An Innocent Joke?

Chapter One: The Accident


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"What's happening to him?"

"The father is in surgery at the moment, but the boy will only need a few stiches to his head, and bandages to the rest of his body. As you know his father was driving drunk while he was unconscious in the back seat, they crashed into the telephone pole and he went through the windshield. It's a miracle they both survived--"

"Why was he drunk?"

"Mr. Jounouchi is well known for getting drunk and violent at times. Usually he takes it out on his son, but he refuses to tell us the truth about it so we can't prove anything or press charges to get him into a foster home--"

"What's his condition now?"

"The father or the boy?"


"The boy has a better chance of living because his blood wasn't so thin due to the alcohol. He took a severe blow to the head when he went through the windshield, and scratches and scrapes are down to a minimum because the crash was in front of your vast front lawn Mr.Kaiba, so the grass cushioned his impact."

Seto nodded his head in understanding, and motioned for the doctor to continue. "What about his father?"

"He took a severe blow to the head, but nothing else to endanger his life. He's currently in a coma, and most likely won't be waking up any time soon." She explained patiently.

"I see." Was the only response that he gave her while he thought about Jou's current condition. He had no other relatives living nearby, and all his stupid little friends had gone off to that waste of time camp two weeks previously, so that left him all alone for at least another month. He was far too poor to afford something like that, what with his father constantly wasting what little money he had on his liquor.

"What will happen to him?" He asked in an almost heartless tone of voice, when in reality, he truly was afraid for the welfare of his puppy. No one knew this aside from Mokuba, but he'd held a small spot in his heart for the blonde for quite some time. It was more of a physical attraction as far as he knew, but really, what's the difference?

"If he wakes up before the father then we will have no choice but to put him in a foster home. He never admits to what his father does to him, so if and when he recovers he'll have to go back to living with him."

Seto quirked an eyebrow in a mixture of anger and annoyance. "Won't he need a few days of treatment before you send him off like that? And why would he go back to his father if the man's an a abusive drunk?" He asked while freely glaring at the woman in front of him.

She cringed a little at his fierce gaze, but answered anyway. "His family has no insurance, so we have to get him to leave the moment we get the chance to." She explained with traces of fear in her voice. It was a well known fact that the CEO of Kaiba Corp owned half of Domino city, including the hospital, and she didn't feel like getting fired from her high paying job simply because he had to have a dirt poor friend who couldn't pay for his medical bill.

`Stupid brat.' She thought to herself with Jou in mind.

"I won't accept that!" He shouted hotly. "Whether or not he wakes up first, he is to be sent over to my estate the very minute he is ready." He said coldly while crossing his arms. "And I'll take care of his bill."

"But Mr. Kaiba, we just can't--"

"DO AS I SAY OR ELSE YOU'RE FIRED!!" He roared out to her hotly. He didn't have the patience to deal with minor rules that would only waste his time and in the process, piss him off.

She just sighed angrily before quickly writing something down on her clipboard, practically scratching the paper with the pen to show her frustrations. She then nodded her head and left for the main office to get some forms ready. He just glared at her until she was out of sight. "Stupid onna." He mumbled in annoyance while still standing outside of the mutt's door, looking towards it occasionally in slight worry.

It was a well known fact to most people who knew the young blonde that he was being abused at home, especially to Seto. But like the doctor had said, he wouldn't tell anyone the truth about it if asked, so nothing could be done.

Whenever he would walk in class with a limp or a facial bruise, it was always some lame excuse he would give like: "I just got in a fight." or "It's from sports." or even "I was mugged."

Strangely, everyone knew the truth about it aside from those simpletons that he calls his friends. They are so stupid sometimes that on a few occasions, Seto had to fight to keep from ripping his own hair out at how dense they could be.

They would always accept any excuse he would give, believing that as their friend, he would never lie to them, and that nothing like that could happen someone they knew. Idiots. Why must people be so damned stupid when it comes down to situations like this?

Finally, about fifteen minutes later, that stupid woman who tried to pass herself off as a doctor came back with another clipboard in her hands, not looking too happy either. `Bitch.' Seto thought at the sight of her. `What the hell is her problem anyway? I'm doing him a favour, not putting him into an equally disturbing environment!' Just because she's the head doctor didn't mean he was going to give her any respect, that in his opinion, she'd never earn anyway.

"Alright Mr. Kaiba, I had to pull a few strings, but he'll leave for your estate when he's ready, and due to the fact that his only severe injury involved a large bump on the head with a few stiches, that will be in a few hours, though he still might be unconscious for a few days to a week afterwards."

"Whatever. Just get it done." He demanded, not bothering to look at her as he turned his gaze back to his puppy's door. She just sighed in annoyance before shaking her head and leaving again, mumbling about spoiled brats, not knowing that he heard her.

`Note to self: When I have the time to spare, have her fired within the week.' He thought to himself in anger at her stupid and immature actions. Hn, and she thought that she was a doctor? Feh! Dumb bitch.

`She must have something against kids. Either that or she looks down on those who are poor.' He thought to himself in disgust. Nobody knew this, but he actually donated a lot of what he made to local charities. He did after all used to live in an orphanage, so he knew what it was like to go to sleep cold and not have that much. He just couldn't let anybody in on his little secret. It would destroy his image of being cruel and ruthless, so it was completely out of the question.

`Oh well, at least I'll finally have an excuse to get my puppy out of that hell hole and come live with me.' Seto couldn't help but smirk at the very thought of it. The puppy has nowhere to stay aside from with him? Heh. The possibilities for fun and humiliation were endless!

Unfortunately there was still something bothering him about all of this. Why was Jou's drunken father driving around his neighbourhood of all places?

To Be Continued..........................

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