An Innocent Joke?


By: Freewater

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'Oh my God, what a gorgeous place!'

Was the first thing to enter Katsuya's mind as he looked over the honeymoon sweet in the top floor of the most expensive, and luxurious, hotel Seto could find in complete awe. Nothing, not even the mansion looked as good as this place did.

But that was probably the affect the view of the lit up and sparkling city below them gave off. Even the ocean could be seen in the distance, and it was breathtaking. Who knew Domino City could look this good at night?

Six months ago, Katsuya had turned eighteen, and Seto was now nineteen. And one year ago to the day was the day he'd woken up in Kaiba's bed with no memories of who he was. The day Seto pulled his little prank on him that brought them together. It was a special day when they both stopped to think about it, so it only seemed right to get married on it.

Summer weddings are a helluva a lot better than spring ones, that was for sure!

He had a pretty nice view of the city from where he was sitting, legs wrapped around his new husbands waist, arms around his neck and his blonde head on his shoulder as the CEO stood near the large window get a look at it all.

Seto's hands had found their way to his rear to have a better grip on him to prevent slipping.

Not that either of them complained mind you.

Because of his work, Seto couldn't leave the country and whisk away his new husband to some tropical paradise like he would have preferred to have done. Hell, it was a chore just getting seven days away from Kaiba Corp for their honeymoon. But somehow, through several weeks of stress filled overtime at work and many pulled strings in so many places it was hard to count, he'd managed it. And now they were here, overlooking the view of the city beneath them and sighing in content with each other.

But still, Seto just wished he could have taken his puppy away from this city to some place more private and erotic, where he could explore and neither of them would be recognized as the newlywed Kaiba's before being hounded by reporters.

Nosey bastards.

He sighed in slight disappointment, resting his face into Katsuya's golden locks, taking in a deep breath of the apple scented hair he loved. He did nothing but wash his hair with sweet apple scented shampoos when in the shower, while his tastes went to something more spiced. Eventually, he gave the stuff a try, and it was a nice change actually. It made him realize why his puppy was always so chipper, that stuff really woke you up in the morning!

Katsuya let himself slowly slide from his husbands arms, landing gracefully on the floor so he could stand with him before taking his hand. Seto felt a little cold without him in his arms, but tried his best to brush it off. After all, he couldn't hold onto the blonde all the time.

"Wow." Jou said, not taking his eyes off the view, and they glowed with the reflection of the lights below. "I didn't know Domino looked like this at night."

Seto smirked, bringing his hand down to caress the blonde's face before taking his chin and gently making him look at him. "Glad you like it, pup." He slowly leaned down to kiss his pink lips softly, enjoying their feel before coming back up to face him, a look of concern on his face. "I'm sorry that we couldn't go anywhere else for this." He apologized sincerely.

Katsuya grinned up at him, wrapping his arms around his neck. "I know you are." He said slyly, and Kaiba raised an eyebrow at him in confusion. What was that supposed to mean?

Jou snickered at his look. Seto hardly ever was confused, and when he was he was adorable, but sadly he had to explain his rudeness to his husband on their honeymoon before he got into trouble.

"I overheard ya yelling at someone on the phone a few times over the last coupla months, and eventually figured out why." He said, leaning his head on Seto's chest, and the CEO's eyes widened in slight shock. "Sorry about Hawaii." He said softly, knowing how hard the brunet tried to get them there.

Seto wanted to go there with him so badly for their honeymoon. Basically because of the time he tried to take Katsuya there and remembering how excited the younger teen got, but because of his friends they were busted before even making it to the airport.

He figured that because he had a Kaiba Corp branch already set up over there, that maybe they could go and not have to worry about his work getting in the way. And even if he was called to work he could somehow still stretch out their honeymoon to three or four weeks on Mokuba's insistence that he desperately needed a vacation.

Unfortunately there were several problems occurring over there that cancelled out that little idea. The people of Hawaii weren't having big enough tournaments to be taking to the 3D duel games he'd devised, so they were mainly sticking with the simple card plays, and that was costing the Kaiba branch over there a lot of money.

He checked into it, and knew that they had it under control, but if he went he would still be doing a lot more working that vacationing. And for the first time ever, that was unacceptable.

"You know about that?" He asked, stunned that he'd been caught venting his rage out on an employee over the phone.

Katsuya nodded his head. "It doesn't bother me, if that's what your worried about." He explained before grinning. "I even found a way to help." He finished happily, and Seto raised a brow at him again.

"Oh really? How?" He asked, actually curious about it.

Katsuya's grin never faded as he turned back to look out the window, his eyes scanning over the dark ocean as he put a finger on the glass, pointing at it. "It should be right about... there." He said, not caring about the fingerprint he left on the glass.

Seto looked through the glass, squinting and trying to see what was there. And when he failed to find it he shook his head. "I don't see it, puppy. What is it anyway?" He asked curiously.

The blonde ran his hands through Seto's soft brown hair, hardly managing to contain his excitement. "Yugi owns a cabin near the beach out there," He explained slowly. "And he's doing me a favor and letting us have it for our honeymoon." He said, watching happily as Kaiba's look became that of a stunned one. "No one knows we'll be there and it's right on the beach. Completely private."

