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My name is Bakura, and I am a vampire.

I am here to tell you my story, the tale of my life. And how it all changed after I met him...

My slave.

My love.

My everything

...My Ryou.

*** Chapter 1 ***

It all began one warm spring night, when I traveled out to the village with my trusted friend, Marik, to purchase some furnishings for our house at the market. We lived in an enormous mansion on a hill that overlooked the entire village. We certainly didn't need any more items for the manor. But, we decided to amuse ourselves anyways, and purchase whatever it was that we desired. Both of us were vampires at that time.

"Come now Bakura! Can you move any slower?" My companion joked playfully, waving a ways ahead of me. "The night is full my friend! Let us enjoy it while it lasts!"

Marik was quite a handsome young man. He was rather tall for his age, and had head full of spiky blond hair that gave him a reasonably unique look that people always noticed. His eyes were a dead violet color that turned red only when feasting on the delicacy of mortal's blood.

I, on the other hand, was a little shorter than Marik, and had a long, thick, white hair, that only further made me stand out in a crowd along with my pale complexion. My eyes were a dark brown that also turned red upon indulging human blood.

"We have an eternity to look forward to." I said, grinning to Marik as I caught up with him. "Must you act so impatient?" Marik growled lightheartedly and lightly punched my shoulder before leaning over and kissing me on my cheek.

Yes, we were 'lovers' at the time. Living for eternity really makes you lonely, and being together helps reduce that pain.

Arriving at our destination, we both went our separate ways, each of us seeking out our own treasures to buy, or steal if the price was too high. As I was looking through various bowls and vases, I heard a sharp cry of pain behind me, laughter following the sound. I turned my head and saw a group of people standing around in a circle, surrounding someone. My curiosity rising, I treaded over to where the crowd was, shoving my way through the mass of people.

"Please! Let me go, I beg of you! Stop it! Please!"

It was a small boy, bound hand and foot, sitting in the middle of the crowd. He couldn't have been older than 14, he was so small. He looked around the mob of people desperately, hoping someone would save him from his pain. A whip crashed down on his back once again. He cried out in anguish, tears streaming down his face, mixing with the dirt and blood that caked over his skin.


"I told you too many times to shut up Boy!" The man who was holding the whip snarled. He turned to face the cluster gathered around him. "Now, who wants to purchase this nice slave? He isn't very strong, but he's quite the looker! A perfect bed slave, if anything else." The young teen sobbed heartbrokenly, curling himself into a ball as he tried to block out the man's harsh words.

This child fascinated me. He looked almost identical to myself, only more innocent and fragile looking. I wanted him immediately.

"I'll take him." I said coldly, revealing my place amongst the crowd. The man grinned lecherously at me.

"That will be ten gold coins." He said, a disgusting smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and pulled out the cash, throwing it at him carelessly. I noticed the boy looking up depressingly at me as he was being sold. How it must feel to think that you're life isn't worth anything more than a few coins...

"Come. On your feet." I commanded gruffly. He flinched and looked down at his tied up ankles. I had forgotten that he was bound, so I pulled out my dagger and leaned down to cut them off, but I was startled when he yelped and leapt back from me, his eyes wide and filled with fear.

"Please don't hurt me." He whimpered, pleading brokenly, his big brown, innocent eyes peering up at me, filled with tears. "Please...No more pain..." I felt my heart clench in sadness looking at the piteous mortal. He looked completely helpless.

"I'm not going to hurt you." I said as gently as I could, not wanting to frighten the poor child. "Now, be still." I leaned over him once again, noticing him flinch, before cutting the ropes off of his hands and feet. "Get up."

He did as he was told, wobbling unsteadily, as if he hadn't walked for a long period of time. He took a cautious step forward, and cried out in pain once again as his ankle collapsed underneath his weight.

"It's broken." Someone said behind me. I turned to face the previous owner of the child, and glared at him.


"I did it." He grinned savagely. "The little whelp kept trying to run away, so, I broke his ankle to prevent any further escapades." I frowned. Now how was I supposed to get him back to the mansion? I looked back down at my new slave, shaking my head in annoyance as I came up with an idea. It was one I didn't like, but it's not like I had much of a choice in the matter. I bent down and swooped the startled boy up in my arms. He yelped and clung on to my shirt with his eyes closed. He was so light...

