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Quiet whispers greeted me when I awoke, not even realizing that I had fallen asleep when the sun had risen. I yawned, which caught the attention of my three lovers, and smiled.


"Hello, beloved, did you sleep well enough?" Marik asked, his arm winding around my waist, pulling me into a sitting position while ignoring my protests.

"Hn." I found that answer sufficient enough, and leaned against his side, gently nuzzling against his shoulder. I glanced at Malik and Ryou, who looked much better than the previous day, which had me feeling relieved.

"Good evening, Bakura." Ryou said politely, and I couldn't help but grin and beckon him towards me. He crawled over Marik's lap and sat in front of me while I began to stroke his pale locks of hair.

"Nice to see you're feeling better." I commented, laughing slightly when Ryou closed his eyes and purred. "You're so beautiful Ryou…"

"M-Me?" Ryou stuttered, opening his eyes to stare at me, blushing. "I'm, hardly beautiful…" I scowled.

"What makes you say that? I think you and Malik are the most gorgeous creatures I've ever seen." I admitted, glancing over to catch Malik's gaze as well.

"I agree with Kura." Marik's voice rumbled next to my ear, his hand tightening its grip on my waist as he pulled me into a quick kiss. "You two, are positively stunning."

To my complete surprise, Ryou started crying, Malik near tears himself. I pulled the distraught child to my chest, wiping away his tears with my thumb.

"What's wrong, little one?" I asked, frowning worriedly when he burrowed into my arms.

"We're not used to such kinds words…" Malik confessed to me from his comfortable position nestled in Marik's lap. "Nobody has ever called us beautiful without wrong intentions…or just out of pure mockery...It's…a wonderful feeling."

"We both already told you our feelings," Marik said, stroking the tanned teen's back, watching carefully as the other shivered at his touch. "We'll never hurt you…or let anyone else hurt you ever again."

"Promise." I added in, a smirk on my lips as I watched Marik bend down to kiss Malik, the other teen happily opening his mouth to the vampire's questing tongue. Feeling a tug on my own shirt, I looked down to meet nervous chocolate brown eyes as he leaned up to kiss me, slowly at first, then with a growing passion.

(This is the lemon that Anime-Fan Meepa wrote for me! huggles her It's great! And you can sorta tell...cause the writing style is reallllly good XD But, unfortunately, I can't post the whole thing. I'm sorta paranoid of getting kicked off again…So, this is the end of it, cause it's important to the plot!)

I roughly leaned down, nipping at his neck, feeling him wrap his arms once more around my own, burying his face there. That feeling was pulling harder at my stomach than earlier, until finally, I could feel the pressure shoot downwards, and I bit down on my precious one's flesh out of instinct, wrapping my arms around Ryou's back, holding him to me, as he pierced my own skin with his teeth. The feeling was simply too much to take, as I spilled myself completely in him, body shaking as I felt him grow even tighter, feeling a hot liquid splash up against my chest. We both stayed in that position, panting, and trying to regain our breath... I could taste blood on my teeth and licked the delicious stuff off, before cleaning the puncture I had made.

Glancing over one last time, I saw my two tanned loves doing the same, curled up against each other, Malik smiling as Marik nursed the wound on the former's neck as well. I smiled, pulling out of Ryou, hearing him whine slightly in response, but he was too spent to really care. I then moved the both of us over to our other two group members, plopping down and petting both of our little darlings' faces. Malik smiled wider and nuzzled my hand, while Ryou was purring contentedly by my side. Marik and I looked at each other, before leaning in a sharing a loving kiss, pulling back and grinning, feeling so utterly complete for the very first time.

(End cut off of lemon! Once again, thank Meepa! If you want the full thing- which is AWESOME!!!-…You can either wait for it to be posted on Mediaminer-I think they're having problems though.. Or you could just leave your e-mail address in a review, and I'll send it to everyone who wants it in a week or so. Okay?)

It was then I noticed another presence in my mind, one that shone brightly alongside Marik's…with yet another weaker attendance. Awed, I probed at the feeling, and felt Ryou jump beside me, a look of curiosity on his face. Malik twitched as well.

:What was that?:

My eyes shot open in shock. (Ryou?!)



::What the hell?::

"Alright, what's going on?" Marik asked, currently sitting up and looking at all three of us worriedly.

"I have no idea," I gasped, feeling more gentle probing on my mind. "I can feel Malik and Ryou…"

"Me too." He muttered, glancing at the two confused teens. "Malik, try to say something in your mind. Think really hard now, okay?"

"Um, alright." Malik frowned, but did as he was told.


"I heard you!" Ryou squealed excitedly. I could too, and by the looks of it, Marik heard it as well.

I flopped back down on the bed, my thoughts running rampant in my head. Well, this was quite confusing.

:Oh no, Bakura looks upset…I hope he's okay:

I glanced up when I heard Ryou's thoughts, and saw him staring at me worriedly.

(I'm fine, little one. Just, perplexed.)

He jumped a bit at hearing my voice, then blushed and curled up to my side.

"There's no use worrying about this now." Marik muttered, settling back down into a comfortable position. "We'll figure it out later. And besides, I'm not complaining. It's rather nice feeling your presence with Kura's." He smiled.

"I have to agree." I grinned, then lightly tickled the two in my mind. They both giggled adorably, and snuggled back into us. Well, this was an unexpected turn of events.

Little did I know, that once again, all good things must come to and end.

The door slammed open, startling all of us. Marik jumped up from the bed and stood before us protectively while I held Ryou and Malik.

There stood Araziel, in all his glory, covered in blood stains and staring at us evenly.

"What do you want?" Marik hissed, eyes flashing in preparation for a fight.

