Rogue was angry that she had told Remy to stop following her. She never thought he'd actually listen.

When they got home, Remy clean Rogue's cut and gave her plenty of ice and aspirin. He even ran a bath for her and put lavender scented bubbles in. She raised her eyebrows at his chivalrous gesture, but he just shrugged his shoulders and wandered back to his room, whistling a random tune.

The Goth shrugged her clothes off and sunk into the warm bath. She hugged her knees close to her body, still feeling vulnerable even with the door locked. She wished Remy were still here; she didn't want him to see her naked, but the thought of him being here with her was comforting.

Rogue stepped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around herself, and made for her bedroom, where she slipped on a bathing suit. After, she tip-toed down the hallway and stopped in front to the Cajun's door. She thought twice about disturbing him, and made her way back towards the bathroom- not before stepping on a loud creak in the floor, bringing the thief out of his room to investigate.

"Whatcha doin out here, petite?"

Not able to think of a good lie, Rogue told the truth. "Ah was gonna ask ya ta stay with me, but it seemed stupid," she whispered.

"It's not stupid, chere," he said walking her back to the bathroom. "Remy will stay wit you." Rogue stepped back into the tub and Remy sat on the floor beside it.

"Rem, why didn't ya follow me? Ya usually don't listen ta what Ah say."

"You say you can take care of yourself. I just wanted to respect dat. Mebbe I shouldn't listen to you anymore, non?" He said grinning at her. She returned a weak smile, but she still looked distant to Remy.

"Rogue, what's wrong?"

"Damnit Cajun! You know very well what's wrong," she shouted at him, but instantly regreted her harsh words. "Ah'm sorry, Remy," she whispered.

"Non, don't be sorry Rogue."

"Ah just feel so weak right now. I feel helpless."

"You're not weak or helpless. You could kick my ass and you know it. Tonight, what happened, the situation just got outta control. It happens, but it's in de past now. No use dwellin on it."

"Yeah, you're right. Ah just wish Ah didn't even go out tonight."

"Why do you go out every night petite? Every night, with a different homme." Remy questioned.

"Honestly," she started, "ta make ya jealous." He looked up at her in suprise.

"Well it worked. Why would you want poor Remy jealous?"

Rogue blushed a deep crimson and answered, in barely a whisper, "Because Ah love ya."

Remy had no idea what to say to this. For the first time in his life, a woman made him speechless. He was no longer smooth-talkin Remy Lebeau; he was a stamering little boy.

"Y-you love Remy?" Rogue looked up at him, giving him her best death glare.

"Damnit Swamp rat ya heard me. If ya don't have anything ta say ta it, just get ou-" Remy stopped her talking with a passionate kiss. She melted into it, but quickly pulled away. "If you even think you're gettin me in bed, you're gonna be a dead Cajun," she said to him venomously.

"I would never dream of hurtin de woman I love."
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