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1 - Buried


Her dark, raven blew to the side in the warm spring breeze. She stood on the battlefield, covered in demon blood. Her large weapon rested on the crimson blades of grass in front of her. The scent of blood would have made a normal woman blanch and flinch. But not her. She had grown up with this scent, coming to get used to the sight and feel of it. The victory had meant nothing to her. Her expressionless eyes searched the horizon. She felt a chill that was not of this world, since the air was warm and her skin was coated in a thin sheet of sweat. A familiar presence made itself known when it jumped lightly on her head. Her hair was matted from the crimson liquid. She needed to bathe.

"Kirara, take watch for me." She knew of the hot springs with which to cleanse herself. She walked straight towards them. She was wounded, yes. But first aid was not exactly available. The village nearby had been burned to the ground and the slayers that were with her were all dead. Seemingly unaffected, the young slayer peeled off the black outfit that looked like a second skin. She needed to mend it, that much was clear. The rips across her chest and legs and stomach.. it was surprising at how much was left. She dipped her foot into the water and gave a nod of satisfaction before completely submerging herself in the warm waters.


Peering around, the amber-eyed stranger noticed that the battle had not gone so well for either side. Whoever survived must have left. At his feet, a large weapon made it's bed in a pool of crimson.

"Slayers." He narrowed his eyes at the assortment of weapons and disembodied body parts. Steeling himself, he tried to get over the strong scent of death and blood. Somewhere near him, he heard movement. He would stay and wait for whoever it was. He walked along, being careful to pick his way through the pools of the unmistakable liquid. He was finally able to stand without having to watch where his feet had taken place. He lifted his face to the breeze, taking in the fresh scents. He heard the rustle of the grasses and turned around. What he saw was not a battle, it was a massacre. A bloody massacre. This battle was merely such. A battle. The war was yet to come. He narrowed his curious and experienced amber eyes in the direction of the horizon.

"Hsst!" The sound of the hiss made him whirl around. A large cat demon stood in front of him, demonic eyes glowing red. Was this the last survivor? A single sense told him to look behind the cream-colored demon. He saw a woman, dressed in a green skirt and red shirt. Her raven hair was darkened and damp with water and her scent was the only clean one on this battlefield.

"Demon." The word was spoken in the lightest tone but seemed menacing all the same. She approached with quiet, experienced footsteps. Her grace was made for battle, both masculine and feminine at the same time. Such grace was dangerous to the enemy.

"Human." She studied his face when she got close enough, gazing deeply into his amber eyes. He kept her gaze. It was.. almost like his own. She held his gaze without flinching. Not many humans could do that. He caught an odd scent on her. She was.. wounded. She looked to have a temper and a tough attitude. The cat demon broke their staring contest, jumping on the girl's shoulder and twirling her tails around the slayer's neck. Her dark eyes swirled with hatred.

"Are you here to fight?"

"No." He answered calmly, unaffected by her question and her piercing eyes. "I am here to see what has become of the hoard of demons." She gazed out over the fields. He narrowed his eyes and followed her gaze.

"That is what has become of them. Naraku's precious minions. They were crushed under my fighters." She closed her eyes then opened them and gazed back at the amber-eyed demon.

"Seems like it was said for your fighters, as well." She glared at him, her eyes blazing with anger.

"They deserve respect for what they did!" She retorted. His gaze did not waver. His calm composure was annoying her. He eyed her with one brow raised. She was a stubborn one. Then he shrugged his shoulders and looked back out over the field. It was obvious that death did not faze this woman. Did life get the better of her, then? His gaze returned to her again, searching her eyes for any given weakness.

"Hn." It only seemed to aggravate her more. He could practically see her anger instead of sensing it. The light wind caught his hair and blew it across his face. His pale, creamy complexion made his skin look soft, though it was anything but. His eyes could have been glass windows. His slightly baggy clothing hid his frame and the soft silky fur of the thing he had draped over his shoulder hid some of his shape, as well. She let her eyes roam over him. In this moment, they knew they might have despised each other because of what they were. But would it always be permanent?