"Now, now, Marik. Is that any way to treat the savior of your little ones?" He sneered, gesturing to the two in my arms while winking at them.

"Just state your business, and leave," Marik spat, gaining a vicious warning glare in return. "please." He added, eyes narrowed.

"I've come to inform you…" He trailed off, sniffing the air. I watched him carefully, not wanting something to happen like last time with Samiel. "Hm. That's odd."

Before I knew it, once again Malik and Ryou were wrenched out of my arms and across the room. I panicked.


"Oh, hush. I'm not going to harm them." Araziel snapped, taking my whimpering Ryou's chin and tilting it to the side. He sniffed at the bite marks, then turned to Malik and did the same thing. "Very odd indeed. So you figured it out?" He stood up and backed away from their quivering forms.

"Figured what out?" I asked, relieved that he let go of them while Marik rushed forward to envelope the two in his arms. He drew the blanket with him, and wrapped it around their nude bodies. Araziel blinked.

"You don't know what you did?" He asked in disbelief, before bursting into laughter. What was he talking about? "Don't you feel the link?"

"Link?" I questioned, did he mean the bond I felt between Ryou and Malik?

"Precisely, my dear Bakura." Araziel giggled. "You're bonded with them forever! Well, actually, until you die…"

"What do you mean?" Marik demanded, although I could tell he was growing hopeful. I was too. Did that mean…

"Want me to give you a demonstration?" That was the only warning we before the room was filled with a piercing scream; Malik's scream.

The boy was now covered in blood, holding his stomach to prevent his insides from falling out, and on his knees crying. Ryou, who was standing next to Malik under the blanket Marik had wrapped around him shrieked and knelt down to help him, but was rudely shoved aside by Araziel, who had pinned Marik to the wall.

I tried to reach him, feeling my heart shatter at the short, breathless sobs that came from the tanned teen, but was pinned up alongside Marik.

"LET ME GO!" Marik roared, struggling desperately against the forces that held us away from our small lover. I hung limply, knowing that I couldn't get out even if I tried.

"Relax." Araziel huffed, "Watch."

So, we did watch, our hearts breaking when Malik fell and gasped for breath, his once bright lavender eyes shining with pain. I could feel him struggle weakly through our bond, and wanted to comfort him, but Araziel blocked us.

"Please…" Ryou begged softly, reaching towards his childhood friend with a shaky hand, tears trailing down his face. Oh gods, this wasn't happening…

"Hush." Araziel said, almost gently. "Just watch."

Suddenly, Malik's body was surrounded by a warm yellowish light, the blood pooling around him slowly disappearing. He opened his shocked eyes, and lifted his hands from his stomach to see that the wound had closed up and was no longer bleeding. He was perfectly healed again.

"See? They're bonded to you." Araziel explained calmly. "As long as you stay alive, these two will be as well."

I was completely floored. Did he mean what I think he meant?

"This was what Samiel said to us before…this was the other way to make them immortal?" Marik questioned, suddenly remembering the elder's words. Araziel nodded his head in answer, released his hold on us, then turned around and prepared to leave.

"My work here is done. Take care of your little lovers. Treasure them forever."

"Oh, we will." I assured, picking Ryou up in my arms and rushing over to Malik's confused form. I was so glad they were safe…

"Farewell." He smiled warmly, then vanished.

"Malik! Are you alright? Say something!" Marik cried, rushing over and holding the tanned teen to his chest protectively. I could sense his thoughts running rampant in his head, confusion the most prominent.

"Calm down, Marik. He doesn't need to be frightened anymore than he already is." I said firmly, even though I was just about as worked up as my lover. "Give him time to answer."

We waited a while, Ryou shifting worriedly in my arms as he bit his lower lip anxiously. Malik slowly lifted his head up from Marik's chest, and stared us, before surprisingly bursting into tears.

I was shocked and heartbroken. He had only cried a few times before, and those were mostly just tears. But here he was, sobbing fully and reaching out with shaky hands to clasp around Ryou's wrist and my own, mumbling incoherently.

"Shh, Malik…It's alright now." I whispered, kissing his forehead as Ryou's arms wrapped around his waist.

"Malik…I love you, Malik." The pale boy said quietly, nuzzling against his companion's healed stomach. "I'm so glad you're safe…so very, very glad."

"Scared…" He whimpered, clenching his eyes shut. Marik held him close and let out a shuddering breath.

"We were too, lovely. We were too."


"Is what he said, true?" Ryou asked softly, looking up at me from his place on Malik. "Are we, immortal now?"

"I think so." I smiled, the full truth of the statement finally hitting me. Our two precious slaves-now lovers, would be with us forever. I couldn't describe how happy I was feeling at that moment when I realized this.

"I like that idea." Malik mumbled, a small smile on his face, Ryou nodding his agreement.

"I think we all do…" Marik grinned tiredly. I couldn't blame him, I was exhausted myself from the night's events.

Love you… I whispered in my mind, sending out my feelings to the three as well. I smiled and almost cried when I received back equal responses and emotions…And I knew we'd be together for all eternity. My demon and our two angels…

And that is the conclusion of my tale, dear friends. My life has never been the same since that moment I met Ryou, and Marik met Malik. I wouldn't be where I am now, telling you this story, if it wasn't for them.

It's been decades, and we're still together. We traveled around for a while, before settling back at our original mansion in the first village. While traveling, however, we ran into Yami and Yugi, who had also found the wonders of immortality without becoming a vampire. They're living together happily in Egypt, but not as happy as we are.

But that's another story to tell for a different time and place. I want to thank you, my dear readers and friends, for staying with me throughout my wonderful story. I can only pray you do the same with my lovers when they decide to tell you their own chronicles.

Until next time, I bid you farewell.


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