AN: Hi all! I am working on my first OTH Fic and I wanted to give y'all some background info. It will be set when everyone is 24 (about 8 years from now). __________________________________________________________

Haley James-Living in Boston going to Law School. She lives with her best friend, April Jordan, whom she met 3 years ago when they were forced to room together at college. The Boston gang consists of those 2, a few guys, and one more girl (who you'll "meet" in the first chapter.) Haley is dating around.

Lucas Scott- Went to Duke from Tree Hill and played basketball. He graduated but still lives in Durham (where Duke is) which in my world is about 30 minutes outside Tree Hill. He works as a Physical Therapist at a local Sports Clinic. He is also dating around.

Brooke Davis- Brooke is an actress and lives in LA. She will be dating a famous actor, can't decide who yet. (Any ideas?) She won't be a central character, but will provide tons of Fictional Fun!

Nathan Scott- I'm not telling you much about him because with the way I have my story planned out, to much info would ruin it. Let's just say he's a happy young adult. I am trying to decide what he should be doing. I might have him been just drafted into the NBA, but possibly not, because alot of stories have that. Another option is to have him be an Athletic Trainer. (The guy that takes care of injuries on the team and so on.) Ideas?

Peyton Sawyer and Jake Jagelski- They both went to New York to school, Peyton for Art and Jake because he felt the need to leave Tree Hill. While in NY Peyton worked as a MTV VJ, (which is shout-out to Hilarie Burton and MTV!) When they left they were nothing more than Best Friends, but they decided to live together, so there would always be someone to watch Jenny. Over time, they realized somewhere along the way they had fallen for one another and started going out their junior year (of college). They moved back to Tree Hill, where Peyton took over Thud magazine and Jake is a Social Worker in Durham. (He commutes there daily and when he has to work to late, he crashes at Luke's place.) They are now engaged, and some of the story will take place at their wedding and reception (basically the trip back home for Haley to attend it.)

Karen and Keith Scott- In my world, after Keith leaves, he stays gone for a little over a year, returns, and a couple of years later, he and Karen get married. They have a little girl, now 5 years old, named Lacin Kloe Scott (pronounced Lace-in). Karen still run's Karen's Cafe. Keith reopened the garage and works there.

Deb Scott- Divorced Dan when the kid's were 17. I have not decided if she will be married, single, or dating. Ideas? She helps out at the cafe, but is back with the Charity work.

Dan Scott- I am a little conflicted over the Dan thing. On one hand, I want him having a role, on another I don't. Some possible avenue's I am exploring. 1-The Dan he is on the show, but divorced. 2- He got a girl, Nate and Lucas' age, pregnant but actually stuck around. Possibly married her and became a good dad, reconciled with Nathan and Luke, takes an active role in their life. Luke does not call him Dad tho! 3- He left Tree Hill and didn't come back. 4-He died. :lol Yeah... Help me decide.

Other- Other characters, such as Tim, Mouth, Skills, fellow basketball players and cheerleaders, will probably make appearances. Also, Nikki will be in it. After a few years Jake relented to let Nikki see Jenny, she doesn't have joint custody, but Nikki comes to see her often and takes her on outings. Nikki also has a little boy named Noah, he's 3, but she doesn't know who the father is.

Important Relationship INFO:

Nathan and Haley remained a couple through High School and through out their freshman year of college, when she went to Boston and he chose to play at UCLA. They broke up that following summer because the distance was to hard to work and Haley felt they needed to experience life more, before settling down. After the break up they continued to talk, until things blew up in their face when they started dating other people. They got into a huge fight and never got over it. They haven't talked since then, and Haley asked Luke to not mention Nathan in anyway. They have no idea what is going on in the other's life.


Ok, so what do you all think? I hope I made it sound ok. I have 8 pages written right now and a ton more in my head. If this is something you can get into please let me know. Also, let me know of any suggestions or questions. Thanks a million, in advance!:D

.:. Brody Jordan .:.