from her bosom and Blake took her into her room that was adorned in light blue and white, much like Kai's room had once been. His walls were now covered with his many pictures and a few of him and Blake on Blake's bike.

He walked over and placed her in a basinet on the other side of the room. Leaning down, he kissed her cheek and watched her squirm a little. He carefully made his way out and headed back to his wife.

Tori buttoned her shirt back up and settled into the warmth of her bed. Between a two year old and a three month old she was exhausted. Her eyes slowly closed and she lay down on her nearly flat stomach.

Blake walked in and found her seemingly asleep. He shut the light off and lay down next to her, placing an arm over her back protectively. His lips gently brushed hers and he felt her respond just as lightly.

"Is she settled okay?" she asked softly. He kissed her again.

"Yes." Tori snuggled into his soft embrace and turned on her side, leaning her body against his.

"I love you," Tori breathed as she felt his hand running along her back. He always knew how to comfort her.

Blake kissed her passionately and pulled her in tighter to him. She had given him so much- a wonderful life, two beautiful children, and most importantly her heart. They pulled away slowly, not wanting the kiss to end.

"I love you too Tor." He ran his hand up her torso until her reached her face. His fingertips gently grazed the soft skin of her cheeks until his hand rested on her chin. He pulled her in again and kissed her long and deep.

Tori couldn't resist herself and placed a hand on his back, pulling him in to her, then parted her lips as an invitation to go deeper.

Blake followed her silent instruction and delved into her mouth with his tongue until he felt hers against it. They worked like a well-oiled machine as they carefully removed each other's clothes.

They had not been together for nearly seven months, with Tori being pregnant and having to wait until she was healed from her operation.

Soon their bodies were familiarizing themselves with each other as they carefully touched and kissed. Blake kissed his way down her chest until her reached her abdomen. A scar was just below her navel, and like she had done all those years ago, he kissed along the entire length of it.

Tori ran her hands over his back and felt his scar as he kissed hers. A peaceful feeling came over her. They were both so comfortable with each other, not caring about imperfections. In their minds, they were both the most beautiful people in the world to each other.

His lips danced their way back up to her lips and held them there as he penetrated deep into her. Tori's head fell back into the pillows with Blake's following. The feeling for both of them was amazing.

Their love poured out as they continued their labors. The wait was well worth it and they worked in perfect rhythm until they felt themselves explode with pure joy.

Blake's body fell over her like a warm, protective blanket. Tori breathed heavily and kissed his shoulder. He rolled off of her and held her close.

"Wow," he said at last. Tori smiled.

"I second that," she said. She leaned into him and soon felt her eyes closing. Blake too felt sleep coming over him, but his mind decided that they needed to take some precautions should their son toddle in as he was prone to do after waking.

As if she was reading his mind Tori reached down to the floor and grabbed the first thing she could find, which happened to be Blake's t-shirt. She put her underwear on and Blake laughed. He kissed her cheek and rose to get another shirt. He placed it on with his boxers and climbed in with her.

They were both soon asleep, but as predicted, Kai toddled in and sleepily crawled in between them. Tori smiled and held him to her as he fell back to sleep. Blake wrapped his arm around them both and closed his eyes again.

Just as he was on the brink of sleep, a soft crying was heard coming from Kili's room. Not wanting to disturb his wife and son, he got up and went to get her. He left the room and returned with her in his arms.

Laying down next to Tori, he cradled Kili in his arms and looked over to her. Her eyes were open slightly and she smiled broadly when she saw the sight. They both smiled and kissed gently. Their heads rested on the same pillow as they finally fell asleep with their children in their arms...