"Hey Bakura!" I turned my head towards the sound of my name being called, and saw Marik waving at me wildly with an enormous grin on his face. He was holding a rope that was tied around the neck of a young boy that looked a lot like Marik himself. The boy was gagged, and his wrists were bond together, but that didn't keep the disobedient glare out of his eyes. "Look what I bought!"

"I see." I smirked. "It seems we've both purchased ourselves some new slaves." I nodded towards the bundle in my arms. "Why is yours gagged?" Marik snickered quietly at my question, and showed me his right hand that had fresh puncture wounds.

"He bit me once I bought him." Marik explained, still giggling. I couldn't contain my laughter and burst into a fit of chuckles, ignoring the look of contempt Marik's slave gave me. I found that a vampire being bitten by a human was quite amusing.

"Come on. We have to get these two back before the sun rises, we only have a few hours left."

"But we haven't eaten yet!" Marik whined, stamping his foot down in protest. I rolled my eyes at his childish actions and glared at him.

"Yes we have. We ate on the way here, remember?"

"Oh yeah..." Marik grinned. "Alright, then lets head back." We started walking slowly towards the manor, my new slave still in my arms, fast asleep, and Marik still tugging on the leash of his own slave.

"Why did you decide to buy him?" I asked Marik curiously, growing tired of the silence, and nodded my head towards the blond haired slave.

"Because he's pretty." Marik said offhandedly, causing the one trudging behind him to stiffen and glower at his new master. "Why did you buy yours?"

"I don't really know." I admitted, looking down at the sleeping child in my arms. "I saw him and then just decided that I had to have him." Marik frowned at me.

"I had the same feeling." He looked over the boy I held. "It looks as if he was treated badly. He reeks of his own blood."

"As does yours." I said, feeling the familiar hunger throb in me as I inhaled the delicious sent of fresh food.

"We're here! Finally!" Marik said exasperatingly, opening the doors to our home as we arrived. "Should we keep them in the same room while we sleep?"

"I think that may be a good idea. They should get a chance to know each other. Hurry, the sun will be rising soon. I disregarded the look of curiosity that passed in the blond –haired boy's eyes, and quickly carried my slave to one of the many rooms in the house. I unlocked the door to the one across the hall of the room where Marik and I slept, and entered. I looked around the room approvingly. There were two medium sized beds, a small table, a dresser, and a closet door in the room, along with another door that led to the hooked on bathroom. It was everything they needed. I deposited the child I held in my arms to the bed, hearing a soft moan of protest, and pulled the covers over his head. I went around the room and lit some candles when I heard a shout of anger. Looking over to Marik, I immediately becoming amused at the scene.

Marik had undone the rope around the boy's neck, and had unbound his hands when the child suddenly began to claw at Marik's chest, muffled sounds coming from behind the restraint on his mouth. My friend rolled his eyes, unhurt, and untied the gag that was preventing the slave from talking. As soon as he pulled away though, a set of teeth had embedded themselves in his hand. Marik growled, his expression darkening, and violently pulled the boy off of him. He threw him carelessly on the other bed, and stalked out of the room.

"We'll be back with some food tomorrow night." I informed, before shutting the door and locking it. As soon as I walked across to my own room, I heard the pounding of fists against wood and angered yells as the new slave tried to get out. I shut the door to our room softly, and locked that as well. I trusted no one to run around free while I was sleeping.

"Come on Bakura, I'm tired." I turned around and faced Marik who was now seated in his coffin, his eyes drooping shut.

Yes, it was true. We did sleep in coffins, even though we truly didn't need to. I guess it just became a bit of a habit after a while, just like how I always slept with Marik. I had my own casket, but I always felt more comfortable sleeping with him. I felt, safer, more at ease, sleeping with the one I trusted.

"Shh, sleep." I said, blowing out the candles in the room before climbing into the coffin with Marik. I curled up to his chest, his hands immediately tangling themselves in my hair. "Goodnight Marik." I whispered, planting a kiss on his lips and pulling the lid over us.

"Goodnight Bakura."


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