I'm back with *drumroll* ANOTHER WILL FIC!! Yay! This one's a time-travel one, but instead of a girl getting thrown into the movie, Will gets thrown into modern day!!! Enjoy!

Chapter One: Bright Lights

Port Royal… the famous city that's absolutely beautiful, not to mention serene. Everything was peaceful and quiet… well, almost everything.

"How could you do this to me?!" Will yelled at his love, Elizabeth.

"Will, I swear, I didn't do it! It was Norrington that kissed me!"

"THEN WHY DID YOU KISS HIM BACK?!" Will yelled, furious.

Elizabeth was silent. She had kissed him back, and Will seemed to have guessed the truth.

"We're through."


"You heard me! WE'RE THROUGH!"

"Will, I—"

"If you want to be with Norrington, as you proved up on the fort there, then we're through. Forever. Goodbye!" he said, shoving her out of his shop and slamming the door behind her.

Will felt the tears forming in his eyes as he walked up to the loft where he lived. He had never dreamed that Elizabeth would cheat on him. And what did she see in Norrington anyway? He had tried to kill his best friend, Jack, quite a few times since their return to Port Royal a mere month before. And speaking of Jack…

Will looked up as he heard the door banging open, then a voice yelling up the stairs.


Will walked slowly down the stairs, only to find Jack looking at him with deepest concern.

"I just walked past Lizzie and she's pretty down. What 'appened between ye two?"

"She should be. She cheated on me."

"WHAT?!" Jack yelled.

"Yeah, she kissed Norrington."

"Good God, mate! I never knew! Blimey, and I thought that in a year or so I'd come back and see little children with brown hair and brown eyes running around the streets…"

"No, Jack, it's over between us."

Jack was silent for a moment. "Well, then, I should let ye know, everyone makes mistakes, me for example would be one o' 'em. But please, don't do anything drastic, or stupid now, ye hear?"

Before Will could reply, Jack walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

Will sighed and made his way up the stairs again, sitting on the window ledge, watching the sunset. From where he was sitting, he could see the sea. He wished more than anything to get away from things… and remembered something Jack had said to Elizabeth…

"That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails that's what a ship needs but what a ship is…what the Black Pearl really is…is freedom."

Well, he needed freedom… desperately. He saw Jack walking drunkenly down the road. With sudden realization, he ran down the stairs and out of his shop.

"JACK!" he yelled.

Jack turned around, grinning broadly. "I knew ye'd understand! Ye want me to get you an' Lizzie back together now, aye?"

"No, it's quite the opposite—"

"GET OUT OF THE ROAD, YOU IMBUSLE!" yelled a man who was pushing a cart of fruits down the street; which Jack was standing in the middle of.

"Ah, shut up, yer a fruit yerself!" Jack turned back to Will. "So, mate, what do ye want me to do?"

"I need to get away from here. You said yourself that ships are freedom, and right now that's something I need."

"Aye, they are! What'd ye say if I took ye on the Pearl an' while me an' me crew are… er… borrowing things… ye can have some time to yerself?"

"Sounds great Jack, when can we leave?"

Jack pretended to pull a watch out of his pocket, lips pursed, looking incredibly like Governor Swann. "Righ' now, if possible. Get packin' mate!"

Will grinned and went back to his shop, throwing a few things into a small travel sack, along with a couple swords. After a few minutes, he went back down and met Jack in the road… which he was still standing in the middle of.

"Ready?" Will asked.

"One second," said Jack. He then snuck up behind the man with the cart of fruits and stole a banana from it.

"OI!" screamed the man after Jack as he bolted to the port, Will on his heels. "GET BACK HERE YOU THEIF! STOP HIM!" he screamed.

"Jus' like ol' times…" said Jack as he and Will reached the Black Pearl and climbed aboard before the Navy could get to them. As they were sailing away, Will looked back. He was finally, finally free of the bonds that were holding him back, the sadness that lingered in his very heart disappeared as a wind blew in his face. He closed his eyes, leaning on the rail of the ship.

"Mate, you look better already," said Jack, coming up behind him with a bottle of rum.

"Well, I feel a little bit better," said Will.

"But not all the way," finished Jack.


"Well, we're gonna hit this town a lil ways from Tortuga, so if ye don' wanna get in touch with yer pirate instincts, then ye might as well just say on this ship."

