Summary Songfic Two close friends finally part

Disclaimer song is from WWE soundtrack

I've known you all my life

At least that's how it seems Never known another way Living out on a dream

Now I know you're leaving me and I'll never understand

Before I let you walk away, I have one last demand

The sun was fading slowly, the reds, oranges and golds of dusk seeped through the small windows to the King of Gondor's room.

The door opened slowly, Arwen stood as Legolas hesitantly walked into the room.

"Legolas is here my love," she whispered to the still form on the bed and forced a tired smile as she walked past Legolas.

Even before he saw his old friend he knew one thing. He would not likely survive to see the new day.

Tell me a lie and say that you won't go Look in my eyes and hold me even though I realize you had to walk away No more yesterday

"Estel..." he started uncertainly...what could you say to a dying man?

"I'm glad to see you Mellon nîn," was a shaky reply, "It has been a while."

"Yes has," Legolas realised the truth in his friend's words. It had been too long.

"But you're here now," the king smiled, Legolas could tell he was tiring swiftly.

"Yes I am." Legolas agreed with a small smile.

"It seems like only yesterday when we dragged me back to Rivendell for the first time. Who was to know it was not the last." A small chuckle escaped his lips. "And yet, no matter what we have been through, you have remained at my side until the end."

"I told you I would, did I not?" Legolas gently took one of his friend's shaking hands in his own. "I never in my life thought I could get into much trouble until I met you Estel...yet we have stayed together through everything...until the end...I knew we would...your brothers often said nothing would separate us...if only that were so..." he felt a tear gliding down his cheek as he looked to see the stars shining brightly, but none brighter than Eärendil.

You always were my Angel

Flying high above Always looking out for me Angel that I love But now my dreams are fadin' like age-old photographs That hurt too much to look at now, remind us of our past

"Legolas...I can feel my time grows short..." he let out a cough.

" can't leave me...I can't go on..." Legolas started to protest, not wanting to loose his best friend.

"Yes you can Legolas, you can and you were always strong...long before we are still strong now...go to the West...remember me my friend...remember all the times we had together...good and bad...remember my love for you brother..."

"Estel...I..." he had known that Estel would not live forever, and cursed himself for it... "It's not fair," he spoke his thoughts, "Why are you not allowed to live forever...after all you have done..."

"Legolas," he smiled fondly at his friend, "we both knew this day...night would is here...and I must leave you now...I know this Legolas...I have never regretted a moment of knowing have been such a good friend...more than I ever deserved..."

Legolas choked hearing those words and pulled the man into one last embrace.

"Ai can you even think that? You were the greatest thing I found in my life...a true friend...I feel very privileged to have known you even for a short while..." he wiped the tears from his face. "Namárië Estel...may you always find peace." He kissed the man's brow and left, allowing Arwen to rejoin him.

"Namárië Legolas," he whispered.

Tell me a lie and say that you won't go

Look in my eyes and hold me even though I realize you had to walk away No more yesterday

Legolas sighed as he walked outside, by the King's room window.

"Estel," Arwen's cry pierced his heart and he knew the man's time in Middle Earth was truly over. He looked to the sky and saw a new star shining brightly and he whispered once more.


Maybe we could stay together Maybe it could last forever Maybe if you just tell me a lie Maybe then, we'll never say goodbye