Amber eyes narrowed and fangs were bared. His claws dug into the skin of his hand as he took out his anger by glaring at every person to give him a glance.

"That good-for-nothin' little.." He grumbled. A young girl ran up to him, concern shining in her eyes. Her pale face showed worry and she wrung her hands, biting her lip. She was hesitant to speak to him when he was in moods like this.

"Was it him again?" She asked, taking his hands in hers and forcing him to relax his tense muscles. He gave her a bitter glare. "What was it this time?" Tears showed clearly in her eyes. He sighed and fell backwards, sitting on the green grass. She sat down next to him, watching him. His silver, furry ears pressed hard against his head as his agitation skyrocketed.

"The bastard insulted me an' you again. I can't stand his attitude." He growled. His hands balled themselves into fists again.

"Just forget about him for now. We have bigger problems." He raised a brow. She sighed. "I heard about a hoard of demons that attacked and totally destroyed a village. Naraku made his move, Inuyasha. I think it's time we made ours." He snorted, lying back and putting his hands behind his head.

"Feh." He furrowed his brows. "We can't find him. What move could we possibly make, Kagome?" The girl at his side pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them.

"I don't know, but if we don't do something.. who knows what'll happen!" She chewed on her lower lip. Inuyasha could sense the worry radiating from her. He set his hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry so much. We'll defeat Naraku. We just need time."


The graves had been dug and the bodies placed in the holes. The slayer sighed and rocked back on her heels. She was feeling a little faint but otherwise she felt good. She buried her entire team with her still-bleeding wounds. She looked down and saw the stains on her clothes.

"Slayer." She looked over, narrowing her eyes at the demon in front of her. He waved around some bandages and healing salve. "The next town had no problem giving them to me when they were for you, Sango." He emphasized her name and she snatched the items from his clawed hands.

"Since you know my name, what's yours?" He remained silent for a moment, debating on whether or not to tell her. "You mentioned before that you wish for me to help you in some way. I need to know your name."

"Sesshoumaru." She nodded. "I will help you with those. They may be serious." In fact, they were. She didn't say anything but stared at him. He could smell the seriousness of the wound.

"I can handle them on my own-" He grabbed her wrists, narrowing his amber eyes at her.

"You cannot do it on your own, onna. I know the wounds are dangerous!" He snapped, taking his hands off of her wrists, making certain to hit them a certain way so the items dropped into his awaiting grip. "Come." She glared at him but gave up and followed him, realizing that she really wanted to sit down.


"Are you done yet?"

"You irritating wench! No!"

"We've been sitting here for an hour!"

"These things take time! Shut up!" Sango crossed her arms and glared heatedly at the demon in front of her. "You are so ungrateful. I could let you die." He saw her fidget nervously. "What?"

"I have to go to the BATHROOM, if you don't mind!" She snapped. He fell backwards from his kneeling position and landed harshly on his backside.

"Then get your damn cat demon. You cannot walk by yourself until they are healed."

"I'm NOT helpless!" She was a fiery wench, Sesshoumaru mused.

"If she does not take you, then I will assist you." She blushed a dark crimson.

"Fine! Kirara!" The slayer found that the demon was right. She left the small hut, trying to walk as independently as she could. She leaned heavily on the cat demon, wincing and stumbling. Kirara stopped, mewing violently at her. "What is it?" She was suddenly on Kirara's back, grasping the cream-colored fur in her fingers. She went to the bathroom but had some difficulty pushing upward with her legs. Kirara helped out as much as possible. Sesshoumaru continued his work on her wounds when she had sat back down in front of him.

"I told you." He said, a smirk evident on his face.

"As if you need an ego boost." She stated sarcastically. She gasped sharply when his deft but gentle hands brushed against the side of her breast. He noticed her sharp intake of breath and gave her a quizzical look. "W-What are you l-looking a-at!?" She was flushed and biting her tongue to keep any other comments from coming out of her mouth. He shook his head and finished up the knot he had been tying.

