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Oh...before I forget...This is supposed to follow Draco. I hope that doesn't confuse anyone. ~*~*~

Draco Malfoy was 34. And alone. Voldemort was vanquished 15 years ago by Harry Potter. Harry and he had been happy. At least he thought they had. They dated a few times during their 5th year, but nothing serious until 6th year came. That was when they had "come out of the closet" so to speak. Needless to say, most people were shocked, especially the teachers. Snape on the other hand seemed to expect it.

Draco and Harry had many nights together. Some were gentle and passionate. Others were rough with varying emotion. Harry had once told him that he was probably the easiest person for him to talk to and be with for the simple fact that he had recognized Harry as a person to begin with, with various flaws and character defects. Around Draco he was expected to be himself. Not some comic book savior. Draco in turn was free to shed his cold uncaring persona in favor of the easy going, relaxed, and half way decent human being that he could be. They brought our the best in each other and their various friends seemed to recognize that.

Harry and Draco broke up at the end of their 7th year. Or rather- Harry broke up with Draco. He didn't give a reason, didn't say anything other than good bye.

Since the death of Draco's parents, everything his family had now belonged to him Or rather- Harry broke up with Draco. He didn't give a reason, didn't say anything other than good bye.

Since the death of Draco's parents, everything his family had now belonged to him. Including the fortune in Gringotts. He chose to sell Malfoy Manor anyway. The house was always cold and dark; but it wasn't as if he had any fond memories regarding the house in the first place.

Draco instead chose a place in London where he could "muggle watch" and still have all the muggle conveniences. He had just gotten settled in when he found out he was pregnant. 3 months pregnant. At first he just waved it off as some weird stomach flu that only affected him in the morning. After a month of it, he finally went to have it checked out. According to the doctor, nothing was wrong with him. When he heard the 'good news' the first thing he did was cry. After all, Harry was the only person he had ever slept with.

As soon as he left St. Mungo's, he contacted Dumbledore to see if he had Harry's address or know how to somehow get in touch with him. He didn't. No one did. Harry had disappeared after 7th year.

In other words, Draco was royally screwed. So, for the next 6 months, Draco did the best he could and put concealing charms on himself to hide the bulge when he went out among the muggles for groceries. Every two weeks, he went back to St. Mungo's for a checkup. Once they offered to tell him the sex of his child, but he'd told them he preferred to wait. He'd know for the rest of his life as soon as the kid was born. Why not surprise himself?

On January 19, he gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and green eyes. Harry's eyes.

"What do you want to call her?" The smiling nurse had asked.

After considering for a moment, he'd smiled back and said, "Jordan. Jordan Lily Malfoy."


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