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Summary a simple patrol turns out for the worst.

It was a lovely warm spring morning in Imladris; there were two patrols ready to leave in the courtyard.

"You sure you'll be alright?" Elladan asked his twin.

"Yes, it's not like we haven't been on separate patrols before is it?" Elrohir assured him, "I'll be fine brother, as I'm sure you will too."

"Very well, I'll see you later." He smiled and led his patrol toward the south whilst Elrohir headed east.

"My lord," a guard turned to Elrohir, "there are a group of Humans heading this way...they do not look friendly."

"Stay here, I'll go for a closer look," the younger son of Elrond said, making his way cautiously toward the band of men, his sword at his side.

"Be careful." The other Elf warned; they knew his twin would react badly if anything happened to him, Elrohir just nodded and signalled for them to keep quiet.

A twig snapped.

The men in the small group all looked around toward the Elf that remained hidden in the bushes, alerted to another's presence, bows and swords were ready. Suddenly a tall being came from the bushes, the men did not hesitate to shoot the intruder down before it had a chance to speak.

Elrohir had been about to assure the men that he was no threat when he felt something sharp lodge itself in his shoulder, another a little lower, miraculously missing his heart. He hit his head as he fell to the floor and spiralled into unconsciousness.

"Daro," a voice yelled, the men stopped still, "move away from him," one of the Elves threatened, aiming an arrow at the Human leader's heart.

The other Humans pointed their weapons as more Elves came from the trees.

"Move away from him. NOW." Glorfindel demanded, "Lower your weapons, we will not use ours unless you start first."

"Dunt trust your kind." He said simply.

"Trust us or not, we must get to our friend, he could be mortally wounded. We need to get to him, and cannot do that unless you move away from him." He spoke with urgency in his voice.

"You Elves are immortal...you know nothing of death...you don't have to watch your kind die every day...now you can."

With lightening moves Glorfindel pinned the Human against a tree and had a dagger to his throat. "Listen you pathetic worthless form of life," he hissed, "You tell your men to move away from that Elf otherwise he will not be the only one dying this day."

"Move away," he called, allowing the Elves access to their fallen companion. "There's nothing you can do for him anyway Elf, the arrows were poisoned from a plant of which there is know known cure, he will die anyway."

"Well that remains to be seen." Glorfindel muttered kneeling next to the fallen Elf. "What plant is it?"

"What's it to you?"

"So he has a chance to live." Glorfindel glowered at the unhelpful man.

"It won't do you any good you know...told you...now we'll be off."

"Stop them," Glorfindel ordered and elvish arrows flew into their targets before the Humans had a chance to react and he stalked over to the Human leader who was dying from an arrow protruding from a lung. "Shame," he murmured, "I'm sure Lord Elrond would have loved to have brought the murderer of his youngest son to justice, oh well I'll have to spare him the pleasure." He glared to man literally to death.

"Lord Glorfindel." A young warrior brought his attention back to the fallen Elf, "I don't think he will last... if the arrows were poisoned as he said then I don't think he will last long."

"I will get him back to his father, go to the southern patrol and fetch Elladan and tell him it is urgent, but don't give him full details."

"Yes my lord." He bowed and sprinted off into the trees.

It was a quiet afternoon in Imladris, a rarity in itself, for the twins were out on patrol, but to Elrond it was a welcome quiet, for once, seeing he had much work to be getting on with, unfortunately the peace was disturbed by Glorfindel yelling for him. Didn't he go out on patrol with the twins? Shrugging slightly he met his friend in the hall. He seemed apprehensive.

"Sorry to disturb you Elrond..." he started.

"Calm yourself Glorfindel, what has happened? You look like you have run from the Eastern border...you have...what..."

Glorfindel ignored his lord's questions as he dragged him toward the healing wing.

"Glorfindel, tell me what has happened." He demanded.

"Elrohir was shot by Humans...they said there was no cure for the poison...I'm sorry my friend, I d not think there is anything we can do for him."

He looked to see Elrond had frozen outside the door and could guess the fears and thoughts running through his mind.

Elrohir...shot...poison...nothing we can do...Elrond had barely been able to register the keywords after his son had been shot.

"I sent someone to fetch Elladan, he'll be here shortly, go on in, I'm sure he'll want to see you." Glorfindel pushed the lord into the room before going off to look out for Elladan.

"Halt, who goes?" Elladan demanded hearing something coming toward them.

"My lord, you are needed back home at once." The breathless guard told him.

"What?" Why? Has something happened?" he demanded.

"Your brother my lord...he's been injured..." hearing the words brother and injured in the same sentence sent the Elf rushing toward Imladris, dreading what was wrong.

"My lord," a healer joined Elrond outside the room, "We have managed to get samples of the poison from the arrowheads, and we are having trouble identifying the cure."

"Very well, I'm sure we'll be able to find something." He tried reassuring himself as much as the healers.

Hours later there had been no word from Elladan nor had Elrond been able to find a cure.

"My lord, we are out of samples."

"Have there been any reactions with any of the common antidotes?"

"No my lord..." he trailed off hearing a string of dwarvish curses.

"Are you sure?"


"No that is not good enough; there should be more antidotes around here. I will not accept that will all the cures we have that we do not possess one for this poison."

"My lord...we do not know they type of poison we are dealing with..."

"Well we should." He growled.

"My lord, your son asks for you." a servant entered the room, without another word he left and went a few doors down, dreading to face his dying son.

Was he not the greatest healer in Arda? Should he not be able to do something? What good was being a healer if you could not even save your son? At least his wife had lived and was in Valinor...but Elrohir...he trailed off entering the room.

"Ada?" Elrohir whispered weakly, sensing his father entering the room.

"I'm here my son," he assured quickly taking a seat on the edge of the bed and started smoothing the hair from his sons face.

"I'm not going to survive am I?" he asked weakly, "the poison..."

"I'm sorry Elrohir...the poison is unknown to us...there is nothing we can do...I tired my son...I really tried..."

"I know Ada...you cannot do more than try." he whispered placing a hand on his fathers.

"I failed you Elrohir, something in my heart tells me I failed you..."

"No Ada, you have done what you can...no one can ask for more..." he squeezed the elder elf's hand lightly and changed the subject, "Where's Dan..." Elrohir looked for his twin.

"He is on his way," he noticed his son was trying to rise, "No, stay down, safe your strength."

"Love you Ada," he whispered.

"I know my little Elf Knight, I love you too, know that always." He gently kissed the top of his sons head and held him close one last time. "I can hear Elladan coming; I'll leave you two alone." He kissed him once more.

"Namárië Ada," he whispered.

"Namárië ion nîn," he whispered leaving the room.

Elladan skidded to a halt next to him, his hopeful eyes searching the elder's eyes, but was only returned with a tear glazed glance.

Only mere minutes passed before Elrond heard Elladan's heart rendering cry, and knew that his youngest son had died.

Things were not going to be the same without him.