"Only a few more." He told her in a quiet tone. He realized that one thing was.. wrong. He would need to.. She noticed his hesitation and knew what it was about.

"Don't worry about it, Sesshoumaru." He hesitated again but nodded. So.. he had a conscience. And an honor code. She watched him closely as he pulled off the green skirt and then the black pants underneath. He was gentle.. She bit her lip when he put the salve on her wound then held her breath when he began to rub it in. He had a look of utter concentration on his face. She felt the stinging burn of the healing salve. He wrapped it in bandages, taking care not to tie it too tight. If it were too tight, she would not be able to move it at all and the pain would be unbearable.


Sango opened her eyes, aware that she must have fallen asleep after she was bandaged and laid down to rest. She looked around to find that her only companion was the little Kirara, curled up next to her side. She checked the bandages. They were red and just about soaked through. She stood up, leaning herself on the wood wall to her right. She felt a foreign heat come to her face. Her head pounded. She stumbled to the door, breathing heavily. Sweat rolled down her face. She opened the door and nearly fell forward if she didn't catch herself.

Sesshoumaru was sitting peacefully against a tree, staring at the horizon, lost in his thoughts. He couldn't place anything.. nothing was happening as he wanted it to. Suddenly, he caught a scent. Her scent.. mingled with death and sickness. He watched as she walked out, nearly falling but supporting herself up. He went over quickly.

"What.." She fell forward and he caught her in his arms. Her forehead was burning with fever. It seemed as though she had gotten more than wounds on the battlefield. She was now limp in his arms, succumbed to the fever and the sickness and weakness. He carried her into the hut and laid her down on the blankets that were her bed. Then he started a fire to add light and warmth to the hut.

"Shit." He cursed as he changed her bandages again. He continued to glance at her pain-filled expression. Her breathing was labored and she moaned in her sleep. He finally had enough of her moving around and set his hands on both sides of her face, bringing his lips down to her ear. "Calm down, now, Sango. I need to help you." He whispered soothingly. She stopped moving and calmed down but continued to moan and cry out. Tears soaked her cheeks and her face was pale and drawn. She was feverish and it was only getting worse. When he was finished with her wounds, he got up and went to get some more water in a bucket. He sternly told Kirara that she had to watch the slayer and that if anything went wrong, she would have come and fetch him. The cat demon mewed her understanding and rested her head near Sango's, purring gently in the slayer's ear.


Sesshoumaru changed the wet cloth on her forehead every once in a while. He left often but returned to check on her and see if her conditioned changed. It usually either stayed the same or got worse. In this case, she had gotten worse by midnight. It was bad enough to force him to pour a burning medication down her throat. She coughed but swallowed it, since she was barely awake. He stood up, ready to leave when he felt her hand on his wrist.

"Please.. don't leave me to die.." Perhaps it was a sense of hers, but now that she brought it up, he realized that death was hanging heavily inside the hut. He nodded. It would be a dying wish he would grant her. He could do no more than he already had. She would simply have to survive by her own force of will. "Thank you.. Sesshoumaru." Her brown eyes were dazed and unfocused. He could feel a foreign feeling welling up inside of him.

"Sango.." He whispered, closing his eyes and leaning back against the wall. Though he hated her for being a human, he also respected her for her pride, honor, and strength. He knew she hated him, as well. But he could see why she did not want to die alone.

"I respect you.." He was startled by these words, caught off-guard. "You have honor and pride.. Like me. Please.. just don't leave me. I do not.. want to die alone."

"You have my word, Sango. On my honor." He was not ready to admit that he respected her, as well.. but she would be leaving soon anyway. "I respect you as well, though you are a human. You are like me in ways I do not care to admit." She moaned in pain and brought her hands up to her chest, clutching the fabric of her shirt. He could do nothing but watch. His eyes stung for some odd reason..


Kagome and Inuyasha stood together, looking out over the hill they stood on.

"Do you think he'll attack it while we're away, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked, her brown eyes going to her hanyou friend.

"I don't know, Kagome." He said, his shoulders sagging. "I can't answer that."


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