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Chapter 13: Questions


Kagome stood in the middle of the village, holding the Shikon Jewel before her. She looked at Sango then Inuyasha. Shippou, Kirara, and Kohaku watched, their eyes transfixed on the glowing marble in her hand. She held one last shard in her other hand. She could feel the warmth of her powers lacing together with the jewel's. With a determined expression, she placed the shard in its proper place, reuniting the jewel that had brought her to this world. She cried out in pain when the warmth became hot, like fire, inside of her. She clenched her teeth and waited for it to end. With a final flash, the jewel became the one she had held before it shattered into thousands of tiny shards. Before Naraku had even existed to them. She made her wish and waited. The jewel glowed and the light engulfed her body. Then it just died down. When she looked down into her hands, the jewel looked like it had before but she could not sense anything. It was just a marble-sized jewel.

"Well, the Shikon no Tama is reunited at last." Sango said softly; walking forward to the miko. Then they threw their arms around each other and cried. They cried because they knew it was all over. No more worrying about who wanted it nor about Naraku chasing them for their shards. They cried also because they knew they could still see each other. They cried tears of joy.

"Thank you, Sango. Thank you." Kagome whispered softly; sniffling. The taiji-ya pulled away and brushed her friend's tears away with a smile.

"You had nothing to worry about and nothing to thank me for."


A week or so after, they traveled to Kaede's village. She had yet to learn the truth. The old priestess would most likely find relief in knowing that all was well...sort of. Kouga left them half-way, wanting to go back to his tribe. They bid the wolf goodbye. Sesshoumaru and Rin traveled in silence a little behind everyone else. Jaken stayed behind even those two. The picture of Sango, Kohaku, Kirara, Shippou, Kagome, and Inuyasha almost seemed complete. Really, all they were missing was the lecherous hand of the itinerant houshi. The two girls walked side-by-side, discussing some things about Kagome's time.

"You guys should all come and meet my Gramps. He knows some stuff about this era."

"Does he know of the taiji-ya?" Kohaku asked in a quiet tone.

"I dunno. Maybe you guys are in one of his old books." Kagome grinned. "You can never really tell with him." Sango looked up at the teen.

"Kagome, I want to talk to you later."

"Okay." The girl barely knew what to think of her friend's odd behavior. The way Sango was acting really concerned Kagome.


The two girls hit the hot springs a while after they arrived. Sango was trying to distract herself from Kagome's obvious question by washing herself first before dunking under to swim to the bottom. When the taiji-ya surfaced again, Kagome grabbed her arm and stared at her sternly.

"What was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" There was a long moment of silence.

"W-Well...I wanted to see...a doctor in your time." Kagome caught the drift immediately.

"Do you think that...?"

"I-I don't know but it is possible." Sango looked away. "I...skipped." The girl raised a brow before frowning.

"That is a sign." She said softly. "We can leave tomorrow, all right?"

"Thank you so much, Kagome!" Sango frowned then. "Please don't tell them."

"Don't worry! My lips are sealed!"


Kagome and Sango waved to their friends.

"We want to spend some time together in my time. Don't you come looking or else!" The girl warned. Sango smiled at her friends before dropping down the well. Kagome followed her closely. After a brief flash and the feeling of free falling, they arrived in Kagome's time. Kirara mewed from Sango's shoulder and looked at her mistress in confusion. "I'll have to book you with my doctor. He's really nice. You don't have to worry. I'll be there with you."

"It's going to feel weird. I sort of want Sesshoumaru to be there with me but...yet I don't."

"It'll be fine. Come on! Let's meet my family!" Sango had brought her weapons so that she could polish them and also because Kagome asked her to. They were to show to her grandpa. Kagome went inside and took off her shoes and Sango did the same. "I'm home!" Mrs. Higurashi hurried out of the kitchen to greet her daughter but stopped when she saw the girl with her.

"Oh! We have a guest?" Kagome nodded cheerfully.

"This is my friend, Sango. Sango, this is my mom." Sango smiled.

"It is a pleasure, Higurashi-san."

"The pleasure is mine, Sango-san." Mrs. Higurashi thought that Sango was a very pretty young girl. She saw kindness, knowledge, and maturity in her mahogany gaze. "You can all come through the well now?"

"Yes." Kagome said with a smile. "But Sango and I have something to take care of before the others arrive. Would you do me a favor and call my doctor to schedule an appointment for her?"

"Of course, dear. Are you sick, Sango-san?" The older woman asked worriedly.