"Okay, I'll do that, I still need some time to think about how to handle the situation," said Will.

"All righ'," said Jack, taking a swig of rum. "We'll be there tomorrow. Until then, I'm gonna get meself drunk."

Will rolled his eyes.


The next evening, Jack swayed into Will's room. "We're here!" he said brightly. "Well, are ye comin' with us?" he asked.

Will shook his head. "I think I'm just going to stay here. I need the quiet."

"Yeah, I bet ye do," said Jack, grinning. "Well, I'll see ye later."

Will then heard him yelling at his crew to get off the ship and get looting. After the last crew member was gone and the endless chatter of Cotton's parrot had faded into the distance, Will walked up on the deserted deck and watched the sunset. He remembered how himself and Elizabeth used to do this every night. He shook his head, removing the thought from his head.

Elizabeth and him were through. There was no going back to what they had. That freedom that he had felt last night was gone now, so all that remained was an empty hole in his heart which Elizabeth used to fill. He yawned. He had hardly gotten any sleep last night. Deciding he would take a nap, he started to walk back to his room. But before he could take so much as two steps, he heard whispers.

He stopped dead in his tracks. "Who's there?" he asked to the growing darkness; the sun was just beginning to sink down below the horizon line. "Jack?"

He suddenly felt extremely sleepy, more than he had just a mere few seconds ago. The whispers got stronger, whatever they were, there were more of them. "Who… who are you?" he asked slowly, his eyes started to droop.

He sank to his knees, not knowing why he felt so tired, but it was starting to become harder and harder to think… he was fighting for consciousness…

He slumped forward and fell into a deep sleep.


"Well, we sure got a lot o' good stuff, Jack," said Anamaria, walking away with a bundle of gold under her arm.

"Yeah," Jack agreed. "That was one o' the best raids we've done in a long time—"

He stopped short when he caught sight of the port, where he had left the Black Pearl.

It was gone.

But ships don't just decide to leave by themselves and sail off…

Then it came to him. Will.

"Bloody 'ell…" he shouted, dropping the load of gold and money he was carrying and ran forward to the dock.

"WILL! WILL! WHAT 'AVE YOU DONE WITH MY SHIP?!" it was off in the distance, sailing into a bright light. Jack gasped, his eyes widening, and looked at the sky behind him.

It was dark. Clearly nighttime.

He looked back to where his beloved ship was sailing. It was light, like the sunrise just got a little too bright.

He looked behind him again. Dark.

He looked in front of him. Light.

Dark, light.

Dark, light.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" he screamed in both frustration and fury.

"Jack! Shut up!" whispered Anamaria frantically. "Ye'll wake the townspeople…"

"WILL! GET BACK HERE WITH ME SHIP!" Jack screamed, jumping up and down.

Will awoke to Jack's screams. He put his head up, looking around. "What just happened?" he muttered to himself. He then stood up and looked behind him. His mouth fell open.

"WILL! WHY ARE YE STEALIN' ME SHIP?!" Jack bellowed from the far off dock.

He ran over to the stern where he could see Jack clearly. "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" he yelled back, he was getting closer to the light.


Will ran forward, seizing the wheel, spinning uncontrollably. He grabbed a couple spokes and pulled with all his might to the left, trying to get away from the brightness that was seeming to swallow him up. But the spokes that he had a hold of broke off the wheel itself and it still spun like mad.

Jack who was still standing dumbstruck on the dock now began to fear not only for his ship's safety, but for Will's too. What was that bright light that was ahead of him? "WILL!" he screamed one more time as the ship got extremely close to it.

Will shielded his eyes from the blinding white light. The bow of the ship had finally gone through it. The ship tipped forward, throwing Will off the ship completely.

Whatever was happening, he did not know. He couldn't hear Jack screaming at him from the docks, he couldn't see anything in front of him; if he took his hands away from his eyes, he could go blind. All he could hear was the sound of rushing wind, wind that was throwing him haphazardly around. He didn't know what was happening, or where he was going. But suddenly, he felt as if he was falling downhill uncontrollably.

But then a thought occurred to him. He had said that he wanted to get away from Elizabeth and Port Royal. Well, what he said was definitely coming true.