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Of formulas, book bags and love

(A one-shot)

Summer Hathaway knew why she was there, in the classroom instead of eating lunch. Deep in her school-loving soul, she knew what she was doing with her messenger bag bumping softly against her hip. (Momentum from her running kept it swinging, thank you inertia.) Deciding it was time to intervene with the laws of motion, Summer stilled the bag with her pale hand.

Tutoring struggling math students was the key to a good resume and getting a good recommendation from her pre-calculus teacher. That was what she told herself when she saw the drumming prodigy balancing a newly sharpened yellow pencil on his upper lip. Freddy Jones turned her way, causing the pencil to fall to the floor (Summer twitched a little when she noticed the graphite tip broke off) and he graced her with a wicked smile.


She ignored him, as she always did when he pretended (it was just pretend, right?) to hit on her. Sure, a simple greeting couldn't be flirting every time, but Summer knew that smile; she'd seen it on Freddy's face when he talked to other girls. Girls who loved the band and bought the merchandise and jumped up and down when they saw him coming.

Summer Hathaway was not one of those girls; she turned down that position way back in elementary school.

Freddy jumped a little as she slammed her bag on the table, meeting her more than slightly scary stare. Summer picked up his fallen pencil and, with an almost sinister voice, said, "let's begin." Her frightening demeanor melted into a smile, but Freddy couldn't tell which unsettled him more.

She brought out her math text, which looked familiar. Shouldn't have surprised him, he and Summer were in the same math class and they had received the same book at the start of year. The only difference was that hers was right in front of him and his was... was... not.

He began to flip through the pages leisurely, hoping to waste enough time that they wouldn't actually find the chapter and not actually begin tutoring. When he passed by chapter eight (the section he was supposed to be working on) and slid into chapter nine, Freddy yawned and continued flipping. Summer caught on fairly quickly, as she was watching him pretty closely, and yanked the book out of his grasp.

"You're useless!"

"And you're annoying, what's your point?" Summer rolled her eyes, avoiding the start of an old argument, and went back to chapter eight. She kept the book hidden from him but noticed how far he leaned forward in his chair. Not trusting Freddy (who was notorious for his wandering eyes during tests) she slapped her hand to cover the lists of formulas. "Summer, that is not fair."

"Neither is the fact that we have to see your ugly face everyday at band practice, but we deal." She smiled to take the sting out of her insult and he smirked at her over the table.

"Ouch, I think that one actually hurt me." Summer shook her head, trying to get control over the situation. Even if it was nice to joke around with Freddy, instead of getting into petty verbal fights, tutoring was tutoring and a college application was a college application. Never mind the fact that she was only a freshman. Early bird gets the worm and all that.

"All right Mr. Jones," he sat up straighter in his chair to mock her eagerness. "Tell me what the..." she peeked under her hand, "sum identity for sine is." He rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair to rest on the back two legs.

Fixing his annoyed stare on the ceiling, he dutifully repeated, "Sin(A+B)sinAcosB+cosAsinB. That was easy Summer." She fired formula after formula at him, asking for all the specifics, which Freddy delivered sounding bored and unimpressed. After a few seconds of silence, Summer stared at the book sadly. "What's up Tink?"

"There's nothing else for me to test you on... most of the problems are applications of those formulas..." Freddy smiled to himself, stretching his pale hands above his head. "Oh, don't look so proud of yourself!" Summer snapped, slamming the book shut. They both knew it was more for show and less for actual feeling. Secretly, the girl was happy they had finished so quickly. Maybe they could try and talk again.

"Chill Summer, it's all good. You get the brownie points and I get one less teacher pestering me." He stretched his arms above his head and Summer looked away so she wouldn't stare at the inch or so of pale abdomen. "Nothing to worry about." She found a distraction in shoving the math book back in her bag. Freddy observed the struggle with fascination. "Damn, what do you have in there?"

As she didn't fancy the idea of taking all her things out, Summer did her best to find a new, inventive way to make the book fit. "Just all my books, that's all." She grunted a little before stepping back and glaring at the offending school text, which was sticking half-out of the bag.

"Here," Freddy rounded the table, "lemme help you." Between the two of them (Freddy held it open as wide as it could stretch while Summer pushed down with both her hands) they managed to get the obnoxious thing situated neatly. Freddy made an exaggeration of wiping imaginary sweat off his forehead, which Summer watched in mild amusement.

"Thanks." He stretched again, as if the strenuous exercise of loading up a school bag had injured his back. She busied herself once more by zipping the over-sized purse shut.

"Hey, Tink." Summer straightened, adjusting the strap on her arm before tucking a bit of hair behind her ear.

"What's up?" He pointed to the clock nailed to the wall. Boring as the time-teller was, Summer noted that it was the sole witness to friendly moments between a drummer and manager. "We still have, like, twenty minutes left." Freddy continued to ramble as he hefted his scuffed backpack onto one shoulder. "You wanna grab some food at that new taco stand? I'll pay."

Even though she knew they could be caught (as they were only freshmen and ninth graders were not allowed to leave the campus during lunch) and even as she weighed the risks of detentions and phone calls, Summer found herself agreeing. "All right," and in the end, she was pretty sure she was better for it.

Plus, Freddy was paying.


As you can see, there was much revision. I plan to go through this series and edit the hell out of it over Christmas break. We'll see how that goes.