"No, Mom. Sango wants to know-"

"Kagome..." Sango interrupted quietly. She saw the reassuring look that her friend was giving her before sighing. "I want to know...if I am pregnant."

"Oh! How lovely! Will I get to meet your husband soon?"

"W-Well..." The taiji-ya blushed and looked down before nodding. "Soon."

"Goodness! I simply cannot wait!" Kagome laughed.


"I'm home!" Souta called out as he slipped off his shoes. He walked in with his grandpa at his side and tossed his backpack on the floor. He saw Buyo with a little kitten with two tails. He then noticed two bags and a large boomerang. Then a girl walked down the stairs in one of Kagome's long skirts and a t-shirt.

"Thank you so much, Kagome. I know I wouldn't fit in without these."

"Yeah, I know. Those other clothes..." Kagome smiled. "Well, you're lucky my mom bought them a size too big." The girl beside her laughed.

"Kagome!" Souta shouted; running to the bottom of the steps. "You're home!"

"Yeah!" She ran down the rest of the stairs before hugging him. Her grandpa watched Sango in rapture.

"You look familiar." She blinked down at him before smiling and bowing slightly.

"You must be Grandfather Higurashi." Her voice was lovely; light and musical. "My name is Sango."

"Sango?" He questioned. Kagome looked up at him.

"Yeah, Gramps. She's the best and...sort of princess of the taiji-ya." He paled and looked over at the boomerang. "The others will come as soon as we finish some business here."

"Business?" Souta asked quietly. Then he looked at Sango. "Is that kitten yours?" The taiji-ya nodded and went to her neko.

"This is Kirara." She said with a wink at Kagome.

"Oh! Come with me, Sango! I want you to meet some friends of mine!" Kagome stated; grinning.


Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi stared at the girl with Kagome. They had never seen her before.

"Guys, this is Sango." They smiled at her. "Sango, this is Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi." After the introduction, questions went flying.

"How old are you?" and "What do you like to do?" were among the first couple to be asked. The poor taiji-ya was so confused that she just tried to stop listening until they were done.

"I...I am nineteen, going on twenty. I like fighting, playing the flute, and..." Kagome watched her distraught friend try to answer as many as she could. Then she brightly proposed that they go shopping at the mall.

Even if she isn't pregnant, she will be, eventually. I should get her a couple of things.

They walked to the mall. Sango watched her surroundings in awe. Everything was so new to her. Kagome had told her to watch herself closely around others. People who found pavement fascinating were not exactly normal. The cars and lights and buses held her interest the most. She was surprised to see how everything completely changed.

"Kagome? Where are the trees?" She asked in dismay.

"I know it'll take you a while to get used to things here but don't worry. There are still trees around." They arrived at the mall and walked inside. Sango hid her awe but still felt that everything was so amazing. "Oh! Come on! Let's get you some clothes." Kagome dragged her friend even further inside. Sango knew better than to argue. The girl would do it whether she liked it or not.


They got back later than they expected and they went immediately upstairs. Kagome helped Sango draw a bath before going to the guest room to put the new clothes away. It would be better if she stayed there through it. That way, if anything happened, they could go quickly to the hospital. Besides that, the newer and more efficient machines made it so much easier for Sango's health and also the development of the baby.

"Kagome, I want to thank you for all of this."

"No trouble, Sango." The taiji-ya was standing in her towel, watching the younger girl put clothes away.

"I can finish up. You go and get yourself ready for bed." Kagome nodded and left the room, closing the door behind her. It was nice to have Sango around her home. The things they could do together... Sango smiled and picked out a long nightgown before looking at the package of new underwear. She thanked heaven that they were white before drying herself and putting them on. Then she pulled the nightgown over her head and looked at the brush on her pillow. She took next to brushing out her damp hair.

"Sango, when you're done, come downstairs! We can have a snack and some tea."

"Okay." Sango called back cheerfully. So far, Kagome's time was wonderful. She put the brush on the nightstand and put her hand on her stomach.

I wonder...what the doctor will be like. Everyone that I met here has been perfectly friendly. No one has been rude or obnoxious.

She smiled.

I do not believe there's anything to worry about.

Then she thought about Sesshoumaru. Had he smelled it in her scent already? Wouldn't he have told her if he had?

Ugh! I have to stop thinking like this. Nothing bad is going to happen. Everything will be fine.

She continued to tell herself as she went downstairs to join Kagome and her family. She smiled at the girl's mother.