Seto honestly couldn't believe it. How in the hell could Katsuya get wise enough to know exactly what he wanted most for their honeymoon?! He obviously didn't give his puppy enough credit, and that would have to be taken care of.

He corrected his look of shock into a look of amusement as he cupped his face, watching in approval as he leaned into the touch. "I think the puppy deserves a reward for this. Don't you agree?" He asked huskily, leaning his face in to kiss and suck on his neck.

"Mmhmm." The blonde mumbled happily, leaning his neck to the side give Seto batter access to him. Feeling his hands snaking around his waist to hold him still. This always felt so good.

Seto worked his way up to the blonde's ear, kissing, licking and sucking. Knowing exactly what to do and where to do it to make the blonde gasp. He loved that sound, but right now it would have to wait. He needed to make sure that the reward he gave was a good one.

"Get on the bed. I'll be with you in four minutes." He whispered into his ear, letting him go with a smirk before walking away and into the connecting bathroom. Closing and locking it behind him.

Katsuya grinned broadly. Grateful that Seto liked his beach idea as he ran excitedly over to the bed before plopping himself down on it, rolling over to his back before kicking his shoes off, getting rid of the socks, undoing the zipper to his pants and quickly opening up his white tuxedo jacket, tie, and shirt. Exposing his chest as he lay his head on a pillow and got comfortable as he waited. Satisfied with how he looked.

He then started to think back to his wedding earlier that day, smirking at the prank he and Seto pulled on Mokuba a few days prior to it.

They had decided to scare him by saying that they wanted him for the flower girl, and even managed to get him to try on a frilly pink dress. Katsuya chuckled at the though, and he was smart enough to get plenty of his pictures taken when he looked like a girl.

Needless to say, he was a little pissed off when they told him it was a joke, and demanded all the pictures back. The poor kid didn't know that he and Seto decided to keep one without him knowing about it, and were currently having copies made for their friends to put into their photo albums.

Ah, that really was funny.

It was just a small ceremony. Seto didn't want any of his business associates there seeing as how they had treated Jou back at his business party, and Jou only invited his friends and Shizuka.

Yes, he forgave them all for what they had tried to do, and now things were going quite well with them. Honda and Otogi were even talking about marriage, but nothing was certain just yet.

For a wedding present, Yugi actually gave him back his old Red Eyes Black Dragon card, Shizuka got them a really nice digital camera with a few empty photo albums to fill, saying that she wanted to see plenty of pictures of places they've been to and things they've done together on the beach.

Otogi and Mai, God bless them, seemed to be the only ones there who knew that he and Seto would be having a lot of hot sex on their honeymoon. So they both tracked down as many books on sex and cool positions as they could, giving them to them in private when they had a chance.

Katsuya grinned. Seto didn't know it, but he was actually flipping through those books when he had a minute alone to try and find something nice he could do to his husband. Studying for the first time.

He found SEVERAL nice things!

Oh, this was going to be one HELLUVA night!

Finally hearing the door to the bathroom click as Seto walked out, he whipped his head at him to see what he looked like.

The blonde sighed in awe at the sight of him. The CEO had taken off his tuxedo to be replaced with a pair of silk pajama pants, his chest completely naked for him to see. Damn he was glowing!

The reaction that Seto gave at the sight of Katsuya was relatively the same. He had his shirt wide open, his fly undone, and he was sprawled out so nicely for him to see. 'So perfect.' He thought, making his way over to the bed before crawling on it and over to where he lay.

Like a predator to the prey.

Laying down next to him and running his hands over his chest and nipples, making the blonde's breathing quicken at his touch. His hands were so soft, and Jou mentally smirked, realizing that he had put lotion on them when in the bathroom.

"I love you, y'know." The brunet whispered into his ear, licking its edges and loving the whimpers of delight that the younger teen gave out.

"I love you too." Katsuya gasped out, rolling to his side to start kissing at the Brunets neck.

"Then lets do this." He said huskily, pushing him back on his back.

This was going to be so much fun!


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The brunet didn't realize how exhausted he was until he felt his muscles give out as he collapsed on top of the blonde. The both of them panting heavily and full of sweat on the now messed up bed.

"Seto?" Katsuya asked through his hard breathing.

"Mmm?" Was the only sound he could make for a response.

"Yur heavy."

Kaiba snickered, deciding to give him a break as he pulled out of him and lay down next to him, trying to catch his breath as he pulled him possessively close by the waist. Jou made no objections. It was so strange, Seto being the cuddly one. But he rather liked it.

They just lay there for a few moments in each others arms. Seto resting his face in Jou's blonde hair, and Jou breathing against Seto's chest. Feeling his breath come back at him as he did and listening to his heart beat. Waiting for it to stop pounding so fast and get back down to a normal pace.

Because the second he was ready, Katsuya was going to do all those cool kinky things he learned in that book to his husband.

He smirked, looking around the bed for where they left their suitcases. Thinking to himself about their whereabouts. 'What did I do with those handcuffs again?'

The End (For Real this time! )

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