"Thank you for being so kind and welcoming. I am sincerely sorry to intrude upon your lovely home." Mrs. Higurashi smiled warmly.

"Nonsense, Sango. Our home is always open to you in times of need." The taiji-ya flushed lightly.

"Uh, mom? There was something I've been meaning to ask you. If Sango is pregnant, can she and the others stay here? I mean, we have better medical technology. They have next to nothing." Kagome bit her lip and stared hopefully at her mother.

"Oh, of course! It would be wonderful to have a newly wed soon-to-be mother here! Why, it would liven the place up." The woman said cheerfully. "I would be honored if you stayed here during your pregnancy and even afterwards. I am sure the child will be lovely..." Sango paled before her eyes widened.

"Kagome..." She said quietly. Souta and Grandpa Higurashi were listening intently. "If I am with child, I cannot have it in the hospital here."

"Why not?"

"Because of...the puppies." Kagome suddenly realized what she was talking about. "There isn't any way."

"Puppies?" Everyone asked in unisone before the miko gave them all a stern look that meant not to question it.

"Oh..." Mrs. Higurashi frowned. "I wish we could see it..."

"You still can. I mean, the first months must be normal, right? Stay here until we learn it is healthy and then we can all go back to the Sengoku Jidai." Sango nodded at the idea that her friend gave. After a few more snacks and another cup of tea, the taiji-ya stood.

"I must retire to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

"Good night, dear." Everyone else wished her sweet dreams and a fitful rest. She walked up the steps to her room and opened it, looking at the empty bed and the dark room. She wasn't used to this. She sighed and crawled into bed.

Tomorrow would be the day...


Kagome woke up when her alarm clock went off. She sat up and turned it off, stretching. She stood up.

Today is the day. What will...the outcome be? I hope for both of them that she is pregnant. She hasn't exactly had the best life and neither did Sesshoumaru. Both of them deserve a chance at happiness. This is the way.

Her eyes went to her bedroom door. She had to take a shower, get dressed, brush her hair, and eat breakfast. The doctor's appointment was at one in the afternoon. They could have lunch together afterwards. She picked out an outfit and went to the bathroom. When she got out and got dressed, she went to Sango's room and knocked on the door. The taiji-ya was up and dressed in a long, pleated white skirt, white t-shirt, and her new sandals. She was just braiding her hair when Kagome went in.

"When you're ready, we can leave. The appointment is in a half-hour. We're gonna have to take the bus." The girl looked at her watch. "I'll be waiting downstairs."

"Thank you, Kagome." She finished two minutes later after giving herself a twice over. She went downstairs and smiled. "Well?" Her younger friend nodded her approval and they left. The bus stop wasn't too crowded but there was a small crowd gathered there. After getting on the bus, they picked seats that weren't too far in the back. "What will the doctor do?"

"He'll just run a couple tests. Doctors are more accurate than the ones at the store." She answered easily. "He is a really nice guy so don't be nervous, all right? You'll be fine." Sango sighed and rested her head against the window.

"It isn't me that I am worried about. What if I am not pregnant and..."

"Listen, you had a few symptoms. Besides, if he doesn't know that's what we wanted to come here early for, then he'll never be disappointed." Kagome put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "This is not the only chance you'll have."

"I know." The taiji-ya whispered. "But why does it feel that way?"

"I talked to Kaede about this before. It was just a subject that came up when I asked her about Inuyasha and his type." She smiled. "You have a very good chance of being pregnant right now."

"It's just..." Sango bit her lip. "I know you are probably right but...I don't want to feel disappointed. This is my chance to have a family again. Even though I am with Sesshoumaru and Kohaku is alive, I want a complete family. It is what my father would have wanted."

"What about your mother? I never asked about her before."

"She died giving birth to Kohaku. It was...a very painful day."

"Is that why you were so close to him?"

"Yes." The taiji-ya smiled softly. "I wanted to be there for him like our mother would have been. I didn't want him to grow up without a woman's touch so I matured quickly. It was when Mother was pregnant with him that I started training, though. I wanted to protect my little sibling. I was not the baby anymore." Kagome blinked before smiling.

"You'll be a wonderful mother. You are so good with children already. Shippou and Rin..." She paused and gasped. "Didn't Sesshoumaru adopt her?"

"In a way." Sango said softly. "But we can never replace her real parents. I mean, she may adore him to the point where all she does is try to make him proud but...he's just not her natural father." She folded her hands in her lap. The bus arrived at the stop by the doctor